Four men stab 16 year-old boy on Ameenee Magu

A 16 year-old boy was stabbed by a group of four men last Thursday night.

The men came on motorbikes when the victim was near Fen building on Ameenee Magu, a person familiar with the victim told Minivan News.

”There were some friends of the boy nearby,” he said, ”but before they could help him, the attackers fled.”

He said the victim was stabbed once in the back and that he was not seriously injured.

”The attack on the boy was not because he was looking for a fight.  It was a random attack,” he said. ”When they see anyone of us alone, they will come and stab that person. It doesn’t matter even if he is a friend.”

He said that the gangs have been fighting with each other for a long time, and sometimes stop for a while, but the battle is never really over.

The victim was admitted to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) for treatment.

One suspect has been arrested, says police sergeant Abdul Muhsin.

Another 19 year-old man was stabbed in Mahchangolhi during broad daylight last Wednesday.

The man was stabbed four times, said a person familiar with victim.

”He had a deep cut in the back and injured lungs. His left arm was cut very seriously when he tried to block an attack aimed at his head,” said a friend of the victim.

The victim stabbed on Wednesday night told Minivan News that he was attacked on his way home.

”I was near Petral teashop when I met an old friend and he called out to me,” said the victim. ”I stopped to have a chat with him.”

Suddenly a crowd circled around and stabbed him in the back three times, according to the victim.

”Then they all ran away,” he said. ”I was unconscious till I reached hospital.”

When they reached the hospital, he fainted and when he gained consciousness he could not breathe properly because he had been stabbed in the lungs.

He said that his attackers used a normal knife, ”but it had a very thick blade.”

”I do not know why they stabbed me,” he said.


22 thoughts on “Four men stab 16 year-old boy on Ameenee Magu”

  1. I WANT TO SEE PRESIDENT NASHEED REMOVE COMMISSIONER OF POLICE? OR is this gang thing run by Police or Nasheed? why the HELL this democratic government cannot guarantee our safety.this is becoming like a failed state.

  2. where's the slogan " sub inspector ahmed shiham said "now we are investigating case further" finish the next day we see these guys moving around male, this is what all of us was saying when that dictator maumoon was ruling the country .. " as soon as they are brought inside the police within in matter of seconds they are released" but still we are witnessing the same scenario even with the new government .. "President must come up with another solution which can skip the incompetent judiciary system" he's got the mandate to keep us safe and secure .. and also i know he cares about the general public .. please help us our beloved President

  3. This has got to stop. If the police and the judges can't stop this at least some people should resign! This is disgusting!

  4. tell me please, before in Male was action about: every corner must have CCTV?where policemans who monitoring situation ?
    so it is so stupid no arrest no evidence but only talk about how democratc we are.

  5. Brothers, with the present judiciary in action, nothing can be done to stop these violent attacks. Police may take a case to a court but the judge will throw it out through the window. The gangs know very will how true it is.

  6. Why aren't we the civilians marching down the streets calling for the resignation of the Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Defence, Police Commissioner and the Judges who put these thugs back on the street?!!! Where is the great Adhaalath party? I guess these things are all OK with Islam, its only alcohol and women not wearing a buruga that are the main crimes?!!!

  7. I think the guys who are responsible are busy with the Vuvuzela World Cup in South AFrica... Nothing else comes to my mind reading this article... we have indeed become a paradise for the most inhuman...

  8. More and more incidents of innocent civilians being attacked/stabbed.

    This is a deep concern.

    Its a violation of our rights.

    Its a duty for the state to provide protection for us.

    Where are the police? If its so inefficient, they need to re-strategize and think this through again. Police commissioner needs to be questioned.

    The paradise is no longer the sunny side of life for us, the ordinary people, who earn 2 pennies a day and spend 5 pennies a day...

    Male' is scarier than the 'City of God'

  9. seriously. minivan news has crappy reporters that write reports/articles without any clear knowledge.

    ”The attack on the boy was not because he was looking for a fight. It was a random attack,” he said.

    wow. a random attack ?

    unincluded information.

    for the stupids that think everythings about politics. these gang fights dont include any political stuff in it at all.

    would you like to have you friends stabbed in the ass for not licking their shoes ? and will you rest easy if you or your friends get stabbed by any of these people ? think a bit more about it.

    oh and nazeer lol. he was consious till he reached the hospital and fainted in the treatment room. get your facts right self proclaimed internet reporter.

    mistake by nazeer :

    The witness said when he tried to help the wounded man to hospital, “the taxi refused to take him because he might put blood on seat.”

