Housing minister expresses sadness over suspected suicide of Bangladeshi maid

Housing Minister Dr Mohamed Muiz has issued a statement expressing sadness over the death on Saturday (December 22) of a Bangladeshi woman employed as a maid at his Male’ residence.  Police have said they they are presently treating the death as a suspected suicide.

Dr Muiz confirmed that the deceased had been employed at the home he shared with his wife and two children, while also expressing deep sadness over the incident.

Muiz claimed he was first informed of the death while visiting Hulhumale’ with his wife. He added that after hearing of the incident he immediately called Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz.

According to the statement, police officers were already at the scene by the time the housing minister arrived home.

Muiz said that he hoped that further details concerning the case would be released after police had completed their investigation.

The statement also expressed sadness over what some people were allegedly saying about the incident through social media.

Speaking of the deceased, the housing minister stated she had been very good in her duties as well as being very close to his children and a key part of their lives.

“Initial stage”

The Maldives Police Service has said that that investigations were presently at an “initial stage” and it could not therefore disclose any more details on the case, which was presently being treated as a suicide for undisclosed reasons.

Speaking to Minivan News yesterday (December 24), Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef confirmed that the body of a 24 year-old female had been found in an apartment on the ninth floor of Chandhanee House in Maafannu Ward.

“I cannot reveal any more until we complete our investigations.  We will not come to any conclusions before that,” he said.
Hours after the body was found on Saturday evening, Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz left a message on the social media site Twitter stating: “Police is investigating the suicide case.”

8 thoughts on “Housing minister expresses sadness over suspected suicide of Bangladeshi maid”

  1. Don’t shed crocodile tears, If you are so sanded about the incident than pay the compensation for the diseased family. If it was suicide case, she must have been abused badly; no one would take his /her life without being miserable due to mistreatment and in the face of humiliation.

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  2. So even the government keeps slaves for their menial jobs - so much for keeping jobs for local. Were Maldivian women not available to work at Minister's house? Or does the elite here has started equating themselves with Arab sheikhs?

  3. @Fish Head, do not take things so personally, a Bondhu is always a Bondhu. A fisherman is always a fisherman, A fisherman is never a Bondhu.

  4. agreed that the maid committed suicide and that the reason being: financial, sexual abuse, physical abuse and mental torture and disallowed from going for holidays to her country Bangaladesh.

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  6. Oh yes! This guy is a mullah surly he would have raped the poor helpless Bangladeshi girl. Shame on you traitor (BAAGEE)

  7. the guy looks a bit sadist to me... was it a rape case or what? where is the police to take DNA and do postmortem now...

  8. @ Virendra
    These primitive islanders have always equated themselves with arab sheikhs.........they actually believe that just because they blindly follow the arab's religion, their forefathers also rode camels in the desert.
    This woman's death is very sad. May she rest in peace.


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