5 thoughts on “Maldivians living in Malaysia to receive Aasandha health insurance coverage”

  1. Malaysia medicare is expensive I wonder how much of a premium is required for such a scheme. The assanda would have been much more useful for more Maldivians if it was extended across India to more hospitals, into Bangalore, Madras. Majority of Maldivians could not afford to fly that far to Malaysia let alone cover the living cost while waiting for medicare.

    What motivated this move I wonder.

  2. If you elect Yameen, he has promised that all Maldivians living on the moon will also get this Aasandha.

  3. “But the president had not revealed details. But he said it would be arranged soon,” said Mausoom.

    "Soon", right. So, Mausoom, where's that US$300 million dollars he was going to get "soon" from Saudi Arabia? How's that coming along? They are already in the bank vaults, I take it? Perhaps they are financing Waheed's trip to Malaysia too.

  4. @Logal Sumaari kaleyge on Mon, 12th Aug 2013 7:26 PM

    Simple answer is, votes and arrogance.

    Of course no one would have done a realistic impact on the budget. If someone actually ran the numbers through, they would find this a looming disaster in financial numbers.

    It's all about who can commit the most objectives and have the most daring pre-election promises made which they would not keep, or rather cannot keep anyways.

    Another shot in the foot. Yet again.

  5. Please, please, please Mr Maldivian Health Minister DO NOT EXTEND THE ASSANDA SCHEME TO INDIAN CITIES.
    We Indians don't need your money AND THE VERY THOUGHT of thousands of sickly, drug addicted Maldivians clogging up our already overstretched health system gives me the creeps.....our low cost health service is primarily for Indians and not for foreigners with whom we have nothing in common.
    Why don't you extend the ASSANDA scheme to Pakistan? The Paki's need the money and you people have sooooo much in common too.....not just your intolerant faith. I hear the drug rehab clinics in Pakistan are particularly good.


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