Jihadist media claims two more Maldivians killed in Syria

Online Jihadist group Bilad Al Sham Media (BASM) have claimed two more Maldivians have been killed in the Syrian civil war.

“Martyred brothers in the yesterdays operation include Abu Dujana Maldifi, Abu Ibrahim Maldifi and Abu Ukasha Indonesi,” read a post on the BASM facebook page today.

The latest reports follow similar stories in May when two Maldivians – who had taken the names of Abu Nuh and Abu Turab – were said to have been killed after travelling to Syria for jihad

While the group claims that Abu Dujana was the founder and editor of the BASM page, the group has not provided any information regarding his real identity, stating that this omission was at the request of his mother.

Local media has, however, identified Abu Dujana as Yameen Naeem of Georgia in the Maafannu ward of the capital Malé. It is reported that the man, in his early twenties, travelled to Syria after studying in Egypt.

BASM – which Minivan News has learned has members situated in both Syria and the Maldives – has previously claimed that its members arrive in Syria from numerous points of destinations, and that many were students.

The group has previously criticised incumbent President Abdulla Yameen, describing his presidential win as “a victory for Jahiliyya [ignorance] over Jahiliyya” and has condemned the Maldives National Defence Force as “fighters in the devil’s path”.

While other senior figures in the government refused to take a definitive stance on the issue of Jihad, Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed in July urged Maldivians to refrain from participating in foreign wars.

“Islamic jihad is that waged with sincerity, in the name of Allah, in defense of religion and nation, behind a designated Muslim leader, and against enemies of Islam and nation,” Shaheem said, adding that fighting between two Muslim groups cannot be described as jihad.

Shaheem said Maldivian militants who go abroad must not be punished, but be rehabilitated and informed of religious teachings.

Admitting to growing radicalisation in the Maldives, Shaheem said the media and scholars must help the government in its effort to educate the public.

Radicalisation begins with praying in separate communities, refusing to register marriages at court, and declaring other Muslims infidels, Shaheem said.

The rise of religious radicals within the Maldives has been noted by numerous group both locally and internationally.

While the Maldivian Democratic Party has recently accused security services of fostering radical elements – a claim rejected by authorities, the then acting prosecutor general Hussein Shameem called for the state to take the issue more seriously.

Last week Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon again spoke in support of moderate Islam, condemning the atrocities of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

The US State Department’s 2013 country report on terrorism noted that local laws “severely limit” the prosecution of cases associated with violent extremism. Then acting prosecutor general Hussein Shameem in March called for the state to take the issue more seriously.

The US expressed growing concern since 2010 “about the activities of a small number of local violent extremists involved with transnational terrorist groups”.

“There has been particular concern that young Maldivians, including those within the penal system, may be at risk of becoming radicalized and joining violent Islamist extremist groups. Links have been made between Maldivians and violent extremists throughout the world,” the report stated.


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  1. The simple logic for all wanna be Shaheedh, if you look around the world and nasty things going around like famine, disease, earth quakes, tsunamis, wars if all these are watched by the man in the sky, and controlled by him, he must be worse than Hitler . Just live your life doing good things “the only good things” helping poor, sick, old and sip a beer in the evening enjoying the short time you have to live on this only place where life can sustain. Just use your brain, there is no life once you are dead, you just cease to exist that’s all. You have existed from nothing and you become nothing, just count down your body from cells to atoms and atoms to star dust and the dust to zero you will find that you have come from nothing. The life will go on “that started from tiny microbes that have been evolving from monkeys to Homosapiens” until the sun gives its energy to keep our planet alive in its axis. This is the only truth beyond any reasonable doubt so be a kind good person and live your life to its fullest

  2. @grujee
    You lost them at "logic".

    Defend yourselves by banning all infidel tourists and foreign workers please.

  3. what can one say. These guys went to Syria to seek "martyrdom". Such fighters do not wish to return back to normal lives.

    The government must follow the measures being taken by countries like UK to combat security threat posed by their nationals going to countries like Syria to wage "Jihad".

  4. "Radicalisation begins with praying in separate communities, refusing to register marriages at court, and declaring other Muslims infidels, Shaheem said."

    Didn't Shaheem declare the biggest political party in the Maldives irreligious? Pot calling cattle black.

  5. Jihad is the sixth pillar of islam. The greatest action after affirmation of kalima thauheed. Its already a criminal act now and its sad that most muslims in their ignorance is also believing this. After this it will be salah. Namaadhu kurun will also be criminalized and those who attend 5 daily prayers will be persecuted. this has already started in many places in the world. After this things are much easier. chinese are already prohibiting thier muslim subjects from sawm (or roadha hifun). As for Zakaath; those who attempt to give zakaath are already being targeted in western countries being labled as funding terrorism etc. what else is there? Hajj no? That is much easier. just withhold passport and hajj is done away with. Now what is left for islam in a person who has gone through all this? Sadly this is what we are becoming to now. gradually..

  6. Developed countries should accelerate brain research to find difference’s in brain on humans that easy can be radicalized. And give authorities the power to apply approved lobotomy on cases that is impossible to get normalized, that will give them partly normal life without coursing any damage to others. But the real core to the problem is the manipulators that using their expertise in manipulation of this persons that have this weakness in the brain and are easy prey for radicalization. They are devious criminals and have to be monitored at all times.

  7. In this day and ages the manipulators using data as well as other methods to find their prey. (Easy to radicalize) Look at China what they to stop it. They take control over media as well as data, it’s the only workable action to take ore you have full chaos

  8. how rediculous a situation were in you fight for the god you believe in ........ is the entity that meak

  9. "The Islam" is not threatened. In contrary. All over the places, the sects fight against each other, ruthlessly murdering. That happens already since ages. The result is that the Muslim countries are underdeveloped, ruled by dictators (kings and others), where the people are kept down with religion and guns. No economic development, no proper health care or education .

  10. @Jarid
    "Muslim countries" whatever you mean are not underdeveloped because of war; its because of corrupt rulers. They are more interested in making golden toilets and golden daggers pistols and gold plated cars than looking after the welfare of muslims. the only real muslim country right now seems to be the Dawlah in Iraq. But the kuffar aren't going to let it flourish.

  11. Why is it that young people who have studied in Egypt end up dead?
    There is more to life than ideals that justify violence and a one-party rule. For how long will the lives of young people be wasted by fanaticism? The educational institutions producing such results must be overhauled and held responsible for what they are breeding in the youth.

  12. Jihad is to save religion not to insult Islam ..Isis is killing Muslims and non Muslims .including kids and non weaponed women.i never read in Quran this .islam never allow this

  13. @Omar: "If you don't agree with them, you are an infidel! Bow to the arab overlords OR BE BEHEADED!!"

    Standard defensive line for terrorists.


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