Father and son injured in street fight

One of three men who allegedly attacked a man and his father last night before fleeing surrendered himself to police this morning.

Police Sergeant Abdul Muhsin said the incident occurred at 11:50 pm last night.

“Three men attacked a father and son [in Male’]; they were both taken to hospital and treated. The father was 47 years-old and the son was 20,” Muhsin said.

He confirmed that one person in connection with the case had since been arrested.

A person familiar with the incident alleged the victim and another man first attacked the group of three men while they were walking past the house of the victim.

“The group of three men fought back,’’ said the source. ‘’One of the three men grabbed a metal tube and tried to escape from the fight.’’

He claimed the victim after ran towards his own house but was followed by one of the three men.

“The victim’s father came in between the two men to stop them [from fighting],’’ he said. “While his father was trying to stop the fight, another of the three men attacked the victim’s father caused him a two- inch cut in the arm.’’

He said claimed the victim suffered a head injury as well as bruises and cuts.


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  1. It's the news they have so far. It doesnt have to be altered into what ever the viewer wants to see. Vitnesses not giving enough information is not really a problem with the news.
    GANGS!!BANGS!! nothing good ahead it seems...

  2. soon will be hell in Male hohohoho
    that is the price for democracy -drugs,crime and prostitution in 100%muslim country oops


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