Islamic Foundation calls on government to sever diplomatic ties with Israel

The Islamic Foundation of the Maldives has called on the government to break off all diplomatic ties with Israel, a day after Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) announced that a team of seven Israeli doctors is due to arrive in the country to treat patients at the government hospital for a week.

The Foundation requested the government terminate all ties with Israel saying ”we do not want any sort of assistance from Jews.”

President of the Islamic Foundation Ibrahim Fauzy said that the organisation did not support accepting “any sort of assistance from Israel as long as they are in the lands of Palestine. We should fear that we might have to face the wrath of God.”

Fauzy explained that the Islamic Foundation does not recognise Israel as a state as “they have stolen the lands of Palestine by power and force,” adding that “it also against our religion to have relationships with Jews.”

In November last year, Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed narrowly survived a no-confidence motion for his role in deciding to normalise relations with the Jewish state.

Dr Shaheed told Minivan News today that the “government does not have diplomatic relations with Israel” and has not signed any agreements to that effect.

He added that he was not aware of the visiting Israeli team as “doctors don’t come through the Foreign Ministry.”

Fauzy also claimed to have information that Israel was attempting to influence the education policy of the government, which has come under fire from religious NGOs for plans to make Islam an optional subject in A’ Levels and change four secondary schools in Male’ to single-sex schools.

”There will be cunning plans of them behind the scenes, they will not wish any good for Muslims, inside their heart,” Fauzy alleged.

In a press release yesterday, IGMH invited interested patients to register at their customer relations counter between November 28 and December 2 for appointments with the visiting Israeli doctors.


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  1. perhaps Islamic Foundation should start operating on people's eyes with sharpened miswak and goat's milk.

  2. @ibrahim
    You frog in the well!
    Learn your history lesson before you fidget on the keyboard.

    Read Israel's early history, moron!

    Hey! BTW. I am still waiting. Keke!

  3. They will come, help sick people, and leave. We barely have good doctors nor any good medical equipment, so what is the big problem here? We should be grateful that they are coming here. Israeli people didn't do anything to Maldivians. There is simply no point in Fauzy, former Guantanamo Bay convict, to spread all this hatred. Why don't the Islamic Foundation operate peoples' eyes then? I'm sure, they have found out some non-western way of magically fixing eye problems.

  4. @yaamyn
    “What has Israel ever done to Dhivehi Raajje or Dhivehin?”

    The Prophet (PBUH) said: All Muslims are as one body. If a man complaineth of a pain in his head, his whole body complaineth; and if his eye complaineth, his whole body complaineth.

    Allah (SWT) said in the Glorious Quran (49:10): The believers are members of one family; you shall keep the peace within your family and reverence GOD, that you may attain mercy.

    Palestinians are mainly Muslim and all Dhivehin are Muslim (at least that’s what the constitution says the last time I checked it). Demolition of Muslims' homes and grabbing of their lands should be a concern to Dhivehin. Do you get it?

  5. @heck
    You have written a book on Israel's history? Could you write a synopsis of your book here? I think it's marvelous that you write and produce books on history and Quranic exegesis. Thank you for responding to my earlier reply. Keep spreading your vast knowledge. Please.

  6. @chaachi
    is Rachel Corrie a filmstar? The way you dropped his/her name suggests the person is a celebrity of some sort.
    So what do you do in your spare time? Throw bits of coral at Israel from your balcony in Male'.. to demonstrate solidarity with Palestinian terrorists throwing stones at God's chosen people?

  7. All Muslims are part of one organism? How delightful! Is this a new finding in biology? Could you somebody me at a journal article on this subject?

  8. @chaachi
    You have got your facts wrong. Palestinians are wrongfully occupying Israeli land. As part of the Muslim family/organism I request the Saudi people to take Palestinians as their Muslim brothers and settle them In the Holiest of cities, Mecca (more holy than Jerusalem).
    Palestinians! Please end the occupation of Jewish land. The Temple of the Mount belongs to the Jews. Mr. Heck (Maldivian historian with a book to his credit on Israeli history) has already commented on this fact.

  9. Fauzy and his gang can stay away from IGMH.
    We want those doctors very much.
    You and your gang is not forced to go to them. So keep your thoughts to your self.

