Police claim Bangladeshi prostitution ring smashed following Male’ arrests

Police have arrested seven foreign nationals from Bangladesh over alleged involvement in a prostitution ring amidst an ongoing crackdown over the last month on premises suspected of operating as brothels.

The suspects – four female and three male – were apprehended during raids by police officers inside Ranfaunu house, based in the Mahchangolhi ward of Male’ on 9 April.

Inspector Mohamed Dhaudh yesterday told the press the arrests had been made after police intelligence confirmed that prostitution had been taking place at the property.

Following this confirmation, Dhaudh said police entered the house through the main door of the house at 10:10pm on the evening of April 9 .

Once inside, officers reported that although the house looked as if it was built for residential purposes, a reception was found inside and a bell was placed on the staircase.

Inspector Dhaudh claimed that the bell situated on the staircase was suspected as functioning as a warning device used to signal people inside of possible danger.

Dhaudh said condoms were discovered inside a drawer in the reception and that officers also found two women inside a room on the ground floor along with pills used for sexual activities.

He said one man and two women were found inside a room upstairs and alleged that a second room on the building’s first floor was suspected of being used for homosexual prostitution.

One of the women tried to escape by jumping on to the roof of the house next door police said.   One of the male suspects was also said to have a previous criminal record related to a kidnapping incident.

Dhaudh also noted that all of those arrested were believed to have been illegally transmitted in to Maldives.

Police announced yesterday that they had arrested two Thai women and two local men on prostitution charges after raiding a Male’-based business suspected of operating as a brothel.


16 thoughts on “Police claim Bangladeshi prostitution ring smashed following Male’ arrests”

  1. Its a good thing done by this Government and who knows what else is hiding

    Hats off

  2. There is no such thing as "homosexual prostitution", it is sex work, whether performed/offered by males or females!

  3. legalise prostitution and solve the problem. It will definitely boost the flacid economy dho!

  4. religion, prostitution and naked european tourists boozing on the beach.. interesting stuff for a novel.. now who is going to write it? JJ or David Hardingham.

  5. Junoon Faraka, you should be garrotted on the spot!

    Prostitution is the inevitable outcome of allowing women out of their homes without a guardian. We are adressing the symptom, and not the cause.

  6. I guess there would be less child abuse and less girls being raped, if prostitution would be legal...

  7. When any Muslim foreigner tries in court to marry in Maldives then the road to marriage is blocked indirectly by many unjust regulations ........
    Again,The foreigners are insulted,humiliated,hated and tortured day and night then in sick society if some of them go to prostitutes ...... Then masters of society poke their nose to take credit by raiding often on brothels where foreign prostitutes work......
    Build the Islamic society,deliver rights of a human,solve social problems
    Make easy every marriage as Mohammed did in his time then try to kick out prostitutes.
    You can not ................ you can never.....
    Where is security,peace,safe road,ideal parks and foreigner's perfect respect.
    In the day light,how many are attacked.... Can you count?
    To please your public shut down spa and other enjoyments in resorts If you can.....
    A lot to write but no need to express because it is useless The deaf, dumb,blind are and will be puppets of politicians with a tag of Muslim on their forehead......

  8. @Aal on Tue: Sodomy is highly favored by Arabs and Muslim countries. Here in Maldives this is common and we have well known characters.

  9. Looks like people will go to any lengths for self gratification. Sex or drugs: all is being available in and around Male. Pedophiles are no also on the rise. what is the govt doing?

  10. Bangladeshi prostitution ring?
    Hm! but who bring them to the Maldives?
    Maybe bearded Santa Claus saints from Adalat party who try to stop any culture events in the country?But for that business they are ready for all the time?

  11. What a claim!

    Peddlers and gangs back on the streets! Market growing strong!

    Pre-coupe attacks by police on government media and unarmed citizen of the country remains unattended and out of question!

    Hip Hip Hurray!

    How many on the arrival list and how many at large?????????

  12. Legalise prostitution and garrot Ayatollah Dhivehi Hangyourself on the spot.....problem solved!!
    Alternatively you can adopt the arab system of legalised prostitution.....seeing that you dumbass Maldivians ape everything the arabs do.....called Nikah Misrah. This convenient and discreet form of leagalised prostitution is even sharia compliant.....the mad mullahs have thought of everything!!
    I hope the Indian government are aware of this exploitative and primitive system of 'marriage' (yeah right!!).....and make sure no Indian muslim girl falls victim to this abhorrent practice.


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