Salaf calls for Anti-Sorcery Act

Local religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf has asked the authorities to enact legislation to make sorcery or black magic illegal in Maldives.

During a religious program broadcasted live on local radio SunFM last night, Salaf President Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohamed said the Anti-Sorcery Act is required to “protect the people from evils of sorcery”, and prosecute suspected sorcerers.

He requested President Mohamed Nasheed submit an Anti-Sorcery bill to make the practice illegal, while calling on the parliamentarians to pass the bill.

Minivan News could not reach him at the time of press.

According to Salaf’s website, Mohamed urged the authorities to stipulate the death penalty in the law for convicted sorcerers.

Sheikh Mohamed’s remarks came following the brutal stabbing of 76 year-old Ali Hassan, on Kudahuvadhoo in Dhaalu atoll, which has been blamed on sorcery.

Mohamed was quoted in local newspaper Haveeru as claiming that many Maldivians have become victims of sorcery, and it has “ruined families”.

“Sorcery has become a social plague in the Maldives,” Mohamed contended, “which needs to be cured”.

Sorcery was a grave sin in Islam for which Islamic Sharia stipulates death penalty, he explained.

Saudi Arabia continues to use the death penalty for sorcery, while the last person to be judicially executed in the Maldives, Hakim Didi, was executed by firing squad in 1953 after being found guilty of conspiracy to murder using black magic.

Didi’s daughter, Dhondidi, was also sentenced in 1993 for performing sorcery on behalf of the former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s brother-in-law Ilyas Ibrahim, in his bid to win the 1993 presidential election.

Sorcery, known locally as Sihuru or Fanditha, is said to widely practiced on many islands in the Maldives, while related reports have surfaced in the media time to time.

Islanders from Kudahuvadhoo has been quoted in the media alleging that the murder victim was a sorcerer.

The victim had previously been accused of using sorcery on a 37 year-old woman, who was reported missing at 2:00am on December 4, 2011 and whose body was found floating in Kudahuvadhoo lagoon later that morning.

However, Hassan’s family denies the claims that he was a sorcerer, and alleged he had received death threats from another family on the island.

The incident has however sparked “fear of sorcery” among the island’s 3000 inhabitants, and some islanders “do not even come out of the house after dark”, according to the source.

In 2009, parents on the island of Maamendhoo in Laamu atoll accused an islander of practicing sorcery on school girls to induce fainting spells and hysteria, which led to a police investigation.

Meanwhile last year the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM) conducted a certificate level course on incantations, teaching the participants “spiritual healing” and how to cure diseases using “incantation”.

President of the Islamic Foundation, Ibrahim Fauzee, told Minivan News at the time that the main reason why the organisation decided to conduct the courses on spiritual healing was that many people in the islands had become victims of black magic performed by their enemies.

“Sometimes people have lost their lives [to black magic], and sometimes people perform the black arts to ruin the life or family of others. Many do not know how to cure this,’’ Fauzee claimed.


33 thoughts on “Salaf calls for Anti-Sorcery Act”

  1. Once they get what they want, everyone that opposes them will be accused of being a sorcerer. Burn the witches! This is just ridiculous haha.

  2. Yeah I propose to ban fairies, elves and goblins too and don't forget the Rannamaari. Their influence on the Maldivian socio-economic spectrum is really detrimental. I mean GST 6%, GMR airport takeover, child abuse....the culprit is no other than BLACK MAGICIANS

  3. such times we live in ...OMG. salaf i salute you guys for this.. while you are at it, can you propose a ban on vodoo practices, palm reading, astrology, harry potter (why not), david copperfield, charlatans etc as they all seem to come under the same umbrella. OR better find a way to keep the Jinns away from this country. well we should keep the good mumin (muslim) jinns. and the kuffar Jinns should immediately be deported as this is a 100%Muslim nation. i hear its normally the non-muslim Jinns who assist the socerers.. WHy do we have religious freedom for Jinns in the holy land of Maldives?

  4. koba Raees Nasheed and Raees Maumoon who loves the witch craft? Both are belongling to the cult of devil worship! Both have strong believes in stars and heavenly bodies. Both despotic!!

