Independent Commission’s Committee sends CSC Chair’s harassment case to parliament to approve his dismissal

Parliament’s Independent Commission’s Committee has decided that the committee has enough evidence to find Civil Service Commission (CSC) Chair Mohamed Fahmy Hassan guilty of harassing a female staff member working under the CSC, and has decided to send the issue to parliament sitting to approve Fahmy’s dismissal.

According to local media, the committee has now sent the report from the committee regarding the issue to the Speaker of Parliament.

The incident is said to have occurred on May 29. In June this year, Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News that the case was lodged at police as well, who were investigating the matter.

Both Fahmy and the victim were summoned to the parliament’s Independent Commission’s committee after the complaint was lodged.

Fahmy was alleged to have called the female staff member over to him, taken her hand and asked her to stand in front of him so that others in the office could not see, and caressed her stomach saying ”It won’t do for a beautiful single woman like you to get fat.”

According to local media, the woman told her family about the incident, who then called Fahmy. Fahmy then sent her a text message apologising for the incident, reportedly stating, ”I work very closely with everyone. But I have learned my lesson this time.”

In response to the allegations Fahmy told Minivan News that the female staff member made up the allegation after she learned she had not won a scholarship to Singapore offered by the CSC.

He alleged the claim was politically motivated, as she would have otherwise filed the case with police and not parliament.

Earlier in July this year, the Independent Commission’s Committee gave Fahmy 14 days to resign after investigating the matter, however he then informed the committee that he would not resign.


2 thoughts on “Independent Commission’s Committee sends CSC Chair’s harassment case to parliament to approve his dismissal”

  1. Fahumy, please learn the tactics of lifting a woman with her consent. Your approach was bit dated I guess. The approach deployed by you was relevant in the 60s through late 80s, where people resort to "gate crash" strategy and do the make out on the unsuspecting victim, expecting a favourable response. Man, this approach is not a very plausible in this cyber age of facebook and twitter. Alternatively, you could have considered presenting a bunch of flowers, when it dawned on you that the subject is free from "liens and encumbrances" and up for grabs!!

    Please learn from the experience and concede defeat, at least this time around.

  2. Mr. Fahmy was my principal at Dharumavantha school. While I believe that what he did might have been somewhat inappropriate, this really is something that is commonplace amongst every institution in the Maldives. Makes me wonder why the rest of the people in high places dont get dragged through the mud like him. Anyhow, good luck Mr. Fahmy, u were a good principal atleast!


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