Religious scholars dispute government’s healthcare scheme

The vice president of religious organisation Jamiyyath-al-Salaf, Sheikh Hassan Moosa Fikry has claimed the government’s ‘Madhana’ healthcare scheme resembles an insurance program and is against the principles of Islam.

Sheikh Hassan said that the Madhana health insurance scheme “was not a balanced system” and represented
”a loss for both the people and the government.”

He also claimed that the Madhana scheme was not organised according to the Islamic banking system.

‘Madhana’ is a scheme run by the government that provides up to Rf100,000 (US$7782) of medical treatment for members, in return for an annual fee of Rf2000 (US$155).

”For example, I pay the government Rf2000 to take part in the Madhana program, and if I do not get ill that year, wouldn’t that be a loss of Rf2000 for me?” Sheikh Hassan said.

He claimed that the State Minister for Islamic Affairs Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed once wrote a religious article about insurance, which on the first paragraph stated that health insurance was not allowed for Muslims.

However President of the Adhaalath Party Sheikh Hussein Rasheed Ahmed said that all health insurance programs were allowed under Islam, with the exception of self-insurance, and that Madhana was “a help” offered by the government to its people.

”I’m not saying this in response to what Salaf has said,” he added.

Religious scholar Sheik Ilyas Hussein also claimed that only self-insurance was prohibited for Muslims.

“If the Madhana health scheme was done as business then it might be a problem,” he said. “If it is done as charity it would be allowed.”

Spokesman for the Islamic Ministry Sheikh Ahmadhulla said he could not comment on the issue at the moment “because this is a religious matter” and he did not have the right to give religious advice.

Permanent secretary for the Health Ministry Sheena Moosa said that she was also unable to comment as the issue was a religious matter, but claimed the Madhana scheme was not modelled on health insurance.

”We do it as charity for the benefit of people,” she said, adding that the government did not invest any of the money received it received through the scheme.

”We keep all the money as a separate fund,” she explained.


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  1. Sheikh Hassan go back to saudi arabia. and tell me where in koran does it say allow us muslims to fall sick and die become we can't afford health costs?

  2. Salaf is a group of pure extremists. If things were done their way, we would be living in caves, riding camels, and each man married to under-age virgins!!

  3. Sheikh Hassan from Salaf sounds ironically like a conservative Republican on health care.

  4. I think minivan news is exaggerating this matter. There are many accusations and false talks and hearsays within our community which is not been an issue. Its just been conversed amongst people. By propagating these kinds of insignificant issues more hatred and enmity is proliferated within our small community. Instead we all should attempt to unite our alienated nation and aware more people about the modern islamic findings. Journalists are an important pillar in every nation, and therefore Journalist could use a different strategy that would aware the people about the true islamic principles. Today, there are many false allegations and innovations that are being accused by the media to Islam, more predominantly Jihad, and Minivan news is one of them which I am suspicious of writing about such sensitive issues with lack of Islamic research and without giving any consideration to real principles of Islam.

  5. Interest, Premium, Charge and Commission has been under intense scrutiny within islamic scholars. Why is premium Haram? Same concept of ribaa. Persons pays an amount less and then charges a higher amount. This is Haram in Islam. SO a premium of MRf 2000 to gain access to medical of MRF 100000/- will definitely be within the range of ribah. Consider yourself paying 2000 for ur dad and telling him to pay him 100000 when ur sick. For my knowledge the insurance scheme should now a days should be modernise in accordance to Amanath Style. One Day I will post an article relating Amanath Style of insurance that is saving for future.... Just look at Pension Contribution. The person gets only what he has contributed and from others who have contributed to him. Fund Manager interest has been highly debated with validity.

  6. Simple solution, when someone falls ill get the salaf guys to come and do some prayers. All sorted, the best insurance scheme in the world. Perhaps even Obama can learn a thing or two from the salaf sheikhs in implimenting the US health system.

  7. we have been going to hajj for the past 20 years in a scheme like this. if madana is haram all the hajjs performed over the past 20 would be haram. it involoved giving a pittance to athama abdul latheef who lent it to loan sharks and others at high interest and from the proceeds everyone went to Hajj. So the next fatwa should be not to pay premiums a year early to go to Hajj

  8. IF the funds are kept separate for and used in providing health-care, and the fee taken being considered charity, i think there is enough room profit loss of natural illness/wellness stock market huh.

