Police raid Palm Deck Garden restaurant, find machetes, alcohol

Police have raided the Palm Deck Garden restaurant in Male ‘, closing the business following the discovery of alcohol and sharp weapons inside the premises.

The police raided the restaurant last night at about 11:15pm, according to local media. Seven Maldivians and four expat waiters in the restaurant were arrested in the raid.

Police have told media that the restaurant was closed in a special operation that had commenced with the aim of lowering the crime rate in Male’ and make it more peaceful.

Sun Online reported that journalists in the area witnessed police bringing two machetes out from the restaurant.

Police also said a bottle and glasses containing alcohol were discovered inside the premises, and that police were now trying to obtain a warrant from the court to keep the restaurant closed.

In late October, police closed down the Jalapeno Restaurant in Male’ and arrested a number of people caught using alcohol in the premises.

Police reportedly discovered a number of alcohol bottles under the tables on the second floor of the restaurant in addition to packets containing hashish oil and heroin.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef did not respond to calls at time of press.


8 thoughts on “Police raid Palm Deck Garden restaurant, find machetes, alcohol”

  1. Well-known hotspots. Seen political party activists recruiting gangsters and arranging their pay in broad daylight at this one spot.

    Nice to see that finally this government at least is taking action against such places.

  2. I can tell you an other place where alcohol is openly sold in day and night but you can not try even to close the place.......... RESORT!!!!
    The constitution if says the sale of alcohol is illegal then do you mean the constitution is only for Male'
    Then why killing is not legal in resorts?
    If sale of alcohol is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Airport staff,The boys working on boat to carry and who serves it well for tips?
    Who allows to import???????????

    Just it is DRAMA only

  3. @ Jeena,

    The police desperately need da support of citizens after the bagaavaai.

    Anyhow seen and who ever uses da alcohol; the maldives regulations do not allow it. so arresting, decapitating, we cant speak about dat. when u get 2 careless, things SHOULD go bad. otherwise no yin and yang.

    BUt still, da police efforts are too desperate. I mean shutting down pples business, hotels, shops...is like walking back in 2008 from 2012. this government obviously does not know to use brain. I wonder how this relentless idea came. but i bet it was a whisper by nazim in BMW ears. regulations are made not only to post sentences. they are made to protect the pple.ur strategy is wrong government. this is not how we maldivians want it..let me break it down to you. its our country ur running. run it a way we can develop our selves. not step bek in to 1974

  4. OK, so they found one restaurant in Male where they sell alcohol ?? just one ?? i know a lot more where they sell alcohol and .. where you can find clubs and escort agencies.. and we Muslim Maldivians enjoy what we can.. no one can stop it. so called westernized Maldivians

  5. we dont accept the couped government ... so they are abusing & throwing dirts on our names!...

  6. Coupers have raided the palmdeck garden. not police! to bring me down cause im a hardcore supporter of president mohammed nasheedh....


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