Four arrested in guesthouse raid on charges of prostitution

Four people were arrested in a guesthouse raid by police on Tuesday night (March 19) as part of an ongoing operation to curb prostitution in Male’.

The latest arrests take place just one week after police raided ‘Roma Beauty and Wellness Centre’ – a beauty salon in Male’ – and arrested 10 individuals on charges of prostitution.

Local media reported that the Tuesday night raid took place at a local guesthouse called ‘Relax @ Kangaroo Inn’ located on Dhiggaamaage in the Heniveru ward of Male’.

Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Hassan Haneef said today (March 20) that two Maldivian men and two Thai women were arrested on Tuesday night around 8:30pm in an “intelligence-led operation”.

“Police received an arrest warrant before raiding one of the rooms within the guesthouse, where the suspects were found naked and engaged in sexual activity.

“Following a search of the room, a number of [sex] toys and over MVR 4000 (US$260) were found by police,” Haneef told Minivan News.

Refuting a report in SunOnline that claimed the Relax @ Kangaroo Inn guesthouse was being run as a brothel, Haneef stated: “We never made a comment to suggest that claim.”

Manager of Relax @ Kangaroo Inn Mohamed Hamid confirmed to Minivan News today that the premises had been raided by police.

“We had no idea that the two men had been with prostitutes at the guest house. The police just came, took them outside and then they were gone,” he added.

Last week, four Maldivians, four Thai women and two Bangladeshi men were arrested in the beauty salon raid.

Police claimed that when police raided the salon four of the 10 people inside the premises were naked and involved in sexual activities.

When police searched the premises of Roma Beauty and Wellness Centre they discovered MVR13,000 (US$845) and “tools used for sexual activities”.

Police said the office of Roma Beauty and Wellness Centre was also searched, where police discovered “other items’’ in connection with the case.


8 thoughts on “Four arrested in guesthouse raid on charges of prostitution”

  1. What an efficient and effective Maldives police force that they can find men and women in the act of sexual activities. Now being a sexually active male myself, and knowing what is done, these police officers must have moved with stealth and indecent haste to make such an arrest. I can only stand in awe at this exemplary behaviour. Now if they could only apply the same judicious haste and arrest their counterparts who conducted such criminality against maldivians in Male's streets during the past year.

  2. It's most likely that they just arrested a husband and wife (judging by the meager amount of money found on the scene). Don't worry about it, Bryam.

  3. Oh NO! MDP core will be cursing this raids. MDP core likes to spread these acts in Maldives.

  4. yeah sure. u have no idea. gah!! what a load of BS.

    police arrested nearly 100 prostitutes in just one month (september 2012), closing down 25 or so brothels. so what happened? the foreigners were deported, local went on to open more brothels. end of story.

    considering that recently the srilankan police (who, unlike us, are capable to identify human trafficking) collaborated with maldives police in bringing down a trafficking ring where srilankans were brought to maldives for sexual exploitation. and a wikileaks docuemnt stated that 15 thai trafficking victims from Maldives were repatriated in 2009 alone (Cable reference id: #10BANGKOK468). so it is safe to say it is highly probably that these "prostitutes" are "sex slaves" and victims. we treat them like criminals, display them for mordis sickfucks to take pictures by cuffing their hand behind their back. and then we deport them.

    NOTHING happens to the locals involved. those who run these places. never.

    and the BBS study ( shows that locals are involved in prostitution as well, especially for the tourism market/resorts... but we never hear about police "busting" these prostitution rings. because the resorts need them? because politicians are their clients? a lot of maldivians, including children, are in this business. sometime forced into it, or exploited in other ways. we see these all around us, we observe this in cafe's, from people who talk about "fun trips" on safari boats and resorts. but no body seems to care about THIS.

    so why is the police so concerned about these massage parlours? three reasons;

    1) to show off to international community they are working on the human trafficking issue (which they are not actually. instead, they maybe making things worse for victims of trafficking and encouraging traffickers). they are acting like they care just so maldives wont be on tier3 list and face all sorts of sanctions.

    2)to fulfill the religious vow of the coup regime regarding this issue,one of their excuses to remove president nasheed for being unislamic. now they have to show their islamist supporters that they are working against unislamic stuffz.

    3) for numbers. so that jameel and riyaz can say they are more successful this year. the same way they arrest more people on dug charges. so they could say they did more against drugs. arresting a random guy smoking a joint in his own privacy without hurting anyone, while the big drug lords are taking their business a few levels up with LSD and other more dangerous drugs.

  5. the article is based on raiding one of the rooms within the guesthouse,so i wonder how the reporter knew about guesthouse was being run as a brothel. may be the reporter already experienced it i guess.

  6. why cant maldivian men keep their pants on? imagine the number of stds in male'. scary..

  7. Poor must be awful trying to make a living by having paid sex with a bunch of short, fat, unattractive Maldivian neanderthals with greasy hair, bad teeth and foul breath.
    You have my profound sympathy girls.


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