Police arrest prominent drug dealer

The Drug Enforcement Department (DED) of the Maldives Police Service have arrested a man they claim is a prominent drug dealer in Male’.

Head of the DED, Superintendent of Police Mohamed Jinah identified the person as 40 year old Ibrahim Shameem, who was arrested at Azum in the Henveiru district of Male’.

”He sells a illegal drugs across a wide area,” alleged Jinah. ”He was arrested last week inside Heniveru Azum, with other two persons also suspected to be involved with his operation.”

Jinah identified the other two persons as Ali Nazih, 29 and Ibrahim Shafeeu, 27.

”Shameem was arrested in August 2008 with suspected narcotics and his trial was also conducted in the court,” he said. ”But at this stage we do not know whether he was convicted or if the case is ongoing.

He said large amount of heroin and hash oil was found with Shameem.

”Last week 23 persons were arrested in different cases related to illegal drugs, 36 cases of which were sent to Prosecutor General’s office,” he added.

Last week police seized 1.6 kilograms of drugs from inside a house in Maafannu.


8 thoughts on “Police arrest prominent drug dealer”

  1. @meekaaku in US it is the Drug Enforcement Agency.
    i wonder when this drug dealer will be released

  2. at least this time DED arrested a suspected person with narcotics, or else it would an empty car with drugs no person arrested or an apartment with 1.6 kilograms of drugs but with any person?

  3. How long I wonder before they are set free for "lack of evidence" ????

  4. @meekaaku : it means that certain powerful people use their privilege to enforce drugs on people through our own civil & government institutions.. just like in the US 🙂

  5. Drug king pin gets captured, doesn't get put away, some guy goes in ten years for sipping a beer or having a small joint, protest against useless judiciary, no change, injustice still occurs, drug king pin gets captured... and round and round she goes... It's even getting too frustrating for me and I've only been following the Maldivian judicial Merry Go Round for a few months. I can't imagine how frustrated you guys must feel who have been on this thing for past 30 years watching this constant cycle of injustice! No wonder some of you guys resign in passive resignation and decide, oh well, no justice, may as well be corrupt ourselves or our own families will suffer, or... Might as well resign into a state of despair as Allah controls everything and we are too powerless to make a difference against Allah's Will... Karl Marx's Sigh of the oppressed.

    There is such thing as right and wrong, there is such thing as justice.

    Just because you may be frustrated in that you might not get it on this earth, does not mean there will be an ultimate reward for the struggle for it.

    This is where we have to go beyond the surface of the religion and experience its essence.

    Have to try with whatever means you have.

    I really feel that the light of hope for justice and self-realization is dying not only in your nation, but all over the world. Has to be rekindled, but the flame of hope has to be kept alive through a deeper source.

    True spirituality is what is needed, not the petty, trivial details of external religion, but something DEEPER!That deep sense that all suffering, all struggle for a good cause is rewarded ultimately, the deep hope that is rooted in the eternal.

  6. Just arrest the real Don of Maldives Drug Trade. He brings most of his drugs on Apollo "Aatey" cargo boats. There should be a way to scan all the river sand they bring in


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