Umar Naseer expects upcoming DRP protest to end with tear gas

Umar Naseer, former deputy leader of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), has said the opposition party will hold a protest in Male’ tonight from 9:00pm in order to demonstrate against the perceived unlawful actions and “torture” practiced by the current government.

”The government has been constantly violating the laws, religion and has been trying to over power the local councils,” Naseer claimed. ”After the protest, we have scheduled a march around the streets.”

The claims come as political parties have this week become embroiled in disputes over the legitimacy of some local councils opting to move the location of their offices without government approval.

Naseer said that all the country’s political parties were officially invited to join its protest over the issue and also called on as many citizens as possible to join in.

The former deputy leader who was dismissed from the party in December claimed he expected the protest would likely end with authorities using tear gas.

”We call on police not to follow any unlawful orders, we know that the government have been punishing police for not obeying their unlawful orders,” said Naseer. ”We are very pleased to know that Deputy Police Commissioner Rishwan was suspended for rejecting an unlawful order, it was a good example.”

He also criticized the government for not taking ” action against any senior government officials who are alleged to have been found posing naked in pictures and video files, but taking action on journalists who reported it.”

DRP MP Ahmed Mahlouf said the intention of the protest was to defend the laws and to ”make things go right.”

”All the good things we brought to the country has been turned upside down today,” Mahlouf said. ”Tonight, we are coming out to make them right again, to uphold the religion and democracy.”

Mahlouf referred to the conflict in the islands and said it was an ”additional circle to the chain of the current government’s torture.”

”If we have to, we will not hesitate to go near Muleeage or near the Home Minister’s house,” said Mahlouf.

Mahlouf said that many police officers were encouraged not to follow “unlawful orders” after the alleged suspension of the Deputy Police Commissioner. Police have yet to officially confirm whether Deputy Commissioner Rishwan had been suspended.


11 thoughts on “Umar Naseer expects upcoming DRP protest to end with tear gas”

  1. Oh stop talking s*&^s! Umar naseer has no legitimacy on his own party (DRP)next is mahloof.. Both the citizen of Maldives and interntaion community fully aware, and understand the people behind DRP and MAUMOON faction.. You all are corruped, brutul enemies of maldives.

  2. Why is Minivan stupid enough to give this ego maniac, Umar Naseer, a failed policeman, a failed businessman, a failed politician, press coverage? The is a weapon of mass destruction. First he broke poor Mahir's backbone and then he went on to break the DRP's backbone. Still not satisfied he is now out to break the backbone of a few stupid sex offenders. No matter how loathsome the story, Umar Naseer (WMD) , is more than happy to have his mug shot in print. I'm sure there are more photogenic people out there willing to comment on stories if their mug shots are carried in print.

  3. Do you think any body would like to give a chance to Mubarik & Gazzafi to rule their country again and same applies to Gayyoom.
    He changed his cloths and try to regain the lost power to punish the people who went against him. We are not ready to give any more chance to a Dictator. DRP is the reason for the bad status of our democracy.

  4. zeen on Wed, 2nd Mar 2011 5:59 PM -- 10000000000% spot on! if they think mugabe, mubarik and gazzafi r wrong, so would be maumoon. Ironically havent heard anything from the maumoons abt these falling dictators..wonder why?? hmmmmmmm

  5. ”All the good things we brought to the country has been turned upside down today,” Mahlouf said.

    We've long said goodbye to the "good things" you brought to the country. There is no way we'll ever have them back! So, stop crying!

    Some examples of those "good things" we no longer need:

    (i) Misappropriation of public funds at every level of government, whilst those in charge close their eyes.

    (ii) Nepotism and corruption at all levels.

    (iii) Arbitrary detention of anyone who expressed an opinion against the government.

    (iv) Use of religion as a political weapon.

    This is just a tiny list of the "good things" you brought in. We will never ever tolerate those.

  6. Every time I see this maniac Umar Naseer on TV as he was today on MNBC ONE, I cannot help but wonder why he is considered by the media to be such an important politician. Today we were told by the newscaster that he was talking on behalf of DRP as Vice President! Is there no one in MNBC who is aware that this public menace Umar Naseer is no longer a member of DRP, let along VP of that party?

  7. Maumoon ge vabaain mi gaum salaamaiy koh dhevvaashieve. Alhugadumenge burakashi Umar Naseer (Mr Backbone)kibain salaamaiy kohdhevvashieve.

  8. hello Umar Naseer, All the media are reporting that the police did not use excessive force or tear gas to disperse last night's rally. here after don't make up stories.

  9. Umar Naseer is a joker! he is a clown!!! only mad people will listen to him. he's currently the flavour of the season on this comedy show!! Teee heee hee

  10. who told what? Majority of Minivan readers are either gay or they hate Islam for one reason or aanother.
    They wont be happy with Umaru naseer


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