Police shut down beauty salon over suspected prostitution

Police on Wednesday night raided a beauty salon located on the third floor of the ‘Kolkatha’ building near the ‘Campus’ store in Male’ as part of an ongoing operation to target businesses and individuals with alleged links to prostitution.

The Maldives Police Service’s Intelligence Department and Serious and Organised Crime Department announced they had conducted the joint special operation after receiving information that prostitution was taking place at the salon.

According to police, two female Bangladesh nationals and a Thai woman were arrested during the raid.  Two male Bangladesh nationals and a Maldivian man were also found inside the salon at the time.

After a search of the salon, officers reported they had discovered MVR 1055 and certain items used to conduct sexual activities, police stated.

The Police Serious and Organised Crime Department is further investigating the case.

Several beauty salons and alternative medical care centres suspected of being involved in prostitution have been closed after the government of President Mohamed Waheed Hassan came to power in February.

On Monday (September 12), police raided the ‘Sondo Bon Beauty Care Salon’ upon receiving reports that it had been operating as part of a prostitution ring.

Police raided the salon at 8:00pm and arrested three Thai women and two Maldivian men.  According to police, the Thai nationals were aged 21, 24 and 36, while both Maldivian men arrested were 30 years of age.

Police obtained a search warrant from the court and discovered items used for sexual purposes, as well as MVR 68,000 (US$4415) and US$200 in cash.


6 thoughts on “Police shut down beauty salon over suspected prostitution”

  1. Well. too bad, these Brothels are frequented by the Maldivian Police and Army; and most of them are linked to the Wahabee group, the so called Holy Muslims. Wonder what they are trying to prove to the public with this action.

  2. if these Brothels are frequented by the Maldivian Police and Army; (see above) where will they go now???

  3. People with money, some of them who want to ban alcohol and all massage parlours come to Sri Lanka during weekends. They drink and party and pay for sex. Some MPs frequently visit Sri Lanka and go back home to attend Majilis while carrying a weekend hangover from Colombo.

  4. i do hope they confiscated the middle fingers as it can be counted as an item used for sexual purpose.

  5. Can we stop prostitution? Though religious or not, maldivian males cannot control their urges and sex organ, they are horny 24/7.

    How about raiding SHE building massage parlor. And all the massage parlor in resorts, do you think the resorts don’t sell sex in their massage parlors or any home.

    Just imagine, on the pretext of prostitution police can confiscate any business and their monies. Read the headline again, they raided and arrested people on for suspicion prostitution. That’s the standard of police investigation no real evidence.


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