    - you dont put blood on seat. you stain the seat.

  10. Now I have come to believe that this havoc is sponsored by Adaalath Party and Salaf using Zakath funds. Why else should the silent.

  11. System has failed,country is in a chaos, politically, domestic and foreign.Government has failed to give the demotractic change that MDP has promised the people. Another 5 years of mess to be passed on to next govt. People need to find their own safety and the only choice to get your own protection is to take the law on to ones own hands.

  12. the whole system needs overhauling for effectiveness. one weak link in the chain and the criminals are loose again.

    sadly, we have many many weak links that need strengthening, starting from the police, the judiciary, social circumstances to the laws that govern this land.

  13. normal weekend entertainment..not shocked ...isthufaa mdp ...

  14. OMMISSIONER OF POLICE is tooo plus size..he's not fit for the job...

  15. no more talking, if President wills it's simple as peanuts for him, A presidential decree to isolate these hooligans from the community for a long time in an industrial area will be enough, that way the government won't have to wait for the courts and the laws "which is confusing the public" they will come back mentally and physically rehabilitated ... but if only the president wills, he's with all the powers to do so .. instead of blaming the courts and the incompetent peoples majlis where the members are disoriented by money and power leaving their prime responsibility aside .. "that's our lives " thank you

  16. Minivan is the best ever news, fantastic reports about everything always. It sounds that minivan staffs know all about the gangs and their movements. Minivan gets the untold stories direct from underground agents who may be working for minivan too. WHY DONT YOU INFORM THESE DETAILS WITH THE NAMES TO POLICE SO THAT WE CAN END UP THIS FIGHT. Where is Aaniya, why don’t she write any article about freedom of life. Sham on these people

  17. Is it not funny how Radhun and Mariyam seem to be looking for Adhaalath to speak out.. not their democratically elected members of Parliament? haha

    But when Adhaalath speaks out.. some are crying against it.. what ever it is.

    Hence, there is no reason for Adhaalath to listen to hypocrites. Either people accept Islam fully and respect God who created us all, or seek help from the leaders of the hypocrites.

    Islam already states what type of harsh punishments it applies to people who commit violent acts such as this. However under western democracy these laws would be called inhumane because its beloved Human Rights Commission will cry like a big fat baby at the thought of Islamic punishments on any criminals.

    Yet the funny thing is.. just as Ali Murthalaa commented, "why the HELL this democratic government cannot guarantee our safety."

    So please direct your questions to the person you elected in Parliament since obviously (if you had forgotten), they were elected for a reason... weren't they? 🙂

    Maldives is small country, why is it so hard for democracy to show its so called success here? Under Islam, it will make sure criminals are openly punished and bring fear to the hearts of evil and be just to those that wants to live peacefully, no matter who they are.

  18. What has the violence on our streets got to do with our new democracy? This is not the failure of democracy. This is the failure of our police, and our judicial system to keep us safe. Violence on the streets is used as justification for many newly democratic governments to be dismantled, and this is what this smacks of. Frighten people into wanting the old order. As a member of the PA I guess it suits our Super Guardian of the Islamic Faith the Honourable Muthalib to stay silent as our people are getting killed everyday on our streets. After all isnt the PA and DRP policy to pick on the Ministers who are doing well and to praise those who are not doing their jobs? Yawn Yawn Yawn

  19. Comment for So sad above:

    If you really want to do something about the violence stop witch hunting Aniya and targetting Minivan and go and see the Leader of the Adhalath Party and ask him why the Adhalath party remains silent on the escalating violence on our streets and has not taken a stand against our corrupt judicial system?

  20. @Muaz MD: Actually no, its not funny at all... and I am most certainly not "looking" for Adaalath to speak out....even though they are always hiding when it comes to issues that take real guts to speak out.

    The point here is that why is it that Adaalath only speaks out on issues that are convenient for them and remain silent on matters when it suits them? If only the MPs are expected to speak out on all issues, then well Adaalath should stay silent on every issue too. And lets not forget that Adaalath is also a part of the so called Democratic Government, so if we are to question this democratic government, why not question those who were the first to voice out their protest against Alcohol. So I guess for Adaalath, alcohol is more haram than murdering people!


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