Police destroy 720 bottles of vodka in front of media

The Maldives Police Services today destroyed 720 bottles of Smirnoff vodka in front of assembled media, after seizing it during a raid in February last year.

Such bottles are imported legally at a cost of US$8 and wholesaled to resorts at around US$12, but fetch up to Rf1200 (US$93) on the black market in Male’.

The price has inflated substantially following the cancellation and lapse of most liquor licenses issued to expatriates, giving the total bust a final street value of Rf864,000 (US$67,237).

Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohamed Sadiq said it was the first time police had “destroyed alcohol bottles with transparency.”

‘’Now the investigation of this case is concluded as well as the legal process,’’ said Sadiq. “We terminate seized drugs only after the investigation and the legal procedure is concluded, as it is a responsibility of the police to protect evidence util the court stage is over.’’

Sadiq said although many alcohol bottles had been seized during different cases, items were not destroyed because the legal procedure or the investigation was not concluded.

All the bottles were poured into a hole dug in the ground, in the presence of a special committee formed under the new Act to eliminate drugs and inspect their destruction.

The committee consists of two representatives from the Prosecutor General’s office, two representatives from the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), two representatives from NGOs and two from police.


17 thoughts on “Police destroy 720 bottles of vodka in front of media”

  1. Are these police brainless zombies? They can auction those to bonded ware house and donate that money to Pakistani Flood victims.

  2. How do we know its just tap water. If its Alcohol why not re-sell it to a resort through an auction and spend the money for something useful. Hard to believe this.

  3. i suppose the Maldives is not really muslim because the country literally just drank 720 bottles of vodka.

  4. wtf! so vodka is haraam outside resort. and there is no way to purify them? im sure his holiness at the ministry of all will figure out a way to purify these haraam products. then we can always sell it. until then, we destroy it all. im so proud to be a maldivian. after all these aint a buncha brainless nutjobs.

    another question, what is the best way to destroy these evil haraam bottles of vodka? do we stone em? do we burn em? or drop em from a high building? what about the remains? can we recycle those? or do we burn it or bury it? if we bury it, can we bury it on muslims holy lands (ie maldives)? ALLL important question. the ministry of all should hold a press conference to clear these things. it would be very masha allah if they do. im very al-hamdhulillah for this. these things are surely very naoozbillah.

  5. Sorry, not impressed. These tricks don't work no more.

    We want to see the drugs, weapons and the people behind it. I don't mean a press briefing from the gangs by the way.

    Don't care if you drink or eat these bottles.


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