  10. Chaachi,

    What do you even know of the Israeli doctors who were supposed to treat sick dhivehin?

    Why are they to share in the responsibility for their governments alleged crimes?

    Such simplistic, black and white definitions are precisely what makes intolerance come so easily to fanatics.

    By that definition, wahhabis have killed a lot of innocents in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And since the constitution states that we're all Muslims, we should gang up and fight the "Islamic Foundation" and all their fellow probable-terrorists?

    The Arabs and wahhabis colluded with 'the enemy' in the World War, and overthrew the last Islamic Caliphate (and in doing so, went right against explicit duties of Muslims to answer the Caliphs' call for war)

    Strangely, I do not see you calling for complete boycott of the entire arab region.
    What about Pakistan? They're supposed to have shed a lot of Muslim blood in the Bangladesh war. Have you, until this point, felt like demanding a war/boycott of Pakistan? Severing diplomatic ties with them? I presume not.

    There are sections of the wahhabi sect itself that consider India to be an offender in Kashmir and 'raping innocent Muslims'.

    Do I foresee your complete boycott of India, and burning all our bridges with them? Perhaps send back all the Indians there?

    Of course not!

    Why? Because you've not been taught to do that by the Mullahs yet. It's easy to "hate" some faraway, unfamiliar entity called 'Jews' or 'Zionists' or 'Israel'.

    I maintain that your imagined grievances and hatred are artificially implanted in you by Mullah propaganda. If it was indeed a religious duty of some depraved kind, you'd apply it consistently to everyone.

    And if it were a real outrage caused by suffering humans, and a desire to punish the culprits - then you'd be crying foul about Sudan's Darfur district - where government backed Islamists have murdered, raped and pillaged entire towns, leaving behind a death toll ten times greater than Palestine.

    If that were the case, you'd also be seething in hatred towards Turkish Muslims for the Armenian genocide - that they continue to deny (how dare they!)

    Unfortunately, your mindless hatred is not even your own. You've just been trained to think that way and wallow in imaginary hurt and an imagined religious duty to kill/murder/boycott the jews.

    Thank that on a series of websites, gory pictures, pathetic captions, and continuous weeping over 'POOR PALESTININEZ'. It's all propaganda. Effective one, going by comments.

  11. Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates. Please support Israel:

  12. @ibrahim
    “You have got your facts wrong. Palestinians are wrongfully occupying Israeli land. Palestinians! Please end the occupation of Jewish land.”

    You sound a lot like a Zionist than a Maldivian. Are you really a Maldivian? Assuming that you are, let me quote you from an article I saw recently on Zionism. I hope that it clears your misconceptions about Palestinians. Here goes it:

    “Zionism is not merely a political movement, but in its essence represents a deeply disturbed view of the world, which is a reflection of a terrible disease of the mind. Indeed, to deny the existence of a vibrant community such as the Palestinian society in the early twentieth century and describe Palestine as "a land without a people for a people without a land" is a disease of the mind.

    To describe the colonial immigration to Palestine of a European people with no proven historical link to the ancient Israelites – and whose great, great recorded ancestors have never set foot there – as some kind of a "return" to that land is indicative of a perverted misunderstanding and misapplication of the verb to "return" and can only be a result of a disease of the mind.

    To deny the orchestrated massacres and eradication of hundreds of Palestinian villages in 1948 and then denounce the Israeli historians who later exposed this truth as self-hating Jews is a disease of the mind. To claim that having escaped the horrors of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, and Dachau is a justification for the murder, expulsion, and occupation of another guiltless people is a disease of the mind.

    To blame God for the theft and occupation of someone else's land by claiming that it was He who had pledged this land exclusively to the Jews, and to seriously promote the myth of a land promised by the Almighty to His favorite children as an excuse for this crime, is a disease of the mind.

    To believe that the entire world is out to get you and to denounce any critic of the racist policies of the State of Israel as an anti-Semite, is an acute stage of mass paranoia, which is a disease of the mind.

    To build a huge separation wall under the pretext of security, which disconnects farmers from their farms and children from their schools, while stealing even more territory as the wall freely zigzags and encroaches on Palestinian land is a disease of the mind. To leave behind, in the last 10 days of a losing war in Lebanon, more than one million cluster bombs which have no purpose except to murder and maim unsuspecting civilians is a product of an evil disease of the mind.”

