Opposition rally first step towards changing administration: Thasmeen

The Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), Peoples Alliance party (PA), Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) and Jumhoory Party (JP) last night held a joint rally to deliver what they promised yesterday would be “a shocking message” to the government.

DRP leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali told the assembled crowd that this was the first step of the opposition to change the administration.

“The government has recently on different occasions attempted to smear [the name of] independent institutions and commissions of the state,” said Thasmeen. “The government fist attempted to influence and smear the Civil Service Commission (CSC) first, then the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), now parliament and the judiciary as well.”

Thasmeen accused the government of attempting to retain power by “misusing” the armed forces.

“The government has attempted to threaten and hold the media captive,” he alleged, “and has been trying to influence the state media.”

PA leader Abdulla Yameen, who along with JP leader Gasim Ibrahim was recently released from house arrest by the Supreme Court following allegations of corruption and treason against the two high-profile businessmen, said the government had “sold everything the country owns except the national flag located in Jumhoory Maidhaan.”

“Recently we have witnessed the government trying to assassinate opposition leaders and hold the constitution in contempt,” Yameen alleged. “The president has threatened the opposition leaders and people of the country.”

Yamin said the Supreme Court’s ruling “proves the independence and fairness of the judiciary.”

Gasim meanwhile apologized to the people for his work bringing the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to administration.

“Without the sacrifices made by the JP and DQP, this government would not have been able to win the last presidential election. Every Maldivian will understand that,” said Gasim. “I thought President Nasheed would be a sincere man, but it turned out that it was all sour poison.”

Gasim also said that he did not wish to run for the presidency anymore.

“But when the government is trying to sell the assets of the nation, I cannot wait patiently,” he said.

DQP leader Dr Hassan Saeed, who represented Gasim in court, was not present at the rally but Deputy leader of DQP Dr Ahmed Jameel spoke on behalf of the party.

The crowd dispersed peacefully following the rally, making the event rather more more muted than the ‘Red Notice’ protests DRP recently led against rising electricity prices. Police presence was light and the absence of MNDF personnel suggested the government had revised its predictions of clashes following the conclusion of the World Cup.


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  1. The judiciary has stepped up to its role at the highest levels. Now its the turn of the Majlis to do the job of truly working in the interest of the people instead of playing petty politics. If they lead by example, stay within rational boundaries, they can show the rest of the institutions how its done and let them play their respective roles in the check and balance process without undue bias. Then only can we claim that our representatives know what democracy is.

  2. We just cannot have another dictator so soon. President Nasheed is already out of control. MDP supporters should bring President Nasheed in line with modern democracy which he was so vocal about before he became the president. Give him another 6 months, to see if his attitude of confrontation, intimidation and controlling independent institution and media changes. If not we all should make the hard decision of removing him from power. We just can't afford to have another dictatorship.

  3. I think Yameen, Gasim and Thasneem have a single neuron in their brain. They are either intoxicated or they know that their audience can easily be fooled. These guys should be happy that those two morons, Yameen and Gasim are released despite the evidence that they are not working in the interest of people. Judiciary in the name of independent institution has done their job to show that they are independent, Majlis is working independently and is opposed to very Government that has been elected by the people and freely opposing the government bills even they are in the interest of the people. Media can bring anything to the people, from rubbish to nonsense. So where is the dictatorship, these guys are trying show that if Qayyom was a dictator so is Anni. Was any one released from the grip of Qayoom if anyone was arrested? Could Supreme Court have issued a release order if any one was arrested by Qayoom? And Majils was a mere rubber stamp for Qayoom.
    The madness of Qayoom is still carried by these his fellow regime members. It is time to put a full stop to these bluffing voices so that new Maldives can prosper.

  4. @Akbar

    ANNI has more fooling power!

    He fooled Gasim and Hassan to become a minority president! He fooled Maldivians to become a pain in our collective @$$!

  5. Only onething to say

    According to Mr Hassan Saeed, Yameen is a Gunda and a person who has lot of bad things, and crimes, behind him, so how come he has so clean , when Hassan is able to run the race with him so soon

  6. You think Anni is a pain in your backside? Wait till, Yameen, Gasim or one of those other idiots take over. Then you'll know what real pain feels like!

    These guys are the same old ones that racked up millions of dollars of wealth at the expense of the country, under Gayyoom. They don't want to let the people of the country share wealth and prosper. Oh, no, they don't. They only want to garner all of it for themselves.

  7. Judiciary is not independent. They are puppets of old Maumoon's guard no matter what name their parties hide under. The judiciary has just protected criminals who looted our country born dry over four decades and you call it justice?

  8. Nasheed may be a sincere person and he may want the country to prosper. But like qayoom his allies have taken the better of him. Nasheed is sourrounded by a gang of selfish and mostly uneducated people who have here own interests ahead of the country. People like Reeko Moosa, People like zaki, people like Afeef and the list goes on. Nasheed failed to show real leadership and he has failed to stand up for what he allegedly fought for. So the time has come for Nasheed to resign. The single fact is that now most Maldivians don't want Nasheed as apresident. He may have the blessings of few fooled foreigners such as Con David Cameron. But the realyity is Nasheed has no support at home, not enough to carry on as president.

  9. Thasmeen is probably right. This government has taken the country on a downhill course since the day they got elected. There is a limit for everything and when this limit is seen exceeded, toppling the government will not be too far, nor will it be too difficult.

    There was much jubilation for the simple fact that Gayyoom's autocratic rule was over. And the new government was elected with high hopes and expectations.