  9. what will happen to Islam, if i and you started giving fatwa based on our own opinions.... yes sure....
    if a fatwa to prohibit or to permit certain things, it must be given by the highest scholars of islam not a normal Sheikh. lets educate ourself...............

  10. how do these idiots expect people to have health coverage? No ordinary Maldivian will ever be able to afford access to modern health care facilities if not for some kind of health care scheme. But then again these idiots don't agree with modern science or any thing like that. The funny thing is in us where the health care is being debated its the Christian funder metalist that are against it. Show's you no matter what religion fundermentalists are the same they stand in the path of progress.

  11. This is a classic example of the armchair Sheik's like "Sheik" Hassan Moosa just thinking out loud without knowing anything about the fundamentals. This is the real danger of dumb people becoming Sheiks.

    In insurance schemes or anything to do with Riba, there are two parties. One party's gain becomes other parties loss. Non-profit organisations where members own the scheme with all profits and loss are directly on the members do not have ribah component. This form of insurance is actually practised in early days of islam. The important thing is that the scheme doesn't use its money to invest in haram activities.

    Another point I did not get from this article is self-insurance. What is it? Is it disability insurance? Loss of income insurance? or life insurance? I have not heard the term self-insurance in insurance circles?

    If it is life insurance then it is trickier than one might think. You do not gain anything from your life insurance. You will never ever get a single cent for you will be dead before anything is paid. It is the most selfless insurance there is... ironic if you called it self-insurance. It is done ONLY for the benefit of your loved ones, not for yourself.

  12. Her come the touch of extremism. LISTEN!!! WE DONT WONT YOUR MAD RULES, we will live normal life as Islam teach us, NOT how Bin Laden teach you

  13. These scholars are insane. the other day I also found a scholar advocating for family planning to maximize the number of children. Breed and produce as much as you can. Id not understand why we need to have 10 children when we cant AFFORD the welfare of them.
    The health care scheme MADHANA is for people to get financial assistance. the only way such a program can be run is similar. In Saudi Arabia the Oil wealth can easily pay off health care and as such they do not need schemes like this. We cant be the next Saudi Arabia.

  14. The first thing we should do is to ban Salaf. The government of Egypt has already started doing everything to stop the same group operating in the same name in Egypt.

  15. This is becoming just too ridiculous now. Does Salaf or the Islamic Ministry have to interfere in our private health issues now? They already tell us how, when and with whom we can have intercourse, do this, don't to that, haram, bla bla, what we say in public, what to do at home... can't we have our private life without them?

    We wish to have a health system like in UK... or France... where health care is more or less free - and we do not want to have a "system" like in US (can we call it system if they let people die who are not insured and can't afford health care?).
    So the middle way is an insurance, and 2000 MRF per year is not too much.

    Watch "Sicko" by Michael Moore.

    Salaf, grow your beards long, ride your camels, go back to the cave you're coming from, don't get vaccinations, but pray for the sick... and don't use "modern" technologies like electricity and your mobile phone.

  16. The true nature of insurance and the rulings concerning it
    What are the rulings on commercial insurance which is widespread nowadays?

    Praise be to Allaah.

    1) All kinds of commercial insurance are clearly and undoubtedly ribaa (interest/usury). Insurance is the sale of money for money, of a greater or lesser amount, with a delay in one of the payments. It involves riba al-fadl (interest-based transaction) and riba al-nas’ (interest to be charged if payment is delayed beyond the due date), because the insurance companies take people’s money and promise to pay them more or less money when a specific accident against which insurance has been taken out happens. This is riba, and riba is forbidden in the Qur’aan, in many aayaat.

    2) All kinds of commercial insurance are based on nothing but gambling which is haraam according to the Qur’aan:

    “O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), and gambling, and Al-Ansaab (stone altars for sacrifice to idols etc.) and Al-Azlaam (arrows for seeking luck or decision) are an abomination of Shaytaan’s (Satan’s) handiwork. So avoid (strictly all) that (abomination) in order that you may be successful” (al-Maa’idah 5:90 – interpretation of the meaning).

