Police investigate allegations that politicians physically attacked and threatened officers

The Maldives Police Service yesterday issued a press statement saying it was now investigating allegations that politicians had physically attacked and threatened its officers.

Police have claimed that “some” politicians were seeking to mislead the public over recent conflicts in Kaafu Atoll Thulusdhoo and Shaviyani Atoll Funadhoo.

”The conflicts occurred when the Atoll Councilors entered the former Atoll Offices in these islands which are under charge of the Finance Ministry. The President has already allocated an administrative office for the council under Decentralisation Act article number 127,” said Police in the statement.

“When the Atoll Councilors started to use the state assets like this, the Home Ministry requested police to protect the state assets and to take necessary actions.”

The investigation follows a war of words between the government and some recently elected local councils over their right to move to offices other than those assigned to them

Atoll councilors had been told repeatedly that if they wish to use state assets, they should be used in line with proper procedure, police claimed.

”But rather than solving the issue peacefully, they [Atoll Councilors] have vandalized and used some state assets, while the police were taking necessary measures,” the statement read.

Police therefore said they were calling on politicians not to use the elected councilors as a tool to create splits and civil strife in society.

”Although some politicians told police to act in a way that would politically benefit them, the responsibility of police to uphold the constitution will be carried out within the laws and for the best interest of the society, whilst preserving peace and harmony,” the statement added.


3 thoughts on “Police investigate allegations that politicians physically attacked and threatened officers”

  1. What a shame Maldives had become. The peace and harmony that existed in our country has dissapeared since all this democracy thing has started. I think we were better of without democracy than now.

  2. Come on! Mr. Ibrahim Yasir!
    Are you sure about your statement?
    You should precise your thoughts!

    I mean, politics is never a clear and easy story!!

    ..and if you prefer to see the old regime again, silently moving millions of dollars out of the country....

    ...then just say it!!!! its easy and its your right!!!!

    Precise your thoughts and make an clear statement!

    Just talking about the good old days and one thoughts wont help us along!


  3. Mr Ibrahim Yasir, the problems we are facing like the recent Thulusdhoo and Funadhoo has no relation with our DEMOCRACY.

    It's a problem related to relevant Atoll Councilors. These Councilors were used by some dirty politicians as a tool to create splits and civil strife in society.

    How can the elected Councilors use a government asset under the Ministry of Finance without the Ministry's permission???? Are they Councilors elected by the people or road-gangs?


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