PA condemns influencing and threatening of judiciary

The People’s Alliance Party (PA) led by Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has today issued a statement condemning attempts to ”influence and threaten the judiciary”, following protests in Male’ and Addu Atoll over the Civil Court’s decision to stop Addu from becoming a city.

The party said there were “reasonable grounds” to believe that there were political links in the attempts to block entrance to court, based on reports in the media of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Alhan Fahmy’s comment Alhan stating that Adduans ”would not let courts in Addu open.”

The PA, which is in coalition with the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), accused the MDP of “trying to influence the judiciary and judges.”

The party added that it had sent a letter to the police and Prosecutor General’s Office ”requesting they investigate the attempts to influence the judiciary the attempts to threaten judges.”

”In the recent days, senior officials of the ruling party along with their supporters have committed similar crimes, but it a concern that it never comes to the attention of the concerned authorities,” said the party. ”We believe that it is definitely an attempt to influence the judiciary and threaten the judges.”

Protesters temporarily barred entry to the Justice Building of the Maldives last night, in response to the Civil Court’s ruling that the Addu city criteria were invalid, forcing the Elections Commission (EC) to cancel the local council election in Addu this Saturday.

Today the Department of Judicial Administration said that the court of Hulhudhoo in Addu Atoll was also locked this morning, and had to be opened with the assistance of police.

Local radio station SunFM reported Alhan Fahmy, a Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP in Addu Atoll, as saying that he ”would not let courts in Addu to be opened.”

Fahmy was present at protests in Addu, SunFM reported, as Adduans expressed fury over the Civil Court ruling.


5 thoughts on “PA condemns influencing and threatening of judiciary”

  1. By 13 January 2011 PA has 2748 members - a number short of the minimum number required for registration.

    Its leader is Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom who is the brother of the Maumoon Abdul Gayoom who was ousted in 2008 after being in power for 30 years. The Deputy leader is Ahmed (Jangiya) Nazim. Both has been alleged to huge corruption cases pointed out in the Auditor General's reports in 2008.

    PA has 7 members in the parliament - an indication of the vote buying.

    Abdullah Yameen and Jangiya Nazim controls the Judiciary.

  2. comon, this has no relevance if PA has 2000 or 200000 people. what is the meaning of what mdp mps are doing? whether the ruling is right or wrong there is a procedure to follow and the procedure is not threatn the judges or restrict entry to the courts, this is the oposite of upholding the rule of law, after all nobdoy is rjecting to make addu a city but it should be made according to the constitution not out of the chart as the current governmnet does many things

  3. Shall we remind the readers of the FOREVER on-going Court case against Jangiyaa Nazim.

    How come this single case so far has produced no results whatsoever? Infact, is the case still in the Courts at all?

    PA has no shame talking about "judiciary" and "law". After all, they mastered the art of going around the "judicary" and the "law".

    Bunch of thieving, lying cowards. Their day to face the music shall definitely come and we await that day!

  4. Abdulla Yaamin and Captain Underpants should be investigated. This government is too lenient on these crooks


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