Islamic Foundation launches certificate course in use of incantations to cure black magic

The Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM) has said that it will commence a certificate level course on incantations, teaching the participants “spiritual healing” and how to cure diseases using “incantation”.

“Incantations consist of words said or written in the form of dud or Dhikr for the purpose of protection or cure. It is sometimes accompanied by other actions, such as blowing or wiping over the thing to which it is applied,’’ the Foundation explained on its website.

President of the Islamic Foundation, Ibrahim Fauzee, told Minivan News that the main reason why the organisation had decided to conduct courses on spiritual healing was that many people in the islands had become victims of black magic performed by their enemies.

“Sometimes people have lost their lives [to black magic], and sometimes people perform the black arts to ruin the life or family of others. Many do not know how to cure this,’’ Fauzee said.

“Many people have requested that we teach them this, so we decided to open a course for the public and we are receiving huge support for it.’’

The one month course, beginning September 15, costs Rf 350 (US$23). Fauzee said seats for the class had been limited to 30 students, and it had already sold out.

During the course, students will learn incantations, ayahs, “extracted from the Quran which were taught by the Prophet (PBUH) during the old days, which people have always delivered to the next generation.”

Practitioners of black arts, he explained, spoke with djinns and used them to harm others.

“The Prophet’s (PBUH) Sunnah as well as the Quran reveals many things about the existence of djinns,” Fauzee said.

“Djinns often cause trouble and disturbances to humans, so we know that they are there. The Quran and the Prophet (PBUH) has taught us ways to cure [these disturbances],’’ he said.

Fauzee said the course would teach participants basic cures, and would involve both theoretical and practical work.

The Islamic Foundation explained that the practical component would involve the students accompanying tutors to treat people victimised by djinns, during which they would be taught how to use incantations.

Well-known scholar Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed and other senior members of the Islamic Foundation are scheduled to lecture the students during the course.

Sorcery, known locally as fandita, is widely practiced on many islands in the Maldives. In fact, the last person to be judicially executed in the Maldives was Hakim Didi in 1953, who was executed by firing squad after being found guilty of conspiracy to murder using black magic.

Didi’s daughter, Dhondidi, was also sentenced in 1993 for performing fandita on behalf of the former President’s brother-in-law Ilyas Ibrahim, in his bid to win the 1993 presidential election.


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  1. yes Sihuru it is arts of using black magic to make harm for other peoples but Fandita it is art of using positive energy to help people/actually energy it is the same but it is different in application / you can use knife to cut kurumba or you can use same knife to kill some one/all depend of human soul and personality/ Way to God or Way to darkness

  2. Ibrahim Fauzee should have never been freed from Guantanamo Bay. He was a threat society and continues to be even more of a threat now!

    Why on earth is this even being allowed? These "classes" should be stopped immediately. This is totally against Islam anyway. There are no "incantations" in Islam to cure any magic; black or white. Infact, there are no grounds in Islam to "believe" in black magic.

    The presence of Djin is totally unrelated to so-called "black magic". This is simply a left over of the pre-Islamic customs of these islands and our neighbours.

    I don't think Mr Fauzee will even realise if a Djin hit him hard on the head. Next thing we know will be the likes of Mr Fauzee and his followers opening up "clinics" around the country for curing all sorts of illnesses using their "incantations". We all know what this is about. This is nothing more than a cheap money making scheme! Beware of these crooks using Islam to extract hard earned money from poor people.

  3. While the "Islamic Foundation" is always consistent with giving us a few belly laughs, I feel there are real world consequences in this case that might not be as amusing.

    A few months back, I was having tea in a local hotaa, when I heard two Maldivian men in Pashtun robes talking about one of their young daughter's illness.

    One of them, whose daughter it was, was talking about these incantations some quack had recommended him.

    I do not recollect the entire conversation, but I remember being horrified by the man's descriptions of his (presumably infant) daughter's illness, and how it had lasted over two weeks and how - with perseverance, and continued incantations - the sickness would eventually pass (praise be to God!)

    I haven't heard of any sihuru/fanditha resulting in deaths from such negligence - but I still worry that these people have children who are often the first to fall victim to their unscientific "cures".

  4. it's good that the they are starting this course after the month of ramadan. everyone knows that jinns are locked up during ramadan. Practicals would be a bi** without them.

  5. Shihuru haahuraa or fanditha who cares, the fact that Fareed is involved in this also makes it laughable.

  6. "Didi’s daughter, Dhondidi, was also sentenced in 1993 for performing fandita on behalf of the former President’s brother-in-law Ilyas Ibrahim, in his bid to win the 1993 presidential election."

    yes and this whole thing was so successful, Ilyas Ibrahim became the President. Hang on. It did not happen and is all in the head as Ahmed says.

    Why is that then all these people who do all this are not the richest, or the most successful people around?

    The Government should ban all these idiocies. When you think these Mullahs could not get more idiotic, the Islamic Foundations comes up with this.
    Now what else for these people? How to stop Santa Claus coming down in a sleigh?
    These are grown up people and if they are so bored why cannot they buy a play station and play some games instead of this drivel and talking about virgins in Heaven and all this?

  7. All the problems of Ministry Health are solved. Let closedown all hospitals and clinics! We all should be grateful idiotic Mullahs.

  8. I am encouraged to see the Mullahs are capitalists. What a nice and easy way to make a few bucks!

    I can just imagine a whole series of courses specializing in various areas fanditha. How about a course in "How to win a girl or boy friend?"

