Police uncover drug network, seize cannabis and heroin

The Police Drug Enforcement Department (DED) have busted a large drug network they allege centred around a 56 year-old man working on the cargo vessel ‘MV Reina’, and seized a large quantity of cannabis and illegal drugs trafficked into the country.

The man was identified by the police as Adhnan Moosa (pictured, right) from Alimasvilla on the island of Dhidhoo in Haa Alifu Atoll.

In a statement police said that the man arrived to the Maldives from Tuticorin in India last Tuesday at around 21:25pm, and was arrested last Wednesday at 5:21pm while he was in possession of a large rubber packet containing cannabis.

Police took the man to his bags and searched them in his presence, and found five cans of cannabis and empty rubber packets, police said.

According to the statement, police then went to the MV Reina and searched his cabin, and found a further 12 cans containing cannabis.

Police also learned of two other persons alleged to have received illegal drugs through Moosa, and arrested both of them in possession of suspected narcotics.

The pair were identified by the police as 43 year-old Ahmed Rasheed (pictured left), of Always Happy House in Male’ and 26 year-old Hassan Sabir (pictured middle), of Sithura house on Komandoo in Shaviyani Atoll.

Ahmed Rasheed threw away a can containing cannabis when police saw him, police said. Police received information that more drugs were stored in his office locker, and in search discovered eight cans containing cannabis and one large packet of heroin.

Police alleged that Hassan Sabir was a person who is involved in the network and was connected with Adhnan. Sabir was searched by police, who found rubber packets used to pack drugs.

A fourth Maldivian was also arrested in connection with this case, however the court released him after he chose to cooperate with the police investigation, police said.

Police thanked the Maldives Customs Service for the department’s assistance with the police operation.