Mother arrested for mistreatment of child

Police have arrested a woman who for alleged mistreatment of her four year old child in Kulhudhufuhsi in Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the woman had her child tied up with rope when police officers attended the house.

”Police went to her house after receiving information that this was happening,” said Shiyam. ”We conducted a special joint operation with the police and Ministry of Health and arrested the woman.”

He said that the father of the child was not at home when police arrived.

Local media has reported that the 24 year-old woman had been keeping the boy tied to a window in the house, and that there were bruises and scars on his leg.

After the police arrested the woman the boy was taken to Kulhudhufushi hospital.

In an unrelated case last Thursday, a newborn baby was found abandoned near the Wataniya telecommunications tower in Hulhumale’.

According to police, the baby girl was taken to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) and her condition has since improved.

The umbilical cord was reportedly still attached to the child when she was discovered by members of the public.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the father of the child was at home when police arrived. This has been amended.


9 thoughts on “Mother arrested for mistreatment of child”

  1. why wasn't the husband arrested? Doesn't him being the father and being in the house while it happened, means that he was aware and might be involved?

  2. Well done police and their special operation. The boy's father was in the house but the mother was arrested. Isn't it the father's role to look after his kids under Islamic Sharia.

  3. Finivaijehege Ahmaed Saeed is in police custody after alledged sexual abuse to his 3 year old daughter. He is over 50 years old.

  4. Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the father of the child was at home when police arrived. This has been amended.

    penny lane seems he was not home according to police, who knows.......!

    kids should be aware of action they can take against mistreatment. some people still beat the living hell out of their children even in this country. Islamic law does permit hitting on some cases like even praying when it comes to children. Doesn't it? But in this case beating a 4 year old child and mistreating in such ways is sick and uncivilized.

    If the government is concerned about this they should take necessary action to provide information on protecting childrens rights.

    Calling this a 100 percent muslim country and not following islamic sharia is BAD. why call this a 100 percent muslim country, why not just 100 percent so called modern muslims who think of Allah on a daily basis while watching your favourite TV show

  5. Why is everyone bringing up Islamic Sharia so negatively?? Islam gives full responsibility to both parents to take good care of their children, and both parents will be punished by God if they are not careful.

    Islam does permit beating their children lightly where they would not hurt(like on the thighs) ONLY after they reach maturity and do not abide by God's revelation. (eg. not praying).

  6. @ Mode
    Being 100% muslim is not watching TV? not giving vaccine? acting barbaric?

    Please feel free to practice your version of islam for yourself and your gullible circle of people... but please... refrain from making judgement on others... youre simply nit qualified.

  7. @ 0
    Being 100% muslim does mean you pray. Does that make me gullible? I will judge what I can, it's none of your business and I have the freedom to do so.

    And it's not "youre simply nit qualified" but you're simply not qualified I guess 🙂 Guess you're not that qualified after all.

    I find this funny and I am utterly speechless when I see this kind of reaction. Do you think ignoring your daily prayers and partying with your friends is going to get anyone any where? It surely is fun! I don't disagree. But is this your way of describing a 100 percent muslim?

    I am not saying you cannot watch television, I was talking about ignoring your prayers while knowing you are a muslim, yet you decided entertainment is more important than Almighty Allah.

    And you talk about not giving vaccine & acting barbaric. When did i talk about this? Even I've vaccinated my child, I have my freedom of will being a Muslim too.

    So this is how dumb you can react when I talk about modernism in islam.

  8. The people who reported this barbaric act deserve an applause. At least they carried out their responsibilities.

    I hope the child is receiving proper care and treatment, and I hope the parents of this child are severely tried under the laws.


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