Police officers testify that Afrasheem murder suspect sent text asking for money

Two police officers have testified in court stating that they stopped and searched Hussein Humam’s person on the night Dr Afrasheem Ali was murdered.

One officer stated that he had seen a text message sent from Humam’s mobile phone talking about failing to receive promised money.

The police officer did not identify the recipient of the text message.

According to local media present in the Criminal Court for the hearing, the police officer said he was called and informed that a person had been stabbed in Male’ and that he joined officers patrolling the city before coming across Humam near the State Bank of India.

Both police officers told the court that they had arrested Humam many times previously, but said on that night he was behaving unusually, by failing to resist arrest, behaving scared, and sweating and shaking.

The police officers told the court that Humam was under the influence of an illegal substance and so arrested him and brought him to Atholhu Vehi police custodial.

Before concluding the hearing the judge announced that the court had decided not to accept any evidence or testimony from the respondent, stating that Humam had already submitted evidence for his defence.

Humam initially confessed to the murder, but later withdrew his statement claiming it had been extracted under police duress.

Dr Afrasheem Ali was stabbed to death on the night of October 1, on the staircase of his home.

State prosecutors have accused Hussain Humam, along with Ali Shan – who is facing the same charges – and a minor identified as ‘Nangi’, of going to the residence of Dr Afrasheem and murdering him with a machete and a bayonet knife.


6 thoughts on “Police officers testify that Afrasheem murder suspect sent text asking for money”

  1. Subpoena the phone records and produce the text from the phone company. You don't have to have a police witness the text...duh!!!

  2. Agree with@yo! Phone records must be produced in Court instead of a statement by a Police Officer regarding phone calls and SMSs!

  3. Since 2003, Dr. Afrasheem was chased, shouted, assaulted by extremists, Islamists like Adhaalath, because he was to moderate, according to them.
    The police had been "protecting" him for many months. Means : they knew exactly where and how Dr. Afrasheem moved around in Male.
    Only days before the murder, the "police protection" was withdrawn (who ordered ??)

    Dr. Afrasheem was summoned to the Ministry of "Islam Affairs". He was again insulted and shouted, because het was too moderate. He approved of music and dancing, said it is not "un-Islamic" at all.
    Dr. Afrasheem, threatened, was then forced to "apologise", live on TV, to the "nation".
    Dr. Afrasheem was murdered.

    CCTV of police, coincidentally, did not work.
    Within some more days, the police officer - witness from the murder scene - was made to have an heart attack while having food in the mess of the police. He was 36.

    Untill today the police denies to be involved in the murder. So does Adhaalath.

  4. Adhaalath community all fanatics and extremists are spreading like cancer in the Maldives.disease spreading have to be amputated from the society otherwise more killing like Dr.Afrasheem will repeat and disease will not allow us to be good Muslims lives in peace.


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