    But now people are getting increasingly disappointed because all we are seeing is the government making blunder after blunder. I wonder where all the intelligent Maldivians are and what they are doing! Can't at least one such person step forward and put some sense into what is being advised for the government?

    The current tactics are failing the government utterly. And with them the state of the country is going from bad to worse. The life of an average person have dropped down to a pathetic state and it appears that what we can call Maldives is becomming smaller and smaller! This may not be a worry for the government but it worries the people.

    At this rate, the country will not take too long before we are sold to different foreign companies. It is what is happening to the country that bothers me and probably every Maldivian.

    The government needs to seriously rethink about their plans and about what they are doing.

    Dear President, you have got a golden opportunity to make Maldives a prosperous nation. Why do I feel that it is being wasted?

  10. Yameen, Gasim, Thasmeen - all a corrupting influence on the Majlis and country at large.

  11. I was eagerly waiting for the shocking message and did not find anything new.

    I did not find it shocking that Gasim showed himself for the lowlife he really is, with the language he used. Gasim should also realise he insulted many hard working Maldivans who have done honest hard work for years but are not necessarily dirty rich like he his. These people did not become dirt rich like Gasim and Yaamin, not because they are lazy like Gasim said, but because they chose to earn their money with honest hard work and chose not engage in underhand deals just to make money.

    Given that the rally was the whole opposition the turn out was not impressive either.

    Show something new people and we will beleive you.

  12. B Gasim, Yaamin and Thasneem. All are honourable men like Brutus. The real culprit, according to them is the President. So what has the President done to deserve this tag? Surely if someone is reported to be corrupt it is the responsibility of the government to investigate. I see media very free, I see independent commissions very free and I see the Majlis also very free. So where does the autocracy of Anni comes into? My fellow citizens, don't be fooled by these vultures. They can fool some people but they cannot fool all the people.

  13. Anni and the hardcore MDP idiots shld understand that the majority of Maldivians wanted to oust Maumoon. Its not that we wanted to elect Anni, if it was a chicken which was in place of Anni we would have voted the chicken, and Anni turned out to be worse that a chicken.. OUR LUCK.

  14. Maldivians, wake up. Be aware. Recently these 4 thieves were on TV. And on their last rally almost all of them agreed that they are same breed and they are now united to bring back power to real people of maldives. You know who they're. They're fathers of corruption. - Bank of Maldives, - STO Fuel Funadhoo, -STELCO, - Randheli resort and judicial system. Be away from these crocodiles

  15. @Abdulla Mifthah

    I think ANNI/MARIA/REEKO are greater EVILS than Yameen or underwear Nazim!

    So first thing is first!

  16. @Ahmed

    Don't be so naive to believe that ONLY money can be stolen.

    Identity can be stolen! Language can be stolen! Religion can be stolen! Independence can be stolen! These are the areas in which ANNI/MDP is WAVERING!

    Grapewine has it that Thasneem is a crook and a real SNUB! He should not have taken a second LOAN from BOM before paying-out the first one. However I think Gasim can be tamed although he sometimes looks fond of self-glory. Despite that I think he has a good heart. Gasim has declared that he would NOT run for President in the opposition rally that night!

    By the way ANNI is a MINORITY president! There is no coalition government NOW. As Dr.Waheed has said the legality of this governmnet can very well be QUESTIONED in a court of law.

    I am now waiting curiously to see if INDEED, MDP will have to 'GON'DU HOVAN' in local council elections. I pray they do just that.

    MDP is just a tool Maldivians used to get rid of Maumoon. Now let's get started with the real reformation, and that can be olny done with MDP sent back to where they belong. STREET CORNERS! They are not good at governing.

    I have a strong suspicion that MDP is quietly trying to KILL Islam in Maldives and ARCHIVE our language to the MUSEUM.

    ANNI/MDP has already left behind quite a lot of EVIDENCE to affirm my suspicion into an IMPENDING reality!

    Instead of an essay, I should have just said "ANNI WANTS TO BE THE KEMAL ATATURK OF MALDIVES!"

    A lot DEPENDS on whether ANNI takes that as a positive or a negative comment!!

  17. It does not matter who the President is, Yamin, Thasmeen, Anni, Buruma or how the constitution is, corruption will not be rooted out of the system until it is rooted out of people's hearts. Only when people come along who value truth, justice and the essential dignity of every human being (compassion) more than their own lives or well being - will there be change. There are Maldivians who are strong enough to suffer for change if they have the support... But the type of change Maldives needs, whoever brings it will not say things which Maldivians want to hear...but need to.

  18. Lol, they all look fat from the Maumoon regime. 5 years, and they STILL LOOK FAT. 😛

    10 years of oppression. We have not forgotten the comrades who fell against the tyrants of the previous regime.

  19. "Gasim also said that he did not wish to run for the presidency anymore.

    “But when the government is trying to sell the assets of the nation, I cannot wait patiently,” he said."

    LOL are you kiddin me. half of the countries money making business owner thinks rather than funding to develop good politician to fight for the rights of people he him self become bribe them and also become the president of the country.

    Gasim Ibrahim... do you think we all are idiots!!!

  20. "Dictator Anni" was a term coined by Hassan Saeed, agreed with DRP and now echoed by the opposition for the period of this Presidential Term. Please note this is the same Hassan who drafted the "Agreement with PA and Maumoon during last elections saying Maumoon would give away power to Yamin should Maumoon win the elections" and went on TV, publicised it and defamed Yamin through out, and caused maumoon to lose a lot of votes although Im sure Yamin had no idea abt it. Its ironical you two have to rub each others backs for now. Hehe


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