    No wonder the demand is high for the course.

    As true believer in capitalism, this time I can only smile after reading this news.

  9. This course is for healthcare professional magicians. But some students of magic such as myself are not into healthcare. The bodily fluids, and the moaning and groaning of sick people... Ewww!

    Is Mr. Fauzee Sir going to start a course on Divining soon? That's where the money is. Finding lost or stolen stuff. Sign me up for it Mr. Fauzee Sir.

  10. The fact that an organization that names itself 'islamic' believe in black magic an embarrassment to islam and to the Maldives.

    Real Islam has no place for superstitions. Black magic are belief in a supernatural powers of a human (ie, a magician) and if so the magician must posses God's powers if they affect people destiny by their powers.. Do such humans exist in Maldives?

    So why is that the CIA and US Military not use Maldives black magic squad to kill terrorists or even Gaddafi, instead of wasting billions of dollars everyday..

    The Islamists in Maldives are making the country a joke. This shows nothing but their irrationality. I hope the Goverment puts people runing this Foundation in jail for desecrating Islam itself.

  11. Faith may have a role to play in psychological health.

    Psychosomatic effects cannot altogether be ruled out either.

    However superstitious practices should always be tempered with basic hygiene, public health awareness and access to medical care.

  12. @ desecrating Islam

    "The fact that an organization that names itself ‘islamic’ believe in black magic an embarrassment to islam and to the Maldives."

    Shows that you do not know much about Islam.

  13. : yaamyn

    I think you have lived in India for too long. What you described is most certainly not the norm here.

    Very, very few Maldivians will practice such healing methods now. The vast majority will seek the help of doctors. The incantations may be made for additional benefit or speedy recovery. These cases also, will be very few, i think.

  14. The muslims were on the verge of developing the flying carpet when the wahhabis just HAD to destroy their golden age with their backward nonsense. 🙁

  15. Its incredible to see the level of ignorance and disbelief people of my country has fallen now. All the ridiculing and mocking of the religion is like a hub on minivan news that attracts these people.

    not only from sunnah but from quran itself, there is evidence of people performing black magic to harm others and course enmity among people. From sunnah we know that reciting from quran to get a relief from such ailments is practiced by prophet (p.b.u.h) himself. Only reciting the proper way (not like the way black magic users misues and abuse quran).

    Just a reminder to any of you who still calls themselves muslim or have the fundamental beliefs:
    Don't forget that mocking and ridiculing the religion of Allah will lead to your ultimate humiliation when the time comes... and then there is no turning back or pointing fingers. Same goes to mocking muslims and their looks with derogatory terms to refer to them. I hope that god guides us to the straight path.

  16. Oh my people. Thou shan't waste time nor shan't waste life. Ye, didn't you know that time is life and life is time? Verily, Satan is not holy nor sacred.

  17. Ah, let's just fire all doctors, and use that money to pay for these cures. And just when I thought when medicine couldn't get any easier!

  18. Ye my people. One more thing. Thou shall fast. Verily, fasting is a spiritual healing.

  19. Islamic Foundation is very advanced.

    See this, their Eng section is more update than Dhivehi section.

  20. Ibrahim "Dumbledore" Fauzee, Sheikh "Voldemort" Fareed, "Hog-u-waats" School of Incantations. Now all we gotta do is find Harry "Putthar" :p And Hermione would quite definitely wear the niqab :p

  21. thankyou omg!

    I hope your comments would be of help to those who would manufacture anything about islam.

  22. @Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb

    Read surah 113 of the holy quran.

  23. Fanditha available for ....guaranteed victory on the upcoming Parliamentary elections ... Pls apply to Sheih Fareedh c/o Islamic Foundation of Maldives.

  24. Sheik Voldemort Fareed please help!Please give me the incantations for a house in hulhumale'. When i cross floors in my house money does not appear in my pockets! I keep saying avada kedavra, am I using the wrong incantation?

  25. Harry “Putthar” institute of Sorcery(HPIS)...sounds like a millions dollars idea in the Maldives....

  26. May I ask why did Minivan news hastened to publish this? There are certain individual(s) who like to mock at any thing regarding Islamic.

  27. soon it will have healing centers nation wide, with a little fee ofcourse. business as usual and expanding i guess. fullon Islamic foundation of Mal-Divians. OMFG.

  28. I would really be interested on seeing the clinical trials for exorcising a djinn ! It would seem that Dumbledore Fauzee does not realixe that all religions are basically magical thinking with no basis in reality. What a cool scam! Kind of like a degree in divinity.

  29. Islam offers nothing to men but the false hope of a twisted paradise.

    It uses fear to suppress and stupify the masses, enriching and empowering imams and tyrants alike.

    Islam, more than any doctrine conceived by man, uses mind-numbing ritual
    and senseless rites to manipulate and fleece the flock. Islamic prayer is not
    a conversation with God; it is a performance to be acted out.

    Islamic worship isn't heartfelt praise; it's mindless, obligatory, and repetitive.

    The Koran is not to be questioned or understood; it is to be obeyed.

    The islamic "god" is "unknown" for a reason. He is repulsive.

    The koran is not reliable. It is not the word of god

    /Peter Hagberrasson

  30. From the Islamic Library in Rome, Italy:

    "Islam = Brain pollution, beyond repair"


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