Police on the bleat: seven officers arrest goat

Seven members of the Maldives Police Service who arrested a wayward goat on the streets of Male yesterday morning have found themselves unwitting filmstars after the incident was filmed by a passerby.

The video footage, which appeared on the internet this morning in the form of a short film called ‘Black Goat Dawn’, showed two police attempting to tie the distressed creature’s legs together before throwing it into van.

The goat escaped police clutches several times, to the amusement of bystanders, slipping its cords and bolting for freedom amid shrieks from alarmed females.

The two officers called for backup, and eventually a squad of seven police, including several motorcycles and a paddy wagon, were able to apprehend the terrified creature and stow it in the van.

“We took the goat to the police tow yard and later found the owner, who said they’d brought it for a friend,’ said a bemused Inspector Shiyam.


10 thoughts on “Police on the bleat: seven officers arrest goat”

  1. Oh my God, this is so hilarious.... why could they not have gotten a gunny bag (goani) and put it inside.. maldivian police.. this is such a joke...

  2. and these guys are supposed to arrest criminals with fully functional brains.

  3. hahahha.......funny point is very proudly they did tie bt oh no!!!!!loose again

  4. Where’s that roanu edhuri dim-witted kutti nasheed ? he should come out make a constitutional ruling on goat issue ! , this video is nil when compared to kutti nasheed’s criticism on Police DCPs elevation, this idiot kutti nasheed was propaganda minister in dictator gayooms regime but we didn’t criticize and also didn’t ask why a TVM presenter was made speaker of majlis?, ( his job to twist and turn things happening in citizen majlis, and he was excellent at twisting facts with is his corexdy accent , the regime decided it’s better to promote him to information minister so that he will screw the minds of entire population ).
    First of all, did he ( kutti ) ever considered why that chief inspector was at that rank (while he was the most qualified policemen in entire history of police service, I am sure majority of police will agree on this )? Why wasn’t he given promotion?, what is his qualification? Who kept him in that dull rank for such a lengthy time When compared to previous DCPs ?, what’s the regulation on not receiving the encouragement to mostly deserved police service officials (kutti do you have any answers)? While most of the villains were promoted to top ranks ( udeh budeh nudhanah), crimes at a world record level in the country, dishonesty in top police ranks in abundance , while you were serving as legal reform reckless ministry, where was your life-size mouth at that time?? Please kutti criticize what you know, don’t attempt to be a specialist on everything! and I am sick and tiered of lawyers resembling as prostitutes, it is equivalent to prostitution! Sleep with the best paid customer! , without any ethics and moral values… GOD bless us with a good police force

  5. exfart in everything!!
    Please for heaven's sake stop Kutti Nasheed and his stories!

    Did you know Kutti Nasheed's family rared goats?

    He is trying to treat us goats!

    Goats, you can feed him with a bunch of leaves, it will eat; feed it for sometime then slap it on the face real hard! It will retreat with probably shock or pain, but when offered again will come and start eating again from the very bunch its been slapped!
    You may repeat this process over and over again and the goat until he is really fed up will keep returning and feeding!
    Are we goats! Perhaps many of us are!
    Take this Kutti crap! You are a goat then!

  6. Guys!
    This is too much. can you please view the incident video fully and then comment on this? I am sure you would see a totally different picture from what the writer has come up with. This is not journalism. It is being childish and ignorant of our Police forces sacrifices.

    Lets stop this bull shit!!

  7. Koba tha GSC (Goat Services Comission)? Civil Services Comission gotah we must have a commission for Goats ennu?


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