  13. yaamyn,

    There is no parallel between what's going on in Palestine and what's going on in other parts of the world.

  14. Israel has an image problem and is its only aim is to rectify that problem. They sent doctors and a large number of press to film the medics at work in Haiti to do PR there also. So Israel would not be doing anybody a favour by sending a team of docs to Maldives. They are only doing a favour for themselves and trying to legitimize their otherwise illegitimate project at Palestine. Its a sad thing that our govt decided to play in to this cheap PR trick by the Zionist state.

  15. @yaamyn

    There is no love lost between you and Maldivians.

    You don't deserve to operate from our Maldivian soil.

    Look at all your ramblings!

    You stand against ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that a Muslim and a Maldivians would stand for.

    Scram to the Negev desert!
    Scram to the Jewish lobby!

    There is no need to fight a Jewish cause in Maldives.

    You are fighting a lost war in Maldives. Give up?

  16. @ibrahim

    Don't be mad!

    I think your own daughters have 'made you drunk to collect your seed so that she may preserve your progeny!!!?'

    Oh! My! Keke!

  17. @ibrahim

    "Could you somebody me at a journal article on this subject?"

    First - you need to be COHERENT.

    You lost?

  18. the other day one of those Israeli doctor asked me to convert to a jew... ok, that is not a true story but that could happen and i think we are going to get that sort of comments soon... but i dont know what is with this "hate Israel" bull$H!+ is all about... why cant we tolerate them like we tolerate the rest of the world?

  19. Look! People!

    Diplomatic ties is not the issues here.

    The issue is ANNI.

    He is a LIAR who has strayed far from the 'vindhu' of Maldives.

    It's already mid-term.

    Do I hear fresh elections!

    I thought ANNI collected $78 million, from GMR to hold mid-term elections, but, little did I know that he would use the money for MDP's Local Council campaign!

    Anni - the money will be over soon. Then what??

    Start selling household "fattaru bai"?

  20. @yaamyn

    Are you crazy, insane or blind. I presume you're blind. When talking about bloodshed committed by Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq, don't you know who invaded those Islamic nations? The United States, and Jews were behind it. The Jews were scarred that they may get threat from any of these Islamic countries.

    Now you're blaming Arabs when you realised that US, NATO forces are loosing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, it is our religious duty to fight against infidels.

    Aren't you ashamed when US forces invaded Afghanistan, when Islamic Sharia was being implemented?

    Yaamyn, its not what we're saying. The story of Jews are even stated in Quran 1000 years ago.

    I call Jews, Zionists to leave the holy lands of Muslims. Wassalam.

  21. @ Xa-Yanu

    “And do not dispute with the followers of the Book except by what is best, except those of them who act unjustly, and say: We believe in that which has been revealed to us and revealed to you, and our God and your God is One, and to Him do we submit.” (Quran 29:46)

    You quoted the right verse. Notice the 'except those of them who act unjustly' part. That is why muslims don't have to rely on Israelis. Why not get help from many others who are also qualified enough.

  22. The Jews - contrary to the "liberal" views they officially say they profess - in their suppressive acts practically demonstrate that they always seek to dominate the information flow, they don´t tolerate any dissent. It is just as when Israel says "Shalom" while Israel´s military at the very same time pounds its Arab neighbour states with bombs and missiles.

    The Arabs have learnt the hard way the faleshood of these Jewish statements, it is now time for the rest of the non-Jewish world to get this right, and to see that the freedom of information on the Net is seriously threatened.

  23. What Maldivian have to realise is Jews are just a race like Arabs, Tamil, Sinhalese, etc. There will be good people and bad people in any race. The hatred spread by "scholars" is baseless and only the ignorant will believe. Do we know about the "Father of Cats" or Abu Huraira, who is the source of Sunni Declaration of Faith (refer to Sunni Hadhith books)? Nobody knows for sure his real name anyway...but he was said to be a Jew! So you take the words used in declaration of faith (shahadha) from a Jew and then say Jews should not be trusted?

  24. Minivan News is very biased. I made a comment against Jews and Minivan News didn't publish it. I wonder JJ Robinson is affiliated with Jews.

  25. It's very easy for some people to say that there are peace loving Israelis, so there is no harm in diplomatic relations with them?