  5. Look at the Jews who outright deny sorcery! Haven't you Jews and munafiqs read the quran? It explicitly states sorcery and Islam also mentions that sorcery is haram! Do not mock Islam and the Quran, future hell-dwellers, for the harshest of punishments await Jews in the hereafter.

    As for my dear Muslim Maldivian brothers and non-fornicating sisters, I advice you to stay away from sorcerers, and to not seek sorcery, for it is haram. Rather, seek guidance from Allah SWT, as he is the only One who can and will help you.

  6. The law will be implemented by the Ministry of Magic and Islamic Affairs I suppose?

  7. Sheikh Imran must be mentally ill or just one crazy troll. He cannot write a complete sentence without mentioning jew. Makes me think he himself might be a jew in disguise after all. Who knows!!

  8. I myself have on many occasions witnessed the sight of men possessed; they would ramble on for hours on end withuot cessation, foaming at the mouth, spouting insanity.

    I suspect that this is the work of great and powerful sorcerers who walk amongst us that are in servitude to shaitan and are conjuring evil spirits at their whim and fancy, then directing them to do mischief.

    I further suspect that many of their spells are concealed within the lyrics of songs, and are cast forth during the course of these musical concerts linked to that genre described as "death metal" - which is the most abominable and wicked of its kind. I urge Salaaf to urge the government to take action against them!

  9. Indeed, I've seen lots of Maldivian folk afflicted with signs of sorcery. Violent shaking, fevers, vomitting, foaming at the mouth, losing their mind etc are some of the symptoms.

    However, I conducted some lengthy research into this. My work is unpublished as yet as I fear I might be the next victim of Sheikhs such as Abudlla bin Something.

    Anyway, the conclusion of my research is that these folk were not actually victims of sorcery, but had fallen ill due to various bacterial or viral infections.

    The most difficult ones to diagnose were those who have overdosed on various narcotics. They are the ones that seem closest to these nasty Jins!

    Possessed are the Maldivians!

  10. This is the kind of draconian laws which would enable anyone to be accused without any solid evidence. Sadly its highly likely that such a law get passed in our country.

    In Islam the prophet has given clear instructions to rid oneself of sorcery
    Read the "falagin naasi sura's at dawn and dusk
    Then read ayat of Kurusi

    Simply all these extra duas and courses which teaches to rid f sorcery are innovations into Islam

    So simply all this is just bull.

  11. @Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb on Tue, 10th Jan 2012 8:53 PM


    It is better to take precautions against both alternatives.

    In fact, drugs are often used as an aid in the summoning of wicked entities - but the weakened state of mind rendered by its usage may leave the conjurer vulnerable to what he is conjuring!

    Thus this distinction you make, between genuine demonic possession and drug use, is not particularly helpful - and I do not understand why you are so keen on dismissing the existence of sihuru.

    Perhaps you yourself are an aspiring sorcerer; in which case, I urge you to desist from your wretched enterprise and I fear for your safety, lest God strike you down.

  12. Salaf does not have to urge government anything on a feeling that you have around people who listens to 'death metal' songs. I think its happening because you show off yourself and stare at people too much. Maybe if you discontinue those bad habits, your phobia might be healed itself. Lets say its the cure for that kind of sorcery. 😉

  13. We need this law, Salaf is right. But we need many other laws too, not just Anti-Sorcery. Our society is right now at a very leow level morally. We need laws to raise or moral levels and make us more civilized.

  14. @Dhivehi Hanguraama on Tue, 10th Jan 2012 9:39 PM

    "... and I do not understand why you are so keen on dismissing the existence of sihuru."

    As a Muslim, I only belive in Allah, and Allah alone has the power to alter the lives of men and women. That fact is repeated over and over again in the Holy Quran. What part of that don't you understand?

    Allah gave us intelligence via our brains and told us to go and learn! A person of faith cannot fall victim to such acts as sorcery or Sihr!

    Now, care to explain to me, why I should believe in Sihr, as a Muslim?

  15. Now, I truly believe that this chap, Abdulla bin Something and his followers are talking absolute rubbish and are to be dismissed as fools.

