Man stabs child in front of police officers and flees on motorbike

Two men on a motorbike stabbed a 16 year old child in front of two police officers last night on Ameenee Magu near Imadudeen School, before fleeing.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that the two police officers were investigating a motor vehicle accident when the incident occurred.

”A car and motorbike hit each other and police were investigating the accident,” Shiyam said. ”The victim was the person on the back seat of the motorbike which hit the car.”

Shiyam said the boy’s condition was not very serious.

”He is now hospitalised in Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital,” Shiyam said.

He said that the police ran after the two men but did not manage to catch them.

He said that case was under investigation and he was unable to give further details.

A witness at the scene told Minivan News the boy was stabbed in two places right in front of the police, at 8:45pm.

”He injured his lungs and arm during the incident,” the man said.

The witness added that bystanders ran after the pair when the boy shouted in pain, but the two men managed to flee.

He said a team of forensic police came and discovered a knife under a parked pick-up behind Imaduddeen school.

He said that the road was bright and there were a lot of people on the street when the incident occurred.

There was also a stabbing near the Central Hotel last week and a man was seriously injured.

He has since been taken to Sri Lanka for medical treatment.


15 thoughts on “Man stabs child in front of police officers and flees on motorbike”

  1. This is what happens when politicians use thugs for their mischeif and protection. All politicians are to blame.. Every single one of them... This country has gone to the dogs and people need to come out now.. Bring the emerging Dictator down and do not leave space for the previous dictators to come onboard.. Need very fresh blood.. what the F**K are all these people doing about this.. Are they all BLIND..

  2. ZERO TOLERANCE! Why doesn't any Government have the guts to implement it??!!!! DRP couldn't and we thought that MDP would, but obviously they have bodyguards to protect their politicians and let everyone else be murdered, stabbed or raped! Why the hell do we need a Government given the state of the country now? Why don't we all just take the law onto our own hands and protect ourselves since the Police and Defence are obviously remote controlled dummies in uniforms!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ZERO TOLERANCE AGAINST VIOLENT CRIMES! That's what we should all be calling for and keep on calling for till the Government finally gets it!!!

  3. I'm of the opinion that capital punishment be introduced to curb this violence and bring peace. Surly weed out the bad elements of the society.

  4. This place is so scary these days! Things r getin reali outta control. Is the govrnment gonna shrug off their shoulder n try to shift the blame to Gayyoom?

  5. Now you know why the police cant stop all this violence in the country. If they can do it infront of the police and get away, its a piece of cake to do it when they are not there. The government should impose death penalty to all these type of offenders who harm another person with murderous intention. Just hang one of those bastards in the middle of Jumhuree public and see no one else will do it again. Thats the right way to deal with Maldivians now. They have gone beyond the line of been tolerated. Gone are the days of reethi dhivehin and peaceful Maldives.

  6. Give Anni 6 more months to rectify this.. Give Parliament the same... If not let us all bring down this entire political system... Military rule could have been better.. What the use of a farce in the name of democracy...

    Badhalukuran Emmen... start this campaign... No politician should be allowed in this movement.. We need to OTPOR to bring this down...

  7. so no register number on motorbike?
    where is CCTV cameras around Male?only bla,bla,bla about how good is democracy hehehe

  8. wtf are police doing... now its time we also come out with our knives to kill each other..this is what the government is doing to reduce population of people living in Male'

  9. I blame this on the Peoples Majlis. The Laws to prosecute these criminals must be passed before we can even start to point fingers at anyone else.

  10. Something needs to be done. Like in any old 'Hindhi' film, the gangster(s) do whatever they want and the police go on chase and get nothing done.
    However, we could have a grand WWF at Galolhu Stadium. Invite all the "thugs" and unethical characters and announce a Grand Prize of "Thug of the Maldives". Have a real pro-fight, get all the feelings vented out and when it is done(a) Kill all the winners (cause the loser would have died during hte fight (b) kill all these guys (c) let all the guys roam free (d)pretend as if nothing is happening in the country.....Choice to make.......But what?

  11. This country is a haven for criminals now. If you want to do anything, it is possible here in Maldives. You can kill people in daylight and getaway with it. I am just surprised that the crime rate is so low compared to the number of criminals on the streets and the freedom they have to commit crime. In the last 4 years or so, i think more than 6 people have been killed, by gangs. And I'm sure if somebody is keeping statistics, hundreds of stabbing incidents would have occurred. I haven't heard anywhere, about justice being served, or any culprit prosecuted for any of these crimes. Maldives justice system is a joke. This society is a joke for allowing the government, parliament and the judiciary for letting this happen. They are still fighting over political power, while the criminals are left to do whatever they want. I wonder how many more people have to die, or suffer before we really wake up and unite to make our society a livable and a safe place for everybody. I think the situation right now is either be a victim or a criminal. Anyone who does not want to be a victim, then they are left with no choice but to carry weapons to protect themselves and family. Nobody can rely or police or law enforcement or justice department to give security.

  12. Majlis is a joke, People voting these jokers are a bigger joke.

    No one in the right mind should go out and vote for some nutter because he has the guts to go out on an street wearing blue or yellow color shirt, and yell 'I'm gonna bring paradise to this island'.

    I don't blame Majlis, DRP, MDP, Government, NGO, or anything else. I blame Maldivians who blindly vote for idiocracy.

  13. Whoever it is this Yok Yok is arrogant to blame people. Maldives have its problems but to condemn People collectively is unacceptable.

  14. Who else is to blame? we voted out Maumoon, we voted for MDP government, we voted for the Majlis members, we voted for all this.
    Yes, I am Maldivian. I didn't vote for any of this. Yet here I am watching people complaining about Majlis, government and everyone they voted for not doing their job.

  15. alright im gonna go on a limb here and just say it.

    We need Dexter Morgan from the Dexter tv series. and let him loose on these sick peoples. within a weeks time we should have a calmer paradise. -- simply for humor, but a workable solution.


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