“Not long” before police arrest remaining four top dealers, says police drugs chief

The head of the police drug enforcement unit Mohamed Jinah has claimed “it won’t be long” before police arrest the remaining four of the top six drug dealers identified by President Mohamed Nasheed.

“Two of the top six drug dealers have been arrested. We will arrest the remaining four as soon as possible,” he promised.

“They are not difficult to catch, but we want to catch them with a lot of proof and evidence. That is why it is taking so long.”

Jinah said that instead of focusing on capturing street level drug dealers, police had this year tried to target the higher levels and block the problem from the top.

”Hopefully, this year we will also arrest many smugglers and drug dealers,” he added.

Police also revealed today that they had pursued 2363 drugs-related cases in 2009, 1038 of which were sent to the prosecutor general’s office.

Police also conducted 200 “special operations to capture drug dealers in Male, ” Jinah revealed.

Last year police also seized 11.5 kilograms of drugs, including heroine, cannabis and benzodiazepine.

That haul meant the number of new drug users had been reduced by 43 per cent compared to previous years, Jinah said, citing a police survey.

Meanwhile, the Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Service (DPRS) recently caused controversy by transferring 87 inmates to house arrest, many of whom were drug offenders caught in possession of less than three grams of narcotic.

The DPRS said seven of them had been returned to jail because of bad behaviour “and not following the rules we applied to them.”‘


8 thoughts on ““Not long” before police arrest remaining four top dealers, says police drugs chief”

  1. These “1038” cases are high level, do you want us to believe this crap !?, out this figure minimum 500 people will be sentenced to prison, if you we inquire we will come to know that all those detained are under 20 years of age and nearly all of them are abusers . The way government bureaucrats are tricked by you so called “special spinning operations” do you think you can con us? Yes I agree that you have achieved an authentic success to force the government to construct more and more prisons in this country and to locate half of its youth population behind bars (“maybe this is boa hiyaa vehikamuge minivan kan”), which is the complete opposite of governments drug policy in its manifesto. Looking at your work rate as of my psychoanalysis is police DEU will be capable to arrest only “2 known” drug dealers, this is what the statistics and proceedings explains.. plus DEU with or without knowledge will giving time to gangs or cartels replace the top and reorganize similar to last year 2009… , if DEU understands organized crime, first they should recognize this is the situation , whether its in Maldives or USA it’s equal .. So please don’t deceive the general public with your theatrical media briefing. “Hypocrisy, arrogance, pride, anger, harshness, and ignorance; these are the marks of those who are born with demonic qualities”

  2. Drug problem is real and serious and the root cause of most of the socio-economic problems faced by this country. I commend all effort to eradicate the problem, specially by the police. Other institutions need to step up.

  3. I must agree with "Would you believe this?". Out of the four 'big time drug dealers from south' reported on Haveeru yesterday, there was one person I know very well. And I can swear by any god that he is not a drug dealer and not even a big time drug user. Yes he does take drugs but he cant even be considered an addict. He doesnt even live in his island so how can he be a drug dealer for the three southernmost atolls? He has been working in resorts most of his adult life and when he was cuaght he was on his island on a week long holiday. I was quite impressed with the number of drug dealers arrested over the last year but now I have a serious doubt if all of them were dealers or they were just abusers promoted to dealer's catagory just to make the statistics look good.

  4. he he! there we go! can you imagine that in USA officials talk such nonsense? Bullshit! they don’t want to arrest drug lord because police heavy corrupted and involve in drug mafia business.

  5. Anni we new promotions in the police, we need more results. I want you to meet the cops on a regular basis and push them for better results. Where is Shihab? Is he going to challenge Nasheed in the next election??????

  6. oh yes. there is no way you can believe it right? heh heh... u disgraceful things can't stand the fact that government is doing something about DRUG menace. after all, the more more they are high, the better for dictators to rule. who passed the law of letting under 16 years free? it is understandable for anyone in their right sense. ruin the youth and u can rule an iron fist. like Hitler once did "avoided giving education to his subjects, so that they will serve him with an empty brain". we shall see the difference between 30 years of rule and 5 years of Mr. Nasheed.

  7. COPS on the 'payroll' turns blind eye to what happens.......... Maldivian style mafia......


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