Islamic Ministry condemns MPs for allowing UN Human Rights Commissioner to address parliament

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs has issued a statement proclaiming that nobody is allowed to talk against Islam in the Maldives, “even in parliament”, as Islam is “the source of all laws made in the Maldives.”

The Ministry’s statement follows a call from UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay in parliament last week that the Maldives put a moratorium on the practice of flogging as punishment for extra-marital sex,  while it holds a debate on the matter.

Pillay told parliament that flogging was a form of punishment “that is cruel and demeaning to women, and should have no place in the legal framework of a democratic country.”

The Islamic Ministry condemned the parliament’s decision to let Pillay speak, noting that MPs were handed a Dhivehi translation of her speech and should have been aware of what she was about to say.

‘’No Muslim has the right to advocate against flogging for fornication,” the Islamic Ministry stated.

“According to the Quran 100 lashes should be given for the woman and man involved in fornication,’’ the Ministry said, citing 33:36 of Quran which reads: ‘’It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision: if any one disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path.’’

The Ministry said that no international organisation, foreign country or individual had the “right to obstruct Maldivians from upholding Islamic principles.”

‘’To preserve this nation’s sovereignty, all Maldivian citizens are obliged to respect the articles in the constitution and uphold the constitution,’’ the statement read. ‘’No law against any tenet of Islam can be enacted in the Maldives, according to the constitution.’’

The Islamic Ministry said any calls or action against this would be condemned by the ministry “in strongest possible terms.”

Religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf has yesterday sent a letter to the UN Resident Coordinator in the Maldives, alleging that a call from UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay for a moratorium on flogging was “inhumane and disrespectful.”

In a press conference last week, Pillay also described the 100 percent Muslim provision in the Maldivian constitution as “discriminatory, and does not comply with international standards” which led to protests outside the UN head office in Male’.


12 thoughts on “Islamic Ministry condemns MPs for allowing UN Human Rights Commissioner to address parliament”

  1. Human rights are an abomination.

    The practicioners of this vile religion, whose tenets are to be found in the so called 'United Nations declaration of human rights' must be dealt with immediately, the way the Ayatu'llah Khomeini, may his name ever be praised, would have dealt with them.

    Those who wish to spread cultural diseases such as apostasy, fornication, devil worship and feminism must be stopped, and garroted on the spot - for only then will we prosper as a God-fearing society!

  2. This is ridiculous. Afrasheem has said that Abdullah Shahid is to be blamed. Now Islamic Ministry is saying MPs are to be blamed.

    I don't know why everyone has to blame someone else for their own incapability.

    Islamic Ministry should blame themselves before they blame anyone else. They are as guilty as anyone else in this.

  3. I think the invasion of Arab, Pakistani and Middle Eastern culture perpetuated by these so called "Islamic" NGOs and the "Islamic" ministry is by far the greatest threat our sovereignty has ever faced.

    Their inky tentacles have been spreading ever more rapidly since the Tsunami of 2004. Fear of god and riding in on the coat-tails of a stronger political party and then stabbing them in the back works wonders apparently.

    Our beautiful cultural dress, the Dhivehi Libaas and Feyli are now called haraam, or sin.

    Instead people are encouraged to wear full veils and arab attire; pushed and sold from shops owned by extremists no less.

    Our cultural music is sin. Just music is sin (unless it's the specially made religious music sold by the extremists; which you should most definitely buy or you're going to hell). Women walking the streets alone is sin. Women getting an education is sin (unless it's at one of their brain washing camps). Women sitting in the front row in classes is sin. Photography is sin, art is sin but video is alright because it's useful for propaganda.

    There seems to be a greater divide in the consciousness of Maldivians as well. While some are more open minded and tolerant than ever before, the blood of the rest boils with misplaced national pride and patriotism for a radical version of Islam that has never even really existed in our peaceful nation before.

    It's clear that these so called "preachers" and "mullahs" do not have the public interest or well being at heart at all and are just exploiting religion and faith for their own political gains. This is spiritual abuse and should not be allowed. Religion should always be separate from politics and the law.

  4. enough already. these people make it sound it like, islam is this tiny entity that needs to be saved, protected and defended against any criticism!

    I call the president to remove those from Govt who REALLY belittle the religion of Islam. and they are those who is using every opportunity to politicize it and telling us islam is under attack. Isnt Islam bigger than that?
    Truth prevails, do not need to be saved, protected. truth stands alone, it does not require little humans to protect it.

  5. First of all, no executive body has the right to muzzle the legislature. We have freedom of speech guaranteed in the constitution as long as it does not violate a tenant of Islam. There can always be discussion within Islam.

    On this subject, it is clear that the verse emphasizes public shame and in today's world whipping a women until she is unconscious, or until her skin is marred is simply unacceptable.

    I am in favor of adulterers being shamed publicly within our society. However, we as a people cannot condone torture in the name of Islam. We cannot import an ethos from the Middle Ages and call it God's will! And to muzzle our population because discussion can only be limited to the clergy, the sheikhs and the Imams is pure blasphemy.

    Discussion and knowledge may be sought by all and to for Adhaalath and Jamiyathul Salaf to try and create a clergy here on earth who alone can determine the divine will of god is just as bad as what Christians have been doing all throughout history.

  6. Agree with you Hani and Earthling. In order to protect Islam for what it really is, the President needs to act immediately against anyone who is tarnishing Islam by saying its a religion without tolerance and mercy! These people, being muslims themselves, and yet distorting Islam, are much more guilty than Pillay, and they need to be punished, before anyone else is!

  7. Is this actually happening? So now the Talibans have got a foothold in Maldives as well? Is interpretation of Islam as per one guy more important than the culture that country has been following for ages? So what next - ban the non-Muslim tourists and expatriates as well and turn into Afghanistan?

  8. @ Maldives Secret What Ever Service
    Attention: Koba Kehenakah!? 🙂

    @ Minivan
    Nice article

  9. If Islam is the source of all laws and no law can be in breach of Islam, then Islam is the one and only source of law. But why is Islamic law applied selectively as in the case of stoning, amputation and capital punishment which are limits of Islam? These penalties are deliberately avoided in the Maldives whether as a matter of policy or sheer disregard. But no one seems to have thought about it.

  10. @Anees.
    how islamic sharia law is applied is dependent on the ppl who do the application. So if they are selective in their approach, its only their fault. not the systems. Capito?


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