Police arrest three men in connection with rape of Indian teacher on Dhangethi

Additional reporting by JJ Robinson.

The police have arrested three men in connection with the rape of an Indian teacher on the island of Dhangethi in Alifu Dhaalu Atoll, a source with knowledge of the investigation has confirmed to Minivan News.

‘’The three men were arrested and have been taken to the island of Mahibadhoo in Alifu Dhaalu Atoll,’’ the source said. None of the men arrested were over the age of 23, he added.

The incident occurred on Sunday (February 10) – some time between 2:30am and 2:45am, the source said.

“The victim was taken to Mahibadhoo Hospital where she is being treated for the injuries she suffered from the incident. There was blood all over her room when the police attended the scene,” Minivan News was told.

The source said the three men were accused not only of raping the 25 year-old computer teacher, but of stealing her mobile phone, an Acer laptop, and MVR 9000 (US$583) in cash.

‘’She lived alone in a big house consisting of three rooms. The suspects may have climbed over the wall to get in,’’ the source said, adding that the victim had not spoken to anybody following the incident.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef confirmed to Minivan News this morning that there had been some “developments” in the investigation, and that police would be releasing a statement.

“She is in hospital recovering and is getting better day by day,” he said.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs meanwhile told a press conference of Indian journalists on Tuesday (February 12) that the Indian High Commission in the Maldives was investigating the matter.

“Apparently the lady in question works in a private computer school in the Maldives. She was also badly injured. She has been given blood transfusion, and her condition now is stable,” the MEA spokesperson said, adding that the Indian government had contacted the Maldives’ acting Minister for Human Rights, Gender and Family, Dr Mariyam Shakeela.

“The High Commission [on Tuesday] morning sent two officials including a lady officer to the atoll to try and provide whatever support we can on account of this sad happening there. We have taken it up quite strongly with the government of Maldives, and we hope that justice will be done in this case promptly,  and this has been assured to us by the concerned Maldivian authorities,” the MEA spokesperson said.


17 thoughts on “Police arrest three men in connection with rape of Indian teacher on Dhangethi”

  1. Praying for the lady and hoping the police and law gives strict punishments to all criminals involved.

  2. give capital punishment for the rapers without any delay so that it will be a definite lesson for others. Treat all the expat teachers as your own parents, and please don't think that they are orphans from other country. dont think that other countries cant interfere in these type of issues.If you people urge other nations to interfere by illtreating expats, then maldives starts sinking in Indian Ocean. we are praying for the girl to get well soon.

  3. if the suspects was arrested they have to give the names for the readers to believe that this news is relevant.

  4. the moment we give capital punishment, the whole world will go bla bla about islamic sharia and stone age... so what can be done? nothing.. just wait it out. the lady will heal inshalllah, and the arrested guys will have a few days probably in jail and then released. the story continues from begining there.

  5. My prayers for the lady to get well soon and hope the police and the law give apt punishment for the culprits.

  6. Good to hear but it should not be an eye wash. The investigation can still get faster and maximum punishment should be given to the culprits. Considering the girl's age and her future the government of Maldives can also think of giving any financial compensation to her before she leaves the country.

  7. If Islamic Sharia' is enforced on people such as these, rapes will stop!
    Lol, we cannot enforce it because of our hypocrisy!

  8. Being a Maldivian atoll, I would not be a bit surprised if the perpetrators of this sickening crime were high on drugs......after all isn't there a heroin addict in every family in the Maldives?
    I hope this incident will ring alarm bells in India and no Indian teacher or doctor will be willing in your violent drug infested country.
    Where the hell is this godforsaken Dhangeti island anyway? Maybe we Indians should use this lawless and backward place to test our nuclear weapons......or better still, we should send out a naval task force and flatten it.
    Global warming seems such a good idea......BRING IT ON.

  9. I hope this lady gets justice and the criminals are punished for this.

    Sadly, I cannot be surprised or horrified by news like this anymore. I don't care anymore even if these kids are under 23. They should receive punishment that ensures that they or anyone else doesn't do something like this again.

    If the judiciary itself isn't reformed, then I can see this matter being dragged out for months until it drops out of the public's purview. However, I'm hoping that with the Indian High Commission's involvement that this gets handled more competently for one thing.

    @Patriot: Yes, I'm sure the scholar's idea of 'fixing' this issue would be that women need to wear hijab, not stand out at all and basically be indiscernible clones with no individuality and to establish stricter shariah law. I'm sure that the woman would be blamed for this and of course we must be even more religious because that will solve everything!

    Bleh, nevermind the fact that it is repression and runaway male chuvanism that is causing these kind atrocities in the first place.

  10. Its sad to see when people only talk about physical health in relation to rape victims. the psychological trauma will linger for a life time. We should create our children to respect others and treat others as equal human beings. it is not enough to react to each incidences.

  11. You are talking about Maldives police. Just give them few bucks, they will swipe the case under the carpet, that's for sure. That's what they did to your elected president 1 year back, and doing to you people every day, as I can read from the news.

  12. we think the laws of that country is too weak to punish the rascals like this. It shows how weak and non sense their officials to handle such drug using nomadics.
    The international community should do something against such anarchy.

  13. Most of the Maldivians trained by Indian teachers and they are treated by Indian doctors. But today they raped their own teacher.

    To be frank some Maldivians are not less than barbarians, they live for drugs, sex and abuse only. And one more notable fact of Maldives is that this country has highest divorce rate in the world(10.97 per 1000). Because of male partners erratic sexual desires women takes divorce in this country.

    If the justice is not done in this case, I advice to all the Indian nationals who are working in Maldives, just kick off that country.

  14. Its very shocking that they hahe sword against their own tutor.Give them capital punishment that it would be a lesson to all barbarians who induce torture to weaker section of the community.Officials take action or else we'll see that no Indians come here in future for taking a job.Imagine if all the Indians quit what would be the condition of Maldives.Beware!

  15. Give capital punishment to the culprits and prove that all expatriatel get justice. If not in future Maldives have to struggle to get teachers or doctors into their land.Keep it in mind!

  16. The criminals arrested by the police should be given exemplary punishment and the teacher should sue the Education Ministry or whoever hired her for millions.
    I hope the Indian press and media will publicise this story all over India and Indian teachers and doctors will avoid Maldives like the plague.
    There doesn't seem to be any rule of law in the primitive atolls of Maldives......its like a bloody jungle.


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