Man stabs child in front of police officers and flees on motorbike

Two men on a motorbike stabbed a 16 year old child in front of two police officers last night on Ameenee Magu near Imadudeen School, before fleeing.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that the two police officers were investigating a motor vehicle accident when the incident occurred.

”A car and motorbike hit each other and police were investigating the accident,” Shiyam said. ”The victim was the person on the back seat of the motorbike which hit the car.”

Shiyam said the boy’s condition was not very serious.

”He is now hospitalised in Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital,” Shiyam said.

He said that the police ran after the two men but did not manage to catch them.

He said that case was under investigation and he was unable to give further details.

A witness at the scene told Minivan News the boy was stabbed in two places right in front of the police, at 8:45pm.

”He injured his lungs and arm during the incident,” the man said.

The witness added that bystanders ran after the pair when the boy shouted in pain, but the two men managed to flee.

He said a team of forensic police came and discovered a knife under a parked pick-up behind Imaduddeen school.

He said that the road was bright and there were a lot of people on the street when the incident occurred.

There was also a stabbing near the Central Hotel last week and a man was seriously injured.

He has since been taken to Sri Lanka for medical treatment.