    This is just propaganda.

    It's the overwhelmingly majority of Israelis who support and elect a RIGHT-WING and HARD LINED politician to be their leader, and ASSASSINATE any Israeli citizen or leader who dares to even dream of making peace with Arabs, by conceding stolen land!!

    And what does the popular leader do?

    Order mass killings? Shabra and Shatila?
    Blockade international aid flotillas to Gaza? Deprive little children from school? Steal land? Illegal Settlements?
    Use banned chemical weapons against stone throwers?

    Huh! But when they want their airliners to be able to fly passengers and their goods to Muslim nations it's always the PEACE loving Israelis?

  26. nobody has to 'hate' Jews for anything. Hate is not what is taught in Islam. Being Muslims we should be decisive. If a party is oppressing another party then we shall not be neutral in that situation. So when the whole world is wanting and wishing that the Zionist state just chills it out and acts like the rest of the world community, we shall not be allowing them to do PR to subvert the issue. Apartheid was ended from South Africa because of collective action against it from the world. So we shall not play poodles to Israeli public relations propaganda machine. This country can survive without supporting terrorism.

  27. @ Hussen

    Why is that we Muslims are hunted and haunted wherever we go? Why we Muslims cannot live in peace with people of other religions?

    99% Islamic Sunni state (Pakistan) but no peace there. Why? Why is that we Muslims fight among ourselves - example Pakistan, Iran, Iraq etc.

    Is it because of influence of Mullahs? We should ponder over this. But yes, Yaamyn has raised some very valid and crucial points. I think we Muslims are victim of a propaganda war.

    Our Mullahs are not religious or pious people. They are propaganda machines operated by their Saudi Masters. And best way to overcome these Mullahs are by way of Educating ourselves.

  28. If all Jews are ´palestine hating´ people, then by the same rule, all the muslims are terrorists??

  29. What Israel is doing in Palestinian occupied land is completely wrong and the whole world knows that except the nation of Israel. However we must not forget that there are Israelis working for peace and supports Palestinian plight. I wonder what the visiting doctors have anything to do with that problem? Can anybody answer me???

  30. @heck
    It is good to know you are an expert in psychiatry and incest. Is it from experience or did you study both subjects with the same focus you allowed on history and Quranic exegesis.

    I appreciate how you're defending the Israeli cause in this discussion. It takes courage to defend the truth. As you said, Palestinians must stop their terrorist acts and allow the Israeli people to live in peace.

    I hope this reply was more coherent, so that we may continue this intelligent discussion and contribute to world peace and the supremacy of the Islamic faith.

    Thank you.

  31. @truth
    The stuff they taught you at the Pakistani madrassa is all wrong.

    The best way forward is for Palestinians to leave Israeli land and go to Saudi Arabia.

    You appear very angry. Say takbeer and calm down. Maybe watch a Steven Spielberg film. I think it is laughable that Iranians are exploiting nuclear technology that is the result of Jewish science.

  32. @heck

    I respect and admire your intelligence and writing. But I cannot allow you to mock Holy Books revealed by Allah. Please do not blaspheme. We're both Muslims and believe in Allah, brother.

    Assalaam Alaikum.

  33. The Arabs and Jews have a historical grudge against each other. While Jews are better at knowledge and trade, Arabs are better at war and conspiracy theories. That's why maldivian's are fed with so many conspiracy theories about Jews. Jews are normal humans too. And they deserve to be treated like any other religion. Maldivians need to think more broadly without being biased.

  34. Just say "Jew", and all the fundos go crazy!

    It so happens that the first country to send an Ambassador to Maldives was Israel,back in December 1967. Where were the Arabs then?

    Why don't these fundos go and join the Iranian army and help Ahmedi dajjal fight Zionist America?

  35. I think Palestinians and Arabs are just jealous of how successful Israelis are. Despite the continuous attacks on them by Palestinian terrorists their way of life, science, art flourishes while the only thing Palestinians are good at is suicide bombing and aimless stone throwing. They have been at it for so many years now. I suppose they don't have the intelligence to do anything else.

    Palestine cannot send doctors to Maldives because maybe they don't have any. All their efforts are spent on disturbing the peace-loving people of Israel.

