Maldivian student killed in Afghan blast

A Maldivian student, Amir Moosa, 31 from G.A Dhaandhoo was recently killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan, the Island council has said today.

President of the Council Shuaib Abdulla said a family member of the deceased had reported his death in an Afghanistan bomb blast, although the incident is yet to be officially reported to the Council by his immediate family.

Shuaib said Amir has been studying in Pakistan for the past six years and many locals believe he was involved with Jihadi operations there. “According to a family members, when he calls home he would talk about Jihad and Independence of Palestine” Shuaib said.

The deceased’s sister told Sun Online that Amir had been killed two months ago, though the family themselves only received the news yesterday (December 14). She also denied that Amir held any extremist views.

However, local news website CNM quoted Amir’s mother as saying that he was living in Pakistan with his wife and four children (who are still in Pakistan) for higher education.

Amir’s family confirmed to CNM that he was visiting Afghanistan when the blast killed him. Maldives Police Service have not yet received any such reports.

Foreign Ministry officials were not available for comment at the time of press.

Maldives has been hit by a wave of religious extremism in the past few years. In September 2007 a home made IED was set off at popular tourist attraction in capital Male’, injuring 12 tourists.

Common threats against voices critical of radical Islamism were actualized with a brutal attempt on a journalist’s life in 2012. Ismail ‘Hilath’ Rasheed came just millimetres from death when assailants he would later allege to be Islamists slashed his throat just yards from his home.

This incident happened just a few months after a mob of religious extremists destroyed priceless Buddhist statues in the National Museum.

In early 2010, then-Vice President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik expressed concern about young Maldivians being recruited by militant groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan to wage ‘jihad’, a claim reiterated by top level officials including former President Mohamed Nasheed.


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  1. Studying in Afghanistan, SUUUUUUUURRRRE. If you let yourself in with extremists in a country like Afghanistan, it's very likely you'll get to know the maiden who wait for you in heaven very soon.

  2. Killed by the so-called 'freedom fighters'. How bitterly... ironic.

    Then again, the mujahideen dont care; all they want is yet another market for their heroin sales.

  3. This fellow must be rotting in hell, Died with dreams that he would get 70 virgins in the heaven. The bench mark for the intelligent people is how much such people devote themselves to Gods. Here in Dhooni Raaje 99% people blindly and without any question believe in rubbish. At least one such idiot is reduced from the face of earth. Hope all these morons have guts like this fellow so we can get rid of them all by the fire power of what Infidels have created.

  4. His dreams was to achieve PhD is harvesting terror in kids and pruning opium plants.

    A fat lot of good would he do our country!

    The bloody idiot was used, abused, toyed, and garrotted, left for dying by the Saudi-con artists posing as fundamentalists.


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