Masked men rob Marble Hotel of Rf100,000

Police are investigating the theft of Rf100,000 (US$$6485) from Marble Hotel, after a group of masked men broke into the building and threatened the receptionist with an axe early this morning.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the men entered the hotel’s lobby around 4:00am this morning, threatened staff and took the money from a small safe in the hotel.

Shiyam said police were investigating the possibility than the men knew about the safe and its contents prior to the robbery.

A staff member at the hotel told newspaper Haveeru that the thieves broke the lock on the main door.

“One forced an axe to the neck of the receptionist while another person had his knife pressed against the other side of his neck. The group also robbed the receptionist’s wristwatch,” Haveeru reported the staff member as saying.

Police are currently investigating CCTV footage of the incident, but have yet to make any arrests.


2 thoughts on “Masked men rob Marble Hotel of Rf100,000”

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