Police treating Bangladeshi woman’s death as suicide as investigations continue

The body of a female Bangladeshi national residing and working in a Male’ residence was found Saturday (December 22) in what police have claimed is a suspected suicide.

Local media reported that the Bangladeshi maid was living in the apartment of Housing Minister Dr Mohamed Muiz.

Speaking to Minivan News today, Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef confirmed that the body of a 24 year-old female had been found in an apartment on the ninth floor of Chandhanee House in Maafannu Ward. However, at time of press Haneef was unable to clarify any details of the accommodation where the body had been discovered.

He added that the deceased had been employed as a maid by the landlords of the property, but could not confirm if Housing Minister Muiz resided in or owned accommodation within the building where the body was discovered.

The housing minister was not responding to calls from Minivan News at time of press.

Haneef claimed that investigations were presently at an “initial stage” and police could not therefore disclose any more details on the case, which he said was presently being treated as a suicide for undisclosed reasons.

“I cannot reveal any more until we complete our investigations.  We will not come to any conclusions before that,” he said.

Local media reported that the dead body was discovered at about 5:30pm on Saturday (December 22).

Hours after the body was found Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz left a message on the social media site Twitter stating: “Police is investigating the suicide case.”

According to media reports, the deceased was discovered in an apartment in Chandhanee House in Maafannu Ward where the current housing minister is said to reside.


16 thoughts on “Police treating Bangladeshi woman’s death as suicide as investigations continue”

  1. We have an excellent police force : they know in advance, without investigation, without even knowing who is living in the house, without knowing who is employing here illegally .... well done.
    Eagerly waiting for the CCTV showing that the night before, the third cousin of the grandmother of an MDP-member was seen at the jetty in Male'.
    Good training you've got. In Scotland and from FBI of course. Soon the Chinese will take over that too. Then there are no suicides anymore, only natural deaths. As Gayoom practiced.

  2. there should be a basis where the investigation to be carried. Police is saying that they are suspecting it as suicide and never said that it was a confirmed suicide.

    Some people will politicize anything just for the sake of trying to prove a point that Nasheed was the best man who had rules this country.

    But no matter what Nasheed and his friends are trying to convinced the public and international community, we all now know what Nasheed is capable of doing to this country and how genuine this idiot is.

  3. Abdulla Riyaz “Police is investigating the suicide case.”

    What is there to investigate, Abdulla Riyaz already twitted that it’s a suicide case, case closed. These unprofessionals didn’t even disclose the name of the victim.

    Slave labor is widespread in the Maldives, the takeaway the victim’s passport and withholds the salary for several months, making the victim trapped and helpless.

  4. Why investigation? Sharia does not require investigation and it’s Haraam. Sharia requires male eye witness or accepting the crime to do justice. How on earth a rudimentary police with 07th century mental capacity would need an investigation. Investigations are scientific approach to solve uncertainty based on evidence and this method is not Islamic, For Maldivian police and justice system the law is very simple, bring eye witness or let the guy be forced to accept crime. Simple ,no uncertainty, case is proven beyond any doubt

  5. This poor woman needs justice. She probably sent all her money back home to her family. To have her die in a foreign country, far away would be so devastating to her family and loved ones back home.

    Even if this is a suicide, the conditions that led to her suicide must be investigated. Was her wage withheld? Was her travel documents kept locked up? Was she allowed to talk to her family? We need to know why she killed herself.

    State Dept labels Maldives as a tier 2 watch list nation for human trafficking (predict tier 3--worst next year). They claim most migrant workers are maltreated, forced into labor with wages withheld, travel documents confiscation and sexually abused.

  6. one can not say that most people were ill-treated and forced to work without wages. If this was the case, i doubt that there will be any work going in this country.

    there cases where workers not being paid and few employers may treated them badly.

    Passport of these workers should be held with the employer for two reason. One is to safeguard the documents and the second one is to prevent these people leaving the country or prevent them from working for other companies while under the visa of a different employees.

    I know many cases where the workers had run away and working for some one else and the employer had been paying the worker salary on timely manner. These people just run away because there is gang of these foreign workers who keep on poaching them saying if they formed their groups they will earn more money .

    I know many cases where the employer had files the case with Police , Immigration and Labour ministry for the people who had run way and had done anything about that.

    Most of the illegal workers are due to lack of action by the government and these people now got the knowledge that they can not be sent or deported even if they get caught.

    There are group of foreign people who run this illegal work groups to contraction works throughout the coin try and most these workers had fallen into thier trap.

  7. Mody you are a complete and utter uneducated fool.

    A passport is the legal property of the issuing country and the named holder. No country or employer has the right to withhold the passport. This is international law, not tin pot backward countries way of implementing slave labour.

    Its people like you that promote this barbaric trade in human suffering.

    I await your response, but i'm sure you'll lay the blame on MDP and Anni as you always do.

  8. Why she was found in the minister's apt? Seems like she was raped by someone for sure and was killed. It does not sound like suicide. Maldive govt should answer Banlgadeshi ppl. Bangladeshi ppl need the justice. How come the police say it is a suicide without any post-mortem? We need justice. F^&*^n Maldive police.

  9. How Maldives police know it is suicide? We want the justice. Bangladesh wants the justice. We are shocked by this news.

  10. Seems like she was raped and was killed. Bangladeshi ppl want the justice. Why she was found in the minister's apartment? Maldives govt...we want answer.

  11. Rumours have it that the young woman was pregnant at the time of death whether it was a suicide for undisclosed reasons or murder if these were disclosed! According to rumours, the DNA of the foetus.

  12. DMF, may be people like yourself are involved in this slave trade ? Usually the cult followers do this kind of stunts to mislead the people by telling a different thing than what they are actually doing.

    Pass port is a legal property of the country which was issued and no one had denied that and I never said it was the property of the employer.

    Passport is not even the owner of the individual to whom it was issued and it was meant to be kept safely too.

    By holding those passports in safe custody under the employer is not illegal thing provided that when the employee has to travel to his country at the termination of the employment or on his entitled leaves, the employer gives the pass port .

    Force labour work is done by some people who are illegally living in this country and few Maldivian who are engaged in the same trade jointly with some foreigners

    I suspect you to be among them since you comments are so blind to see what is really going on this country.

  13. Even blind-as-a-bat person can see that this is a complete cover up. The police are completely biased and ignorantly proud of saying 'suicide' even before the start of investigation. The Bangladesh High Commissioner should pull up the govt on this shabby and sloppy presuppositions!!

  14. Why did she commit suicide? Was her employer physical abused or was she raped or sexually abused. Many questions remain unanswered,
    Dr Mohamed Muiz, You had fun ill-treating people, taking away their rights specially MDP supporters. Look what befallen on you now? Look what happened. A suicide at the very place you and your family live. Bad things happen to people like Muiz, these Baghee people are accused of the highest treason. They stole our votes, stole our democracy, brought down our first democratically elected government. We can never forgive

  15. @ mody

    You withhold the passport because the worker may runaway. Are you an idiot? How about you chain them after finishing their work.

    We have a new rule in Male now’
    The next time you go to a restaurant, the waiter will take away your ID card, he will return it after you pay the bill. This is done due to few nonpaying customers who run away without paying their bills.

  16. Wot justice.she is dead. Whatever happend its over.even in your own country you dont get justice. What do you expect?


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