Italian tourist dies in propeller accident while snorkeling

A 51 year-old Italian tourist died in a boat propeller accident while snorkeling on Thursday afternoon (January 31) near Elaa Island in Thaa Atoll.

Minivan News spoke to Veymandoo Regional Hospital Manager Abdulla Mauroof about the incident, who confirmed that the woman was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to Mauroof, the woman suffered a “major injury to her skull”.

“Her body is still being held under police charge at the hospital and a police forensics team has been dispatched,” Mauroof added.

The snorkeling accident was reported at 14:50. The dive boat operator has not been confirmed at this time.

Veymandoo police are currently investigating the incident.

Snorkeling deaths

During 2012, tourist deaths – usually while snorkelling – were disproportionately higher among Chinese tourists, who now account for a majority of Maldives tourist arrivals compared to the country’s traditional European markets.

In October 2012, a 26 year-old male from China staying at Alif Dhaal Atoll Vakafaru resort was suspected to have died in a snorkelling accident at the property.


5 thoughts on “Italian tourist dies in propeller accident while snorkeling”

  1. The figures say it all. Foreigners in Maldives are not taken care of properly anymore. Many skilful employees were fired because the baagees hunt for democrats. Too many times and events, foreigners are considered 'kafirs and unbelievers' as they apply the attitude the coup government and extremists do daily.
    More than high time to go back to the standards of respect and hospitality as we had in our then democratic welcoming country before.

  2. no matter what Nasheed and his associates tries to boycott the tourism in Maldives, you will never be able to succeed.

    International communities are now sick of your lies and they know what stupid idiot you and your cult followers are.

  3. kuribee stop whining you wimp, what has been a cult for you all this time is a pain for many others, a disease. this is not about boycotting tourism, its about doing the right thing the right way. Think of all the posts eliminated for young Maldivians. I have suffered am tired of getting a job. Why? because of my affiliation with a certain person or a certain colour or a certain party. Wake up! what is wrong with people there are many youngsters without a job, but of course you will always opt for the foreign cheap labourer.

  4. I am a foreigner, married to Maldivian, 2 kids. Try to make a living for my family.
    It makes me sick. How your fundamentalists approach foreigners. They call me kafir, laadheene, missionary, drunk, ganjasmoker, gay or cow-worshiper. Becuase of my white skin.
    The shout the same on my kids, because of the colour of THEIR skin.
    The call my wife a whore. Because the colour of MY skin. When I arrive, they check my luggage for alcohol, bibles, crucifix and ither black magic.
    When I walk the roads in Male, when I enter a business, they would lick my a**e to get my money. When you come to my country, you want to be there a mosques, you force your wifes to wear scarfs, you want to have sharia, you want to have all rights. But once back in your own Mordiss, you deny all of those rights to the same people you claim the same of.
    Boycott tourism by whoever ? No need for that. Your regime works too hard to achieve. Your fundamentalist people voice it very loudly. Your fake sheikhs pray it every day. Your television broadcast it. Your Dhivehi written papers testify each single day : backward society, inspired by extremists, ruled by a junta with support of a rogue judiciary,
    Insh Allah you said ?


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