Salaf sends immigration list of alleged missionaries deported by former government

Religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf has sent a letter addressed to the Immigration Controller requesting further information on expats who were deported during the previous administration, most of them for alleged missionary activity.

In their letter, Salaf requested the immigration department clarify why some of the deported alleged missionaries were missing from the immigration’s black list, and asked the department to clarify whether the issue was acted upon and when the deported expats were removed from the black list.

The letter, published by Salaf on its website, contained names of people “most of whom were deported for alleged missionary  activity,’’ claimed the NGO’s president Abdulla Bin Mohamed Ibrahim.

“We confirmed the names and the information we have, it is from very relevant sources,’’ said Abdulla. “They were deported by the previous government and we want to know why they were removed from the black list, and when they were removed from the list.’’

Immigration Controller Ilyas Ibrahim said it was the power and duty of the immigration to look after such matters, and that Salaf was “not in a position to raise questions over the department’s duties and responsibilities.”

”They can go to the courts if they wish,” said Ilyas. ”No person on our watch list will enter the country, and if we allow them in, it means that either their deportation period is over or they were granted clemency.”

He repeated that no person on the immigration department watch list would enter the country.


27 thoughts on “Salaf sends immigration list of alleged missionaries deported by former government”

  1. Abdulla Bin Mohamed Ibrahim?

    Is he an Arab?

    Surely Maldivians do not have four names with 'bin' as conjunctions.

    Go and ask the Saudi government to give their blacklist.

  2. Does Jamiyyathul Salaf care about and keep lists of accused child abusers, drug dealers and murderers as well? Do they view them as big threats to society as these missionaries? Do they keep track of their sentences and see who's completing theirs or not? Do they question the authorities and make a ruckus when they are freed to roam the society without completing their sentences? Why the difference Jamiyyathul Salaf?

  3. Agree with Fali wholeheartedly.
    Seriously, we face more danger daily from our own homegrown criminals. Why the hell is Salaf concentrating on some alleged missionaries?? Reality check please!

  4. i also find it hard to understand why most of these groups are concerned about christian missionaries....salaf, you better check how many maldivians actually convert to christianity. if they leave islam, its so unlikely they would leave for christianity...more likely they would just become athiest.

    and its true, there are more vile elements at home that salaf needs to pay attention to. as a muslim, a good practicing christian is much more favourable to me than criminal with no morals and values, who wouldnt think twice before physically harming another human being....

  5. those who have written comments aginst the jamiyath salaf they should think twice & I advice them to read the Authntic Hadith books & the translation of Quran .. then they will get a clear answer for the doubts that is burning in their souls. these doubts it self is palnted by these missionaries.
    Also advice our muslim brothers to stead fast in their belief & do more prayers duirng the coming month of Ramadan & ask Allahs forgiveness

  6. "He repeated that no person on the immigration department watch list would enter the country."

    From what I understand, its not the persons on the CURRENT watch list entering the country that worries Salaf.
    Its REMOVAL of deported people from the ORIGINAL watch list that is worrisome to Salaf.

    But Ilyas has clarified this well by saying: "if we allow them in, it means that either their deportation period is over or they were granted clemency."
    So Ilyas is not doing anything wrong here by allowing these people into the country.

    Salaf can clarify the deportation periods for various people from Ilyas, I think.
    But Salaf cannot ask him why clemency was granted to deported people.

  7. @ Didi

    "Surely Maldivians do not have four names with ‘bin’ as conjunctions."

    Umm, actually some do. 🙂

    Perhaps you have been living abroad for too long.

  8. The list consists of open atheists who have never been observant or nominal Christians. Why would such people be doing Christian missionary work? Several Christian missionaries were deported by the Gayoom government in 1998 but Salaf doesn't seem to know the names of those people. Salaf may be confusing missionary activity with the missionary position. I have a feeling that Salaf lets off camel farts (jamalu fodi). This list is an example of such a fart.

  9. Many of the criminals that the rest of us would consider as child molesters are, in fact, pious Muslims in the eyes of the Salaf. It is a Sunnah for old Muslim men to marry and have sex with 9 year-old girls. The Salaf would consider marriage registration as a kuffar innovation (bid-ah). When they molest 9 year old girls, they are really having sex with their Islamically-wedded wives. They are not going to make a list of pious Muslims who observe such holy Sunnahs and publish it along with lists of common Christians and Atheists.

  10. disagree with fali.
    missionaries are more dangerous than rapists and murderers etc. cos these missionaries are dealing with ideas,not petty crime. they have in their power means and ways to change the hearts of people. look at the so called civlized countries.. the collective mindset of the people have been tampered with successive batches of missionaries and visionaries so much so that the evil is now the norm, the virtue is now scoffed at... look about and see how homosexuality is allowed and is favored upon now. look at how every form of pornography is allowed in the name of love and they cry when the statistics come about citing sexual violence...

    so the petty criminal will mend his ways mostly when counselled properly. but the missionary will only create discord in the community by spreading his ideas. its a blessing we have one religion and one culture and one language in this country. if we have different religions, languages and cultures then we will all have to compromise on several aspects of daily lives which only a half cup full.

  11. Salaf was “not in a position to raise questions over the department’s duties and responsibilities.”

    I think Ilyas has said it better than anyone could. fullstop.

  12. So islam is about worrying about its state in the world rather than woorrying about petty crimes. Am shocked that child abuse in ure state of mind in just a Petty Crime...

    An please we have different religions in our country now. with the help of the HAABees they think they belong to a more supreme culture of Muslims, who are truly heaven worthy....

  13. "Missionaries are more dangerous than rapists and murderers"? Are you serious Jameel? It's exactly that kind of attitude that is responsible for so much misery in the world.

    "...and they cry when the statistics come about citing sexual violence"? Really Jameel? At least those countries where "evil is the norm" do have statistics, whereby in Maldives only a minute fraction of rape cases are ever made public or brought to the police's attention.

    Think about it Jameel, your statement reads like that of a Maldivian who has never really lived here. It's either that or you simply choose to ignore reality, which is your right, just don't try to impose your outdated and fanatic viewpoints on harmless civilians. As a bit of food for thought for yourself, think about the following:

    1) What would you say to all those acclaimed and internationally recognized Islamic scholars who state that Muslim countries should allow for others to practice their faith as Islam has historically registered its highest percentage of growth when and where other religions were free to practice their beliefs?

    2) Do you think that just because homosexuality is not allowed under Sharia law, it doesn't exist in Maldives or that it will eventually lead to extinction of it? Your statement reads that you would prefer for a man to rape an innocent woman or child instead of having consensus intercourse with another adult male. Correct? What if that woman or child was your mother or sister? Would you still think so?

    3) What would you say if tomorrow all non-Muslim countries in the world would ban Islamic preachers from speaking, would demolish all mosques, imprison those who practice Islam and deport all those having ever tried to openly speak about it? Would you consider that fair?

  14. Jamiyyathul Salaf have no rule over Maldives or Maldivians. Now I see them more of a threat to this nation than any body else. Peace!

  15. Didi, Abdulla Bin Mohamed Ibrahim having 'bin' as conjunction is his own right. Having bin and binth is an islamic way of naming and since we are muslims its nothing to be alarmed about. Us as muslims follow islamic ways.
    Fali, surely Salaf can keep lists of accused child abusers, drug dealers and murderers as well. But they are not police and those people that are lose on the streets is not Salafs fault. Blame it on the judiciary and government. Its a nice little twist that islam-haters have on turning the blame on Islam and islamic NGOs. Its nothing new and will be seen in articles and comments on Minivannews.

  16. @Jameel:

    You call rape and murder petty crimes.. You must have some serious trouble man!

    Why are we taught to fear other religions so much????? And do you think Homosexuality is advocated in other religions, except for Islam??? No, they dont.. but they have learnt to co-exist, and tolerate and respect each other, despite the differences in their beliefs..

    Morality and religion may have a lot in common, but they dont necessarily mean the same thing!

  17. @ Jameel
    You will understand who is more dangerous when someone comes and rape your mother, wife, and kill your child and sisters,

    then you'll say Missionaries have no danger compare to rapists and murderers

  18. I agree with Fali.

    Is this really the most pressing issue we face?

    All of these organizations just like looking busy, acting all high and mighty tackling issues of no real relevance; just to maintain media presence.

    Yasir bin Ahmed (abu ulya):

    Are you implying that there is something so divine about Salaf that it is beyond criticism?

  19. hey mullaz of salaf and followers of syad quthub why dont u leave maldives and go take short cut in heaven from somewhere like afganisthan

  20. @al
    Dear boy, I think you misunderstood what Fali meant. Its that Salaf would rather give priority to matters like music, missionaries, burqas or such that most of us consider to be trivial in face of horrendous crimes like rape, murder and child abuse.
    And this isn't the first time that Salaf has made statements like this whilst remaining completely silent on far more important issues.
    And its because of this reason that some of us find Salaf's stance in our society as foul. To repeat what I said, IMHO, Salaf has its priorities wrong and thereby misleading its members also society. For this I condemn Salaf as an NGO.

    Just look at the comments below to see how much hate you just incited by calling those crimes 'petty'. Theres no need to say anything more to that...

    @Yasir bin Ahmed (abu ulya)
    Your comment just made me lol. I didn't know the prophet and the quran noted Salaf.

  21. Well I think now we have culture (in general) to hate religion and anyone who talks about it too. well cant blame them too, but it is sad and it divide us. Well if anyone think critically there is nothing wrong in questioning and bringing attention about this issue in fact it is good that they do it but yes it is not the only thing they should do I agree with that. They should also work towards other problems i.e. social and religious problems as mentioned here. Thus we should not be angry with them for doing something right but also encourage them to address other major problems we have within our society. It is pity that we think too narrowly....

  22. I thought every person the previous government didn't like was either a Chrisitian missionary or Islamic extremist, and sometimes both.
    Salaf should check its membership some of them might be from their NGO.

    Though seriously doesn't Salaf have better things to do? This Lale school principal got fined mrf 200 for physically harming children, now that sounds like a good cause for Salaf to take up.

  23. i thought i was never gonna see a good comment while i was reading the comments. i totally support ausie. seems to be "insaaf" within us. just hope that the media gets that factor in it. minivan news it self has non-minivan factor. chartun beyrah gossa

  24. Shy Thorn, I usually skim and don't read comments in whole since this site is playground for anti-islamic dwellers like fali. My bad. Yes I do agree that they should highlight such crimes. I'm not here to defend Salaf its their business what they talk about. I also believe that this site does twist and bring news in such ways to provoke anti-islamic comments. Its like the trade-mark of Minivanews.

  25. As if we had no other problems than missionaries in the country... shall we congratulate Salaf for their effort? sigh

  26. @al
    Please read comments in full then next time before commenting.

    Also thank you for explaining that being more concerned about child abusers and murderers being free in the society than about missionaries is anti islamic!


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