Maldivian woman gives birth on Etihad Airways flight

A Maldivian woman went in to labour mid-air on a flight with her husband from Trivandrum to Abu Dhabi. The couple were heading to Minsk in  Belarus

Head of International Media Relations of Etihad Airways, Holly Williams, confirmed to Minivan News that a passenger went into labour on October 24 on flight EY273, traveling from Trivandrum to Abu Dhabi.

‘’The flight was immediately diverted to Muscat in Oman, however the passenger delivered a healthy baby boy 20 minutes before the flight landed, with the assistance of Etihad cabin crew,’’ said Williams.

‘’Medical staff and an ambulance met the aircraft on arrival and the mother, her husband and the newborn baby were transferred to the nearest hospital, accompanied by Etihad Airways staff.’’

According to Gulf News, the couple were on their way to Minsk to attend medical college.

The newspaper identified the woman as Aiminath Raushan Khaleel, 24. Her husband, who was identified as Abdulla Shahid, told the newspaper that “my wife was due next month around the 20th, and we had to report before October 30 to complete our transfer from a Russian medical college to the college in Minsk, Belarus.”

“There was a trained nurse on board as a passenger and she helped in delivering the boy,” Abdulla told Gulf News.

Gulf News reported that the baby was a boy and that the baby’s condition was healthy.


24 thoughts on “Maldivian woman gives birth on Etihad Airways flight”

  1. I blame this episode totally on the shoulder of the Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed.

  2. I like to blame Anni in this incident But I think it's not Anni who signs on the Meda Form that requires to be completed by pregnant women and the sick assuring fitness for traveling.

    What to do? Even if I want to blame Anni I think here people will not accept it as it's Anni who shall take responsibility.

    But I hereby ask the DRP to keep up the good work.... blaming Anni even if a Maldivian sneeze on a flight..hehehehhe Javvah, Fazaa ah, aausminthakakah, Kaaminee Raajje ah, Minikaa Raajje ah Wassalaam

  3. @Cheryl, totally agree with you. Don't know why she was on board on the first place while was less then a month from due date. By the way cute boy.

  4. @DRP: Is the sarcasm so dry I missed it? Otherwise, I find it insane that so much blame can be put on a President for something he cannot be held resposible for. What is up with this whole thing of blaming others for ones own faults anyway? I have seen so much of this neglect of personal responsibilty.

  5. Only the couple is to blame. She didn't look pregnant. And the couple had got married less than a month ago. Do the math.

  6. Actually whats the problem here to blame anyone. A girl gave labour in an ethihad plane. she has been treated nice and is living happily.

    Also, about her marriage no one know if it was a party for a marriage they had early or whatever. Look at that beautiful baby, is it time to find things to hurt them right now or make it political.

    Who knows that they weren't married in Russia or before? lots of students there get married and come. look at Dr. Didi and Dr. Ashraf.

  7. Stating the obvious. I know they got married on 6th october. It wasn't just a party.

  8. @Ahmed Aliased on Wed, 27th Oct 2010 2:53 PM

    So very true. Maldivian National sport should include slander, bickering, stupidity, ignorance...

    oh, and jealousy...

  9. No matter how desperate they were to get to Minsk (especially someone attending Medical College!), why would a pregnant woman just few weeks before due date get on a plane? If they ever become doctors, I will think twice before seeing these two idiots!

  10. Why are the people blaming MDP and President Nasheed on this? What does that have to do with the government of Maldives? The parents took a risk on flying when they should know a pregnant woman cannot fly after seven months... are they not to blame here for putting their unborn child at such a risk? How do we know if this couple falsified the docs and told the airline she wasnt due for another two months or so? The couple is attending a medical college...i hope they are not trying to be doctors because that is seriously scary!
    @ ........ was sarangu the person who told the couple to get on the plane?
    @the great, get your facts right before you diss people. MTCC is not under Sarangu. Also, what does MTCC has to do with a girl going in labour on an international flight?

  11. Women who are in their third trimester are not allowed on flights..How come she was?...Well anyway, goodthing she didnt have any complications!..cheers

  12. @moosa: You are right. They were in a rush. But to get outta male' so that they can avoid their parents finding out abt what they have done. Its just sad that they take islamic values so lightly and do such wicked acts. Getting pregnant before marriage. And rushing away to Russia to cover up for that.


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