Maldivian fishing crew arrested on sodomy charges

A Maldivian fishing crew including five men and a minor have been arrested on charges of sodomy.

According to a police media official, the men were arrested on Saturday following reports that they were committing acts of sexual misconduct on the boat.

“We summoned the boat to dock at Villingilli in Gaaf Alif Atoll on Saturday while they were out fishing. They were all arrested upon their return and are now kept under Villigilli police station custody,” the official said.

As the investigation is ongoing, the official declined to reveal the identity of the crew and where the boat is from. “All we can confirm is that they are all Maldivian and one is a minor,” the official added.

According to a report on Raajje TV, the captain of the yellow fin tuna fishing dhoni filmed the five crew members in the act and reported it to police.

Under the 1968 penal code, homosexuality is punishable by either a fine, up to ten years in jail, banishment for 9-12 months or 10-30 lashes.

In 2009 a group of seven men, including an imam, were arrested on Maalhos in Alif Alif Atoll Maalhos after photos and videos emerged of the seven engaged in homosexual activity.

Besides the imam, the pornographic videos featured a mosque caretaker, a carpenter and another man the islanders claimed was mentally unstable. Three of the suspects were married with children, while another was a second, retired imam.


9 thoughts on “Maldivian fishing crew arrested on sodomy charges”

  1. I have no problem with the consenting adults. With the underage it is different. What is the problem with men having sex with men? I have seen quite a few married Maldivian men who are gay gay gay, very very gay. It is like if they have it engraved in their foreheads "I AM GAY". So what?

  2. The day Jew Hilath was released, this had to happen! Coincidence? I think not! The Jews are more powerful than ever before, my dear Muslim Maldivian brothers and non-fornicating sisters! They are trying to spread the disease of homosexuality on our soil, and are labeling it 'acceptable' and asking us to tolerate these acts, which were the exact reason why the people of Lot (PBUH) were wiped out by the wrath of Allah SWT. Do you want the same to happen to these low-lying islands? Surely, you wouldn't want your sons and daughters to die before they could produce muslim grandchildren for you!

    Dhivehin, I call out to you to hunt down sorcerers and homosexuals, and give them the punishments described as per Islam before it's too late. May Allah SWT bless you all, and destroy the wretched Jews.

  3. "Wretched Jews"? What makes them so? And what makes a homosexual act between consenting adults sinful? Who is unloved/hurt in such a relationship? SWT, MYOB!!

  4. Fred Conwell, "Sheikh Imran Abdulla" here is purposely sarcastic... pretending to be Sheikh Imran Abdulla... he's just funny. Don't take him seriously.

  5. Did anybody notice how the story was joined with another unrelated story about an imam and his sexual activities? Is it not add that almost every minivan article ends with a jab on religion or a religious person or a person who has something to do with religion? In this case the story was about homosexuality and the report ends with a supposedly religious man engaging in homosexuality. The original situation of the dhoni crews is conveniently dropped.. Did this mean anything?

    I think it does. Maybe its editorial policy in minivan to join the dots and to connect everything with religion and then to have the commenting robots start ranting against religion.


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