‘Melodic Death Metal Band’ Arch Enemy to perform live in the Maldives

Arch Enemy, the world famous ‘melodic Death Metal band’ is scheduled to perform at the first international Death Metal concert in the Maldives.

The band is booked for the third series of RockStorm, organised by CQ, and scheduled for July 23 at Alimas Carnival stage, CQ managing director, Mohamed Rasheed, told Minivan News.

”The show is mainly for younger people, so the price of the tickets would not be higher than MRF200,” said Rasheed. ”Rock Storm is sponsored by Le Cute.”

Rasheed said ticket numbers would be limited. ”The venue has the space for 2-3000 people,” he said. ”We are thinking of extending the place to allow for 5000 people.”

The biggest concern was that this year many scheduled events were cancelled by various organisers, said Rasheed.

”So people might think the same thing will happen to our show,” he said, ”but we have got permission from the government and this is the third year we have held RockStorm.”

Michael Amott, founding member and guitarist of Arch Enemy, commented on the band’s official website: “Just when we thought we’d run out of new territories to play with Arch Enemy… This offer came to us through the good people at Rock Storm in the Maldives… Curious as we are – we obviously grabbed the opportunity to go and do this! We’ll bring the tunes and sunscreen SPF 666!”

So far this year, there have been two international artists who were booked and then failed to perform in the Maldives.

Sri Lankan organisation Platinum Entertainment on March 30 announced that it would host an event presenting world famous R&B singer Akon live in the Maldives at the Outdoor Cricket stadium last April 23.

A few weeks after the Islamic ministry expressed concern about the event, it was cancelled for at least six months, due to technical and security concerns.

Well-known Bollywood star Shakhrukhan was scheduled to perform in the Maldives at another event which was cancelled for similar reasons. It was also reported that the Bollywood star’s performance was cancelled due to poor tickets sales.


14 thoughts on “‘Melodic Death Metal Band’ Arch Enemy to perform live in the Maldives”

  1. Death Music is 'haram' in Islam. World cup isnt. Most of adaalath Sheikhs stay up to watch football.

  2. yiiippppiiiiieee Nixamppe! Congrats dude, for your Tama Double Bass Drumset is gonna be used by one of your favorite Metal Bands 😀

  3. No.

    Rappers, Bollywood stars and Death Metal bands can no longer perform in Wahhabistan.

    Give us more Bilal Philips and Fareed style of entertainment that our Ministry of Islamic Affairs has ordained to be 'suitable' for us.

  4. This is just the right people we need to bring here when all these gang violence and molesting is going on in the city of Male'. What a shame!

  5. harammisthan not wahaabisthan. we as 100% muslim country should not have these things like death metal bands playing in holy land. go to hell you music lovers.

  6. I do not understand the relationship between a Melodic Death Metal band and Gang Violence and Molesting. Care to Explain? Ibrahim Yasir?
    Isn't it the fault of the authorities? That law and order is not kept "in the city of Male'", isn't it a problem with OUR society where underlying social problems breed these acts of violence and sexual perversions? Isn't it a problem with our Education System? I don't understand! A death metal music show does not lead to the social disarray in our midst, but surely narrow minded ignorant and egoistic thinking does!!

  7. Ibrahim Yair: Arch Enemy has NOTHING to do in their lyrics promoting any of that.

    You know what probably keeps more youth from street violence etc than anything else in the Maldives? Learning how to play a ****ing instrument.

    Really really really sad I'm going to miss this. This is surely one of the biggest bands (especially in the Metal world) to ever play here.

  8. You anti islamists, are you micking at the relegion of islam. If you ask any well known schlar about Music, No two sholars says anything other than it is not allowed in Islam. Those who loves non muslims more than their own faith, you people are slaves of then. Dont you think that any body can get support of so called wests, but we value ourselves. Any one who has a working brain wont be happy to live under their feet. they do what they asked by the "wests" and afraid to do anything which may make their "gods" un happy.

    yuo slaves of "wests" think again

  9. @Abu Hussain

    hehe welcome to "minivannews". its now only a hub for anti-islamic thought and critics. I agree with wat you say. its like you love their 'western' way. you are one them.

  10. The heavy metal band will cause further adrenaline rush in the already warm blood of those gangsters and law breakers in the city. This will further give them the strength and power to behave like a maniac on our streets. We are giving them more freedom to be like this by entertaining them with such bands as they are the perfect cup of tea for them.

  11. @Abu Hussain

    Here is some news from a dear friend of Abraham Green who recently visited Maldives. His name is Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens. A convert a Muslim and plays music and writes songs.


    Because music is such a big deal for "Maldivians" who think on different point of views i was tempted to listen to dear Bilal Philips and one part of speech i just captured in my head. He was saying that a close sahaabee of prophet was asserting that a specific word in Quran or Hadhees meant singing, and that he uttered 3 times consequently "it means singing". So does say Billal Philips. But then got me wondering, it's not music, it's signing first, and Ali Rameez is in deep trouble. :p ...

  12. Out of all genres of music, it baffles me that heavy metal is what most youth likes and the heavier the better for them. I've read that youngsters resort to such music to rebel and/or keep up with the pressures that surround them; studies, parents assertions, difficult living..etc. Assuming this theory is right, one can assume that our youngsters live hard lives. On a different note, I myself was a metalhead growing up. But I grew out of it with age and softer sounds became more soothing. I wonder how many grows out of it nowadays the way i did. I bet there is now even more rebellion in school/teenage life with the addition of politics in our everyday life.

  13. Death Metal Band will perform Madhaha for Maldivians. The lyrics will be from Gayyoom so it shall be halaal. A little bit of boduberu, and Thaara by the visiting band will be performed as a show of respect to our culture.


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