Police arrest two alleged drug lords, including MNDF officer

Police on Thursday arrested two alleged drug lords believed to be controlling a wide network of illegal drugs in the Maldives.

The Police Intelligence and Drug Enforcement Department conducted a joint special operation to arrest the pair and find the drugs.

The operation was conducted on Thursday afternoon at 3:10pm. The pair arrested were aged 30 and 32, and included an Maldivian National Defence Force (MNDF) officer.

According to police, the 32 year-old man was brought under arrest near Kalaafaanu School and his body was searched.

Police discovered 20 bullet-sized packets of drugs in his right pocket, and 21 packets in his left pocket. The drugs were inside cigarette packets, police said.

Police also searched a cigarette packet he had discarded and discovered a further 20 packets of drugs.

During the operation police obtained a search warrant from the court and searched his apartment on the third floor of Thoddoogeyge in the Henveiru ward of Male.

When police searched a cupboard in the room inside the apartment, police discovered 40 bullet-sized packets of drugs and a further 406 grams of drugs.

Police said when the officers searched another cupboard they found two large packets containing a total of 1.28 kilograms of drugs.

A safe in the room was also found to contain more than MVR 300,000 (US$19,500) was also discovered and some US$3000 was also found inside the room, police said.

Furthermore, police said four digital scales believed to be used to determine the weight of the drugs and a packing machine were also found at the place.

Police said the 30 year-old man was arrested while he was inside the same apartment.


8 thoughts on “Police arrest two alleged drug lords, including MNDF officer”

  1. put them in jail for minimum of 20 years without bail & parole.this are the people destroying the generation kids.

  2. Abdul,,you should know that strong evidence, such as this,is no good in court if you have the right connections on the outside..They seem to have had a large sum of money as well as the drugs,which would suggest someone with 'real' money also being involved..

  3. I wonder what the courts would do this time...but good job to police..thats what we need you guys to do for this country..

  4. way forward to this country is out behind the bars these druggist for the life and then get cleaned our society from them.

  5. It would not be surprising these people are found peddling on the streets a week from now!
    Everything, except human dignity, appear to have a price these days!
    Everyone from the Jack to the King seems to be available to the highest bidder!

  6. Congratulations to the maldives police force. Hope you catch more bigger fish who bring illegal drugs to maldives which destroys the lives and future of maldivians. Shame on the MNDF officer who swore an oath to protect his country but opted to destroy it by pushing drugs.


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