  36. We do not want any Israli help, whos ever want can go there and get it. if they come we have to protest against them, no matter what will happen.
    @ibrahim, you better change your name to Sharon, since your a big fan of Israli

  37. @Hussein
    Very true. Arabs are bedouins who spend most of their time in deserts telling stories in a tent. This is where this the conspiracies theories come from. They have not broken this habit yet. With the jewish invented Internet, extremists are able to feed on these make-believe stories online about how everyone is conspiring to tear a hole in their beloved goatskin tent. Fellow like heck/truth.. etc readily gobble up these stories off the Internet and think it is part of their daily prayers. Sad. The jewish community must produce a vaccine or something to rid the world of this stupid contagion.

  38. Hey Minivan News, when we comment anything against Jews you don't publish. If it's against Arabs you happily publishes. Hey JJ Robinson, I think you're a Jew. If you have guts, publish this comment. One more thing, I heard that female Jews don't bath with water. Is it true?

  39. It is perfectly alright not to have any ties with Israel as they are living on stolen land which belongs to Palestinians. They have made the lives of Palestinians miserable and are trying to extinct the muslims from that land. This is the reason why we shouldnt get involved with Israels and shouldnt seek help from them in any case. But what I don't understand been mentioned by Fauzy is 'its against our religion to have relationships with them'. All my school life I was taught by my islam teacher that jews, christians and muslism are the only three religions of god, for whome the same god sent prophets and revealed books. And prophet muhammad has a jewish boy for a long time as servant to serve him tea and water. So how how can we say we cannot have anything to do with jews when our prophet himself had them near to him to serve him some of his needs. I think we can have ties with Jews if they also respect out religion and our beliefs. If they are bad people, livign on muslim lands, then we shouldnt have anything to do with them. Not because they are jews, but because they are bad and living on stolen lands of muslims. I think its best to put everything in the right way. And the same goes with other religions too. Not only for jews. Why do we have relations with christians and hindus too. Have they not stolen anybody elses land? But we have good relations with them... Why?

  40. i wonder where mr fauzy and mr fareed get their medical treatments.heard fareed went to india and sri lanka for treatments.dear brother fauzy there are people who cant afford good treatment abroad.they also deserve to be treated by good doctors.when it comes to medical attention when did it became a criteria for doctors to be of certain religion or you ask the doctor what religion they follow.where are they from.i definitely dont care if they are israelis,palestinians,americans,indians,pakistanis or saudis.last time i checked israel happend to have the most quality health service.just try to get a life fauzy and let others live too.

  41. @mord
    you sound like a sorry fool.
    if you want to publish things why don't you climb on your roof and shout what you want?
    juice and water? what are you rambling about?
    what you just wrote is very ugly, you sad thing.

  42. People should make sure that if Israelies step on Maldivian soil, they are thrown back out as harshly as they throw Palestinians out of their homes. Even Jimmy Carter called Israel an aparthied state. So all these people that are talking in favour of Israel has no education behind them. Be it under western human rights or Islam, both have publicly condemned Israel. But the only reason why Israel is still killing Muslims in Palestine is because the US uses its veto power against anyone who tries to bring a resolution against Israel in the United Nations. That is why the United Nations is not there to help the Muslims. That is why the western human rights is bias and does not work when it is against the Israeli killing of innocent civilians or even their attack of Lebanon which killed over a thousand civilians under the UN special investigation report done by a Jew.




    nothing against Jews...not anti-Semitic either. Just against the terror mongering, zionist govt that is a bully and shud be held accountable for years and years of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  44. russians and israils send envelops to muslim countries and kill more then 40,000 muslims and their familys.. so still can we think that they are wellwishers of muslims.. oh muslims who are writing comments..dont u know for muslims, jews will never be good.. they will harm muslim in any way that they can...oh peoples can u be happy by not believing the words of Allah who have created us and also those jews..and doing the opposite way that He told..allah is great than u and me..

  45. Muad MZ: I'm sorry but you must understand you are a little man from a third world country. You can do nothing to the people or land of Israel. The land of Israel has belonged to the Jewish people since the beginning. Insha-Allah one day Palestinians will find their place in Mecca, the true home of all Muslims. Where all Muslims will have beards, where we will not be able to tell the difference between tents and women, and men will wear dresses and dance with each other.


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