Police forward Disaster Management Centre case to PG

Police have forwarded a MVR 24 million (US$1.55 million) corruption case involving the National Disaster Management Centre to the Prosecutor General, calling for charges against nine people including former head of the centre, Abdulla Shahid.

In a statement issued today police confirmed the case was forwarded to the PG and called for the prosecution of Abdulla Shahid, 50, Mohamed Shahid, 53 (the brother of parliament speaker Abdulla Shahid), Ahmed Najah, 24, of Maradhoo in Addu City, Ahmed Arif, 49, of Henveiru Everglow, Mohamed Waheed, 53, of Eydhafushi in Baa Atoll, Abdulla Saeed, 49, of Hoadedhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Abdulla Hassan, 56, of Henveiru Sosunmead, Moosa Ali Kaleyfaanu, 49, of Kandholhudhoo in Raa Atoll, Ahmed Shammoon Zahir, 23, of Mahchangolhi Blackpool.

The case was first forwarded to police by the Auditor General on April 19, 2012, while the Anti-Corruption Commission forward the matter on January 18, 2013.

Police thanked the Anti-Corruption Commission and Auditor General’s Office for assistance in investigating the case.

The case involving the Disaster Management Centre concerns an audit report produced by the Auditor General. In the report, the Auditor General alleged that MVR 24 million (US$1.5 million) was fraudulently obtained from the budget allocated for the centre for the year 2009 and 2010.

The Auditor General’s special report into the case alleged that the Disaster Management Centre had photocopied, edited and reused ‘Credit Purchase Order Forms’ in 2005, to withdraw the MVR 24 million from the centre’s budget at the Finance Ministry.

The ‘Credit Purchase Order Forms’ were originally given to the Disaster Management Centre in 2005 to withdraw cash from the Tsunami Recovery Fund.

The Auditor General’s report also suggested that the Finance Ministry was complicit in the alleged fraud.

In March 2012, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) sent a corruption case to the Prosecutor General’s Office concerning the Disaster Management Centre and a housing project carried out on Gan in Laamu Atoll, following damage suffered in the 2004 tsunami.


2 thoughts on “Police forward Disaster Management Centre case to PG”

  1. Mohamed Shahid, beyfulhaa, as we call him.

    I have known him for sometime. Truth be told, he is a..hole living by his family's 'royal' background. He was sacked from Dhiraagu when it was found that he swindled a lot of money, when he procured cables. Then he was 'transferred' to Post Office, due to his untouchable royalty status, where he pulled off another stunt with some extra stamps. Ofcourse someone else had to take the blame,

    Years later, here it is again. I would not be surprised if he just wriggles through this.

    But, I guess this is a lopsided democracy, where justice applies to lower class, and royalty is excluded.

    Bibi dhigali, you have no backing power, hence be prepared to take the brunt of it all.

  2. How can our justice system be credible when Yameen dissolved the presidential commission investigating an alleged US$ 800 million fraud in oil trade, Jangiya Nazim's case dropped when there was insurmountable evidence of his company involving in corruption, Abdullah Hameed hiding in a foreign country has still not been issued an interpol notice while all other ordinary citizens under much lesser charges are on the interpol website, Algeen, another from the gayoom clan outright misused state funds but still remain untouchable. Why cant the system find one of them guilty because it is blindly obvious they have been engaged in high crime daylight robbery of public funds! before one of these untouchable go down, all charges and sentences against ordinary citizens, MDP or not, guilty or innocent, will be seen as bias.


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