Police special operation nets 22 gang suspects

In a highly-publicised special operation intended to reduce gang crime in the capital Male’, police arrested 22 men suspected of being key players in gang violence.

Police sub inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the men were arrested in different areas of Male’ are were notable “gangsters” involved in gang violence.

Shiyam also said police had collected chairs, sofas and weapons from places where gangs lived, to stop gang members congregating, storing them in the police tow yard.

He said the special operation to protect Male’ from gang violence would not to be stopped until the city became a peaceful place.

Meanwhile, a group of NGOs including the Maldivian Detainee Network, Transparency Maldives, Rights for All, Strength of Society, Maldives Aid, Madulu, Democracy house and NGO Federation released a statement condemning the recent rise in gang violence in Male’.

The NGO’s reported that police statistics show that during last year there were 12 murder cases reported to police and 11 of them were sent to Prosecutor General’s office.

The NGOs called on the president and parliament to pass the necessary bills as soon as possible to avoid gang violence.

They furthermore called on the government institutions concerned with gang crime to fulfill their responsibilities.


3 thoughts on “Police special operation nets 22 gang suspects”

  1. I doubt police crackdowns like this would ever help control gang violence.

    Yes, there are gang leaders. They do not engage in the violent activities directly.

    These gang leaders persuade, coerce and manipulate minors and others to engage in violent activities and carry out their bid.

    I doubt the boys who carry out these violent acts know what they are getting into.

    Most of them is pushed out on to the streets. They have no food, no space at home, no money and nothing to do.

    I have seen how the police crackdown on these gang members.

    As far as I can see, one is the arch enemy of the other. Both are fearful of the other. And so its a battle.

    Their is no respect for human rights or understanding between them.

    The real power behind these gang violence is corrupt people. They are among the politicians or businessmen. Or both.

    They are like serial killers. By looking at them no one will know who they really are.

    And then they have connections in the police.

    Its like some of the Hindi or Hollywood movies I used to see.

    And why all this?

    Because for some people a human life doesn't mean anything as long as they get what they want.

    Their agenda is create mayhem and terror in the country. And that is to show how incapable the current government is.

  2. so 22 gungsters will be send to the house arrest or again become a innocent because of bribe to the judge?

  3. great job by maldivian police force, judges should follow these fine example by police officers, this thing has gone bit too far now, ex dictator encouraged gang violence in male in order to harass the opposition but it's good that president nasheed has got courage to curb these menace called gang violence and killing in male which is heavily backed by some politicians plus the drug money ... "please make this male enneh dhivehiraaje .. with these hooligans out there!! there won't be any anneh dhivehi raajje feel to fellow maldivians" ..


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