Minor arrested for allegedly brewing alcohol

A 17 year-old boy has been arrested on the island of Hithadhu in Laamu Atoll for allegedly brewing alcohol.

Police Sergent Abdul Muhusin told Minivan News that the minor had been now released after being questioned about the alleged incident.

”Police were informed that a group were brewing alcohol in a place, but when police officers attended the area nobody was  there,” he said. “However materials that were supposedly used to ferment alcohol were discovered in the area,”

Staff at the island office told Minivan News that it was the first case of brewing alcohol that was reported to have occurred in the island.

”I heard that some substances were added to an empty bottle and cooked,” he said. ”They did it in the forest in an area that is half a mile away from an area where people live.”

He said that group of islanders knew about the incident and reported it to police.

”They have a list of persons that are allegedly involved in brewing the alcohol – most of them minors,” he said.

Recently, police have reported a number of similar incidents where persons were arrested on suspicion that they were brewing alcohol.

Last December, police arrested two brothers in Gan of Laamu Atoll on suspicion that they were allegedly brewing alcohol inside a kitchen.

Materials that can be used to brew alcohol were discovered inside the kitchen, police claimed at the time.


5 thoughts on “Minor arrested for allegedly brewing alcohol”

  1. Now head con man of the DED, Superintendent of Police Mohamed Jinah will identified the kid as a prominent drug dealer .. Are we to tolerate this crap!!! Even in the new government??? and media will listen to this crap and will report!!!

  2. "Materials that can be used to brew alcohol were discovered inside the kitchen, police claimed at the time."

    Would that be potatoes? Apples? Yeast? Sugar? Inside a kitchen??? No way!

    What a 'discovery'. What brilliant detective work!!

    Let us give the moral police a round of applause, everyone!

  3. This is utter rubbish and nonsense, any left over food in the kitchen which has sugar, and water and gas exchange will ferment and it will produce alcohol does that mean every one is brewing beer in every house. Maldives police need to learn 10th grade science.

  4. Police better start arresting all citizens because every household in the country probably has materials that can be used to brew alcohol.

    as for me, i'm dumping all the grapes i bought yesterday.


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