    Clearly, the Maldivian Constitutions and its laws are based on Islam. Where there is no specific law, the Maldivian legalese will refer to Islam. Now, the Holy Quran absoutely and undeniably forbids sorcery or sihr. So, why should we enact specific laws when the Book already has plenty of warnings about it?

    Abdulla bin Something and his mates have a few lose screws in their brains!

  16. this is the same salaf that conducts huddha fanditha classes? seriously? these mullahs are oppotunists, just waiting for a chance to create some drama in order to stay relevant. The next thing we know, they'll be saying aeroplanes are haraam.

    I wonder why these people think that they have the authority to dictate government policy? these draconion self riteous fools don't know the first thing about running a country.

  17. In this age of science and technology these people still live in the 6th century Arabian desert. There is one guy in Male who is of the same kind as Imran who keeps two goats in the ground floor (where he lives) in his 8 storey building. Now many tenants want to leave the building because the whole building reeks of goat smell. Every morning he would take his two goats from his floor to the terrace using the elevator to do his Sunna of 'hui happan'.

  18. @ Ziyan: What exactly are you implying? I think there should be a regulation made on how people can comment on sensitive issues too. You people are abusing the freedom of expression.

  19. Divehi Hanguraama/Sheikh Imran Abdulla/Yaamyn Rasheed;

    Comedy-writing is an art. I fear you do not have the skill.

  20. @Tsk tsk.

    Sorcery is serious business, I do not jest.

    You seem to have confused three distinct persons as one; I fear you may be afflicted.

  21. Seriously Yaamyn my boy,

    You are a writer that expresses with passion. It takes the vantage point of an emotionless observer to write comedy.

    Spouting stereotypes also requires a finesse and timing that you lack. A Stephen Colbert you are not.

    Also the Divehi Hanguraama/Imran Abdulla schtick is getting old very fast.

    I never found your Maakanaa Show funny either. Nothing personal. I am sure the lowest common demographic you cater to are bursting at the seams every time it airs.

  22. tsk tsk,

    Wow. Quite a conversation you have going on here with my alleged alter-ego(s?)

    You're not the first time to smugly proclaim to the rest of the world your intimate knowledge of me and what I do.

    Nor would this your first time you've dazzled the world with your brilliant detective skills.

    Seriously, I have neither the time nor the inclination to always engage with "all knowing" idiots like you.

    But here's something I wrote with precisely your ilk in mind:

    [P.S. My "schtick" usually involves me calling myself a gay-Christian Zionist, thanks to you folk being unable to tell apart religions. I very much enjoy the hilarity of the term - and it never gets old]

  23. @Tsk tsk

    Now you have confused four distinct persons as one!

    I am neither of the two Yameens that you ostensibly think are the same person, and must vehemently object to being affiliated with them and to the pseudo-Sheikh.

    I must also do similar to the accusations you have levelled against me elsewhere!

    Sir, you must stop this at once!

  24. This calls for an apology. So you are not that Yamin. My bad. I do not watch much TV and I always thought the show was utter bollocks so had to say something insulting about it.

    I have no inside knowledge of you. Just knowledge that any two persons living in a small one-horse town would. I mean kids like you, Jennifer and Hillath are always running around in plain sight where old fuddy-duddies like me can see you and make a few observations.

    Perhaps I am off the mark with the Maakanaa Show thing (parents really should name their kids with more variety :P).

    However the fact that Dhivehi Hanguraama and Sheikh Imran are you is undeniable. I am sorry young un. The truth is right there in the details.

  25. tsk tsk,

    Dhivehi Hanguraama is a rather obvious troll, as is the other guy.

    I do believe I could do a much better job, if I were so inclined. Sadly, I can't even joke about that sort of thing. It's hard enough keeping track of reality in Onion-land.

    You're an anonymous commentator on a news website - and your delusions - not matter how strongly asserted - shouldn't bother me hereafter.

  26. @Tsk tsk

    Egads! STILL you continue this nonesense of trying to convince many persons that they are all one!?

    These bizzare and proud proclamations of your senility nonewithstading, I shall think no less of a fellow patriot!

    Good day to you, sir.

  27. aoa,Jamyyathul Salaf, President Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammad saidthe anti-sorcery act is reqired to "protect the people from evils of socery" and prosecute suspected sorcerers. its need to millat-e-islamia,


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