    All kinds of insurance are kinds of playing with chances. They tell you, Pay this much money, then if this happens to you we will give you this much. This is pure gambling. Insisting on differentiating between insurance and gambling is pure stubbornness that is unacceptable to any sound mind. The insurance companies themselves admit that insurance is gambling.

    3) All kinds of insurance are forms of uncertainty, and transactions which involve uncertainty are forbidden according to many saheeh ahaadeeth, such as the hadeeth narrated by Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him):

    “The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade transactions determined by throwing a stone and transactions which involved some uncertainty.” (Narrated by Muslim).

    [“Transactions determined by throwing a stone” – this was a type of transaction that was prevalent in the markets of pre-Islamic Arabia, whereby a stone was thrown by either the buyer or the seller, and whatever it touched, its transaction became binding. “Transactions which involved some uncertainty” – is a transaction in which there is no guarantee that the seller can deliver the goods for which he receives payment. Footnotes from the translation of Saheeh Muslim. (Translator)].

    All forms of commercial insurance are based on uncertainty of the most extreme kind. Insurance companies and those who sell insurance refuse to insure cases except where there is clear uncertainty in whether or not the condition being insured against will happen or not. In other words, the condition being insured against must have a possibility of happening or not happening (as opposed to, for example, someone who has a pre-existing condition, such as a person who is on death row applying for life insurance--translator.) Moreover, this transaction involves something uncertain, which is when an accident will happen and the extent of the damage caused. Hence insurance combines three kinds of extreme uncertainty.

    4) All kinds of commercial insurance consume people’s wealth unjustly, which is haraam according to the Qur’aan:

    “O you who believe! Eat not up your property among yourselves unjustly” (al-Nisaa’ 4:29 – interpretation of the meaning).

    All forms of commercial insurance are fraudulent transactions aimed at consuming people’s wealth unjustly. The precise statistics calculated by one of the German experts state that what people get back of what has been taken from them is no more than 2.9%.

    Insurance is an immense loss for the nation, and there is no evidence or excuse to be found in the actions of the kuffaar who have lost the ties of kinship and friendship and are therefore forced to resort to insurance, which they hate as much as they hate death.

    These are only some of the violations of sharee’ah which insurance is essentially based upon. There are numerous other violations which we do not have room to mention here, and there is no need to do so, because just one of the violations which we have mentioned above is sufficient to make insurance one of the things which is most prohibited in the sharee’ah of Allaah.

    It is a shame that some people are deceived by the ways in which the insurance companies make insurance attractive and confuse them by calling it “co-operative” or “mutual support” or “Islamic”, or other names which do not change the unjust nature of insurance in the slightest.

    The insurance companies’ claim that the ‘ulamaa’ have issued fatwaas stating that so-called “co-operative insurance” is halaal, is a lie. The reason for this confusion is that some insurance companies approached the ‘ulamaa’ with a deceitful set-up which has nothing to do with any kind of insurance, but they said that it was a kind of insurance which they called “co-operative insurance” (to make it sound attractive and to confuse the people). They said that it was purely in the nature of a donation, and that it was a kind of the co-operation enjoined by Allaah in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning): “Help you one another in Al-Birr and At-Taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety)…” (al-Maa’idah 5:2), and that the aim was to co-operate in alleviating the overwhelming disasters that may befall people. But in fact what they called co-operative insurance was just like any other kind of insurance; the only difference was in the way in which it was set up, not in its essential nature. It was far from being any kind of simple donation or co-operation in righteousness and piety; in fact it is a kind of co-operation in sin and transgression. It was not aimed at helping to relieve the distress of calamities, but at depriving people of their wealth by unjust means, which is absolutely haraam, as are other kinds of insurance. Hence what they proposed to the ‘ulamaa’ is not even insurance at all.

    With regard to the claim made by some, that part of the premium (money paid to the insurer) is returned, this does not change anything and does not free insurance from the taint of ribaa, gambling, transactions based on uncertainty, unjust consumption of people’s wealth and going against the principle of trusting in Allaah (tawakkul), and other kinds of haraam actions. Insurance is deceit and confusion. Anyone who wishes to learn more should refer to the essay al-Ta’meen wa Ahkaamuhu (Insurance and its rulings). I call on every Muslim who has pride in his religion and whose hopes are focused on Allaah and the Last Day to fear Allaah and to avoid all kinds of insurance, no matter how attractive their proponents make them, for they are undoubtedly forbidden. In this manner he will protect his religion and his wealth, and he will be blessed with security from the Owner of security, may He be exalted.

    May Allaah help me and you to have insight into matters of religion and to do that which is pleasing to the Lord of the Worlds.

  17. Hey man, you don't need to explain insurance to anyone. If you are not happy with insurance, you should stay away from it.We don't need to follow you in order to go to heaven where there are members of Salafi, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, etc, instead we want to go somewhere where we can find Eistein, Thomas Edison, Newton,etc.We don't need salafis.

  18. "”For example, I pay the government Rf2000 to take part in the Madhana program, and if I do not get ill that year, wouldn’t that be a loss of Rf2000 for me?” Sheikh Hassan said." - Shaik has seriously done his homework to figure that out. Didnt you Shaik??

    - Your point 3: Uncertainty - Anything involving uncertaintly is prohibited in Islam

    If we use this same principle, then the life you are living is also forbidden (commit suicide or do something to your life) since you cannot predict what the future holds for you- there is element of uncertainty involved there.

  19. This is incredible. Yes, I do agree with one of the earlier comments that if these religious extremists had their way, we would be living in the stone ages. Seems to me like Maldivians only become muslim yesterday. How ironic to go from what we were to come to this...

  20. just shut up y'all sheikhs.

    now, why in the world did minivan paid attention to this salaf guy. did ahmed nazeer go to salaf office and asked this sheikh (named after the whole neighborhood) to comment on this issue and then went around asking all those with a beard to comment on the salaf sheikh's fatwa and made this such an issue with a sensational headline. what's the motive behind this?

  21. Stewie: I think ignoring them is the worst thing we can do at this point.

    If someone, anyone, especially people with such influence are preaching garbage such as this, it is our right to know. Or do you want to just wake up one fine day and suddenly notice all the women are wearing face veils?

    This makes me wonder, since even Adhaalath has said in the past that music is haraam, does that make ringtones haraam as well?

  22. Hani: If peoeple (lots of us) are really listening to them, yes it is imperative to address to their concerns. But i thought no one really wants to listen to them and they are just trying to spread their backward way of life under the guise of islam (religion).
    the more we resist something or fight it this way, the stronger it gets. they need people to listen to them in order for them to succeed.

  23. dear all
    stupid and ignorant..thats what u people are..these comments are not against salaf..but at their efforts to increase islamic awareness among us..u jus cant swallow the fact nowadays scholars like sheikh iliyas and fareed are gaining a lot of support u have seen in the recent dharus held by those sheikhs...and what can u do to stop it,..exactly nothing but comment rubbish to rubbish websites.. the real believers of Quran and sunna will always win against the ignorant hypocrites..

    “When there comes the Help of Allaah.

    And you see that the people enter Allaah’s religion (Islam) in crowds.

    So glorify the Praises of your Lord, and ask His forgiveness. Verily, He is the One Who accepts the repentance and Who forgives”

    [al-Nasr 110:1-3]

  24. first of all; lots of meds are haraam. i mean...even a small amount of something that can give you a high (with a larger quantity) is also haraam. this is a fact. so, why take meds at all? hypocrites!

    secondly; is there anything you guys DONT have an opinion about? who decides whats halaal and haraam in maldives? we should elect someone like the supereme spiritual leader in iran or the pope. someone who can give us a fatwa on every single thing we do. then we can say good bye to democracy. that'll do the trick. dat'll take us to heaven...AND back in seventh century.

  25. Oh my God is there anything the Maldivians can do it will be dress code..why does the government tolerate these fantics ideas...we never had this nonsense before the new government came into power is this democracy or what....why cant these extremists leave us alone...


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