Police arrest former head of Disaster Management Centre over fraud investigation

Police have arrested former Immigration Controller and head of the Disaster Management Centre, Abdulla Shahid, in connection with a corruption case involving MVR 24 million (US$1.55 million).

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News that Shahid was arrested at 11:00am this morning.

‘’He was arrested in connection with an  MVR 24 million fraud case,’’ Haneef said. ‘’Police are conducting a joint investigation with the Anti-Corruption Commission.’’

During his tenure as Immigration Controller under the Nasheed administration, Shahid was a key opponent of the controversial Nexbis border control system, which parliament unanimously voted to terminate in December.

The case involving the Disaster Management Centre concerns an audit report produced by the Auditor General. In the report, the Auditor General alleged that the MVR 24 million was fraudulently obtained from the budget allocated for the Centre for the year 2009 and 2010.

The Auditor General’s special report into the case alleged that the Disaster Management Centre had photocopied, edited and reused ‘Credit Purchase Order Forms’ used in 2005, to withdraw the MVR 24 million from the Centre’s budget at the Finance Ministry.

The ‘Credit Purchase Order Forms’ were originally given to the Disaster Management Centre in 2005 to withdraw cash from the Tsunami Recovery Fund.

The Auditor General’s report also suggested that the Finance Ministry was complicit in the alleged fraud.

In March 2012, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) sent a corruption case to the Prosecutor General’s Office concerning the Disaster Management Centre and a housing project carried out on Gan in Laamu Atoll, following damage suffered in the 2004 tsunami.

The ACC entered the Disaster Management Centre with a police escort in October last year during the investigation process.

The ACC asked the Prosecutor General’s office to prosecute the two deputy heads of the DMC, and a senior official of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.


4 thoughts on “Police arrest former head of Disaster Management Centre over fraud investigation”

  1. abdullaahi Sahid is very cloze frend of bodusikka so he is very godd man. he is apponit by our peeople priEdisent Annie as stat minSter. he is not coruption. i dont bEliv this siht. this is all BMW propGenda by baaghree rejime.

  2. I will personally preside over the torture of this animal. he is also a missionary (devout) and an agent of maldive-royal-farm in NZ

    lets all pretend his arrest means nothing. MDP is hush-hush.

    the military will brutalize him for classified reasons. He will also be force terrified into not wanting to confess to president Anni, about wot conspired during his arrest.

    mdp inner core is aware they r being hunted one by one. they just hope the party support base never realizes long enough to capitulate on it somehow.
    why do you think Zaki fled (though you have to question the meaning of flee). Hijacking him from India is a piece of cake.

    this article will hopefully disappear into archives as more new articles are published. tats the hope of minivannews. cant happen son enough

    can u spell freedom and religion lubie (ICU)

    insolent fools.


  3. Rasheed... shahid is most corrupt person in Anni government since Israel Agent and he told all the projects must get him commissions and his emails were leak with shell company and Lanka company and with OSD Austria Passport Print, so many deals with so many foreign Companies and it was leak documents.

    Most corrupt person and a lier to nation


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