Immigration Controller to exchange roles with National Disaster Management chief

Immigration Controller Ilyas Hussein Ibrahim is to trade roles with head of the National Disaster Management Centre Abdulla Shahid, also Minister of State for Housing and Environment.
Minivan News understands that the official letters of appointment have not yet been delivered but are awaiting the President’s signature, after news of the decision was leaked.

Ilyas told Minivan News that the Haveeru report was the first he had heard of the proposal: “No one’s shared it with me yet,” he said.

The move may have a political dimension, as Ilyas is one of the few remaining members of the Vice President’s Gaumee Itthihaad Party (GIP) in government, which was dropped as a coalition partner by the ruling Maldivian Democractic Party (MDP) last year after Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan publicly criticised the government for sidelining him.
The supposed reshuffle also comes a month after President Mohamed Nasheed called on the Immigration Department to postpone the roll-out of the Nexbis electronic border control system for the Maldives in accordance with concerns by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) over the project’s selection process.

The President’s Office previously confirmed to Minivan News that Nasheed has requested that the Department of Immigration and Emigration adhere to the ACC’s guidance until it rules over the next step for the project, with no appeal expected to be heard on the current decision.

Nexbis has meanwhile said it will be taking legal action against parties in the Maldives, claiming that speculation over corruption was “politically motivated” in nature and had “wrought irreparable damage to Nexbis’ reputation and brand name.”

The project is intended to curb illegal immigration by tying biometric data to an individual at point of entry, thus reducing the reliance on potentially forged paper documentation. Labour trafficking in the Maldives is thought to be worth at least US$42 million a year and up to US$200 million, according to the former Bangladeshi High Commissioner.

Both positions – Immigration Controller and head of the National Disaster Management Centre – share the same rank.


15 thoughts on “Immigration Controller to exchange roles with National Disaster Management chief”

  1. Anni has turned out to be no different than the previous dictator Qayyoom. Anyone who criticizes him has to go out, which is why he sidelined the vice president and made them pull out from the coalition. Now it is all Anni's kingdom, him, his family and his friends all over in all the positions of the government. This is not the democracy we voted for. This is pure dictatorship, the same which Qayoom practiced. I hope Anni loses the next presidential election. I wouldn't vote for him. That's one vote less.

  2. @ Ibrahim yasir. - the only difference is that he doenst arbitrarily arrest people. Otherwise the corruption, cronyism and everything else remains the same. After all its the same ppl who has highjacked him - ibrahi husen zaki, kerafa naseem and the like.

  3. musical different from the previous government. This is what you get when idiots vote for change just for change sake. On a side note that bald dude has a sweet sweet stache i want one..

  4. No vote for Anni in 2013.He is not a leader.He does not have constructive ideas and beliefs.He cannot govern this country you all can see it and feel it now.

    try to eat what you all can eat before the next election.its now far more worse then previous administration.

    I used to support (MDP)but not anymore.MDP has too many loose hole in current administration leading by Anni .Their ideas are mostly against people and its leading to corruption.I know this very well and most of Maldivians the very beginning they have learned and informed to the public that they will act outside the border.This shows their thinking level to the public.A good smart leader will not talk or address to the public that he will do act if he has to act against the law or beyond the boarder line.It means he is brutal whenever he wish and corrupted too.

    Sorry MDP!!! try to eat what you can eat for the next two years.Once your done,be well prepared yourselves to fight against the courts.Your course is very clear and transparent!!!

  5. Hello boys,

    No difference,same way of governance as before.Same people are at front line.Dictatorship comes one after the other.But they all say real democracy,do they understand the word 'democracy'how they define the word 'democracy'.

    They (MDP front line) cannot govern this Maldives.but 'yes' they can take us all to other Maldives.It is with full of freedom,no laws,rules and regulations to follow and obey. president has addressed it already to all of you.All citizens may not be aware of it or may not understand it.He address to the public saying that he is well prepared to act within the border line and also outside of the border simply means that if he wish to act against the laws,rules and regulation he will do so.We can see it and feel it now.their course is very clear and transparent.Public is well informed of the road ahead of us.
    I was a MDP supporter but not anymore.I do feel bad to support them.MDP will fail in next election in 2013.Why? simply there too many loose holes in their administration.They are not transparent of what they do.seems like trying to eat whatever possible to eat in next two years. Hello boys!watch out!think thrice !there are people to watch what you do and how you act....

  6. There are so many reason that Sh.Ilyas hussain Change , Immigration having lot of problem specially among senior level, Specially the nick can be called as the POWER , There are lot of promotion and additional benefits given my Shafy regime, specially the members of DRP people these group who spoil Adam to remove ilyas.
    The best way to immigration is to move their seniors to other government offices, These seniors cannot spend a single day in office moving up and down for to spread rumors and show powers to officers, since Mr Ibrahim whaheed who join from IGMH was the person behind this and organize the plan for Adam Naseer. Mr Ibrahim Waheed is the only person who was in immigration got all the benefits from shafy regime which promotion and study in immigration fund etc…
    Party system will never work in law enforcement specially with a person like Adam Naseer

    MDP has too many loose hole in current administration

    Free from Adam Free from Adam

  7. Ilyas was one of the few people who followed all the rules. And just because he is pushing a head with trying to stop illegal immigrants, MDP is punishing him! WTF. Bastard.

  8. "Anyone who criticizes him has to go out, which is why he sidelined the vice president and made them pull out from the coalition."

    With due respect, I don't think you really understand the difference between a dicatorship and a democracy.

    Even though I'm not a big fan of the current government, I have to say that it's categorically not a dictatorship and cannot be compared to Gayyoom's regime.

    Let's take the United States. If the Vice President disagreed with President Obama, do you think the VP is going to keep his job? Same for any other members of Obama's cabinet. The Chief has to have a team that he can trust!

    Now, why is this not a dictatorhsip? Pure and simple. The President is in charge of the Executive which is ONE branch of goverment. There are two other branches over which he has no influence. They are the judiciary and Parliament.

    Then there are the independent institutions. This is not how a dictatorship works! In a dictatorship, for example, under Gayyoom, there were no indpendent insitutions. There wasn't an independent judiciary. The Parliament was full of his cronies and his own hand picked members + his cabinet! No one could criticise him; if you did, you surely paid the penalty in prison.

    You could not complain about any sort of corruption even if you knew about it. You'd be charged with treason on the grounds that you were trying to disrepute the government.

    I am dismayed at how soon people forget how bad things were under the dictatorship of Gayyoom. Fact is, you guys don't know how good you have it now. You are free to do almost anything in this country now (within the constitution)!

    Having said all this, I'm sure there still are corrupt officials and that corruption does go on. But now, both you and I can open our eyes and ears and report these things. No one will arrest you for doing so.

    To summarise, democracy doesn't mean that the President (the Executive) has to have a committee forced upon him to work with. He is free to chose whoever he wishes that he thinks can do the job. After all, the President's job is on the line, if his appointees mess up. We do have a free Parliament that can impeach the President!

  9. Oh... Immigration Adam group welcome the new boss the green IT leaving airport office just to promote his agenda with hamid" then what will happen immigration ? Adam was the person who knows everything n stop all the work immigration n hamid n green Waheed are the people who spoil immigration with Adam n there are DRP members who joke Annie n MDP..

    People are crazy if they think they can do what ever...

  10. Ilyas (not me!) has to go. He should never have been given this position in the first place.

    Since he took over the department, he had created havoc for foreign professionals applying for visa to work in this country legally.

    Has anyone seen the queues he created starting before dawn? The guy has this Arab mind set.

    We need a forward thinking person who can not only manage the department efficiently but work with the Labour Ministry to introduce a more efficient system to control the influx of illegal workers into the country.

  11. Labour ministry is most courrpt n most inactive ministry still ibrA his working hard to Bring old corruption to labour ministry for his boys

  12. Sigh!....One cannot be surprised. His Royal Highness Mohamed Nasheed of the Kerafaa Clan is subject to the whims and fancies of his henchmen and financiers.

    One of the people named in this report is a cheap crook. One who has already been transferred from his earlier post for thievery of the lowest form. He has a wonderful reputation at Wataniya as well. All hearsay of course :P. Fact of the matter is, said person's family did a lot for the MDP both by legal and (mostly) extralegal means in their island of birth as well as in the capital city. Hence, the family's strong foothold in government positions including utility companies owned by the government.

    I do not know much about the other person except for the fact that he had personal interests in the deal that was about to be closed. One might draw some links to a Maldivian businessman resident in Malaysia at this time as well. However, once again, this is all he said she said. 😛

    The third person named in this report was sidelined for his ineptness in the early days of this government. He was given his own play-pen to indulge in fantasies of his own creation. However, he is now placed at the gates of our country. A man who, reportedly (of course) cannot distinguish between his own wet dreams and government projects is to control how people come and go into our lands. Bravo MDP government. You have engineered your own downfall AND earlier than Qayyoom's to boot. 😀

  13. @Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb

    Your justification is not valid here in Maldives - Please do not compare USA and Maldives.Cant you you see whats happening around you on daily basis.All three body of governance is corrupted,failed,unlawful and hell bent.

    Get the real picture and try to comment.ha..ha..ha....


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