Man sentenced for possession of pornography

The Criminal Court yesterday sentenced a man to six months imprisonment after the court found him guilty of possession of pornography.

The Criminal Court identified the person as Ali Jinah of Gulhi in Kaafu Atoll.

The Court said the police officers who went to search Jinah’s house on last year October discovered eight magazines containing pornographic pictures, one file containing  large number of pornographic pictures and one CD containing pornography.

He was sentenced for possessing contraband.

The Court said Jinah denied the charges, claiming that the police did not find the materials inside his room and that he had never showed such materials to anyone.

The Criminal Court said that according to the word of the police officers who went to the scene, “it is known that the materials were found inside Jinah’s room.”


26 thoughts on “Man sentenced for possession of pornography”

  1. The big criminals are out there without justice and the small fish is getting caught. What a regime of justice the Maldivians are having.

  2. What a big deal!
    The Criminal Court and the whole system
    should be worried! This is total ban and totally outrageous!
    "Peddlers" and "Killers" can and should roam the streets, but a poor meek guy cannot and should not perform a descent "personal job" in his room at home!

    This is it!

  3. This is ridiculous. If it was child porn that is understandable. But this was a magazine like playboy!!!! WTF?!?! What is wrong with this idiotic mullahs, police and judges!

    Idiots. All of them.

  4. im sad we live in such a society. Porn! arrest all guys then. there is not single person who have not watched porn. ban the internet for heavens sake. shut down the whole system so no one can sin.

  5. this is not good because the court's decision contradicts the government policies.

  6. If it was child porn sure lock em up but normal porn?? outrageous! Well they should put everyone in jail I guess! Men AND women! Yeah ladies we know!:)

  7. I actually feel sorry for this guy. An estimated 99,9% (yeah, let's give some a chance) are possessing non-child pornography, and one gets caught and locked up. How UNLUCKY!
    My deepest regrets.

  8. Correction: An estimated 99,9% (yeah, let’s give some a chance) are possessing pornography...

  9. This is great. The police showed all forensic evidence on the murder case earlier. The judge was stupid to realise them and when the perpetrators denied wrong doing, they were let go.

    But when this guy denied accusations, judge chose to believe the cops.

    And then they ask general public to honor and respect them? They need to be spat in the face on tv!

  10. wait, so porn (which are produced and sold by adults want to do it for adults want to see it) is veryy wrong. smoking pot is wrong.and using spycam to produce such videos of people who dont have a clue is not so wrong. selling heroine is ok. gang raping women and children is good and fun.gang and political violence is a duty! i think im starting to get this now. drinking is wrong on inhabited islands, pornographic videos produced in maldives is just laaneiyness. wait, no..if ur a movie star or a celeb it is NOT ok.. uh wait.. it actually is, that guy... no its not, coz she...oh wait.. i think... meh. i dont think id every get this. redtube bad, porhub good? is erotic literature bad? doesnt sheikh ilyas' description of heaven qualify to be that? questions questions.

    and wtf are these gaazees anyway. what qualifies them? education? nope. piety? even if we can measure it, considering how they are accused of sexual crimes all the time..i dont think so. IQ? definitely NO. another maldivian puzzle that puzzle i dont understand.

  11. I think the people in the Maldivian "justice" system just like being laughed at =/

    So in this case, just the word of an officer was enough for a conviction?

    People stab people right infront of police and they still don't get convicted.

    Ontop of all that, most of the murderers, rapists and other low lifes that got time are walking free on the streets; without a care in the world. I hope the police are proud of themselves.

  12. Nothing about Maldives surprises me anymore. What next?.........locking up people for masturbation?......maybe cut off their willies if they are caught!!

  13. Are the mullahs silently celebrating...and hey...heavens...don't admit that you have feelings, sensations and your mind cannot help but flashes erotic images 600 times a day.......
    It is la deeni...........

  14. IMPRISONEMENT for 6 months for this? Child molesteors get a holiday in an other island full of kids (called banishment)

    what justice

  15. What a load of BS is this??!!

    Is this what our courts are only capable of? What a bunch of donkeys are these judges when they they can't sentence big drug dealers and violent offenders, they boast of this?!!

    And to those who are speculating whether it might be child porn ... Do you think THAT would make a difference? For these mullahs and corrupt judges child pornography is a sunnah! And If a girls does not scream (because of how terrified she is) while getting gang raped is accused of giving consent, the offenders are free and the girl is called a slut. Case closed.

    Everyday it seems we in Maldives are regressing, slowly to the dark ages. And Minivan news seem to be there to hammer the nails into coffins of our humiliation.

  16. What is wrong with our society? A Crime shall be a crime no matter how ridiculous it may look from the outside. Do you guys know that in the UK, they have law regarding sexual harassment. Yeah that's right. You can be jailed for looking at a woman!!! Now that's not ridiculous huh.

  17. Not disagreeing with you Karma, but a little too harsh there deeming child porn sunnah for the mullahs.

    And thank you Minivan for the nailing, if it weren't for you, being so far away, I wouldn't even hear the hammer.


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  19. WTH...release this man from prison now!!! and arrest the murderers,drug lords and the child molesters who are let loose on the streets!

  20. The courts.judges,police are afraid to arrest killers who roam freely on the roads randomly knife stabbing or killing people on a weekly basis..

    To show that they are doing some work,the criminal court is just sitting and sentencing small time creeps and this poor man with porn!lol

    The criminal court should be renamed Porn Court...there will be lots of work going in there

  21. Release this man and arrest all the killers and drug lords and gang leaders creating terror on the streets!!
    Almost every week an innocent person is being killed from a stab injury on the road..and nothing is being done!

    What a shame to name this court Criminal Court if they are sentencing a harmless person to six months of jail and giving a blind eye to the most dangerous criminal activities going on within the country..

    It's a bloody shame on the justice system, Die in shame you cowards who are lamely sitting and for showing off that you are working,doing this kind of pathetic stunt..Who in the hell's name would sentence a man for possessing a magazine!all these bloody judges must be sitting in their homes and doing the same thing as this man..Hypocrites!

  22. This man who possessed a magazine gets prison time,cold blooded murderers roam on the roads.

    Why is Azleena's killer roaming freely on the roads,he is a convicted cold blooded killer who killed an innocent girl in the most heinous way..and if he is walking freely on the streets why is a man possessing something as harmless as a magazine arrested and imprisoned? Justice not done at all.

  23. Hahahahhaha LOL

    Everyone goes haywire accusing judges, cops, the system... but forgets about the important thing.

    Mr Ex-Maldivian, truly concerned about important issues, asks "What did the police do with these magazines?" ... 🙂

    Excellent !

    ps: BTW, Minivan News; you are the best in producing the sleazy side of things.

  24. And what about those three guys let loose from HaFilladhoo who were violating privacy and actually recording from spycams. THEY ARE STILL FREE, wtf is wrong with this screwed up legal system? ANd Upper North Utility Company actually let those three perverts back on the job.
    The presidents apologized to the violated tourists from villu reef. WHAT ABOUT THE VIOLATED PEOPLE FROM HA. FILLADHOO! See the Effing double standard imprisoning porn possession and letting go of those making "porn" videos.


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