Shanghai newspaper reports Chinese honeymooner dead in robbery

The Shanghai Daily newspaper has reported that a Chinese national on honeymoon in the Maldives was killed and his wife injured during a robbery last Sunday 14 March.

The English-language daily reported that the man, identified by his surname ‘Dai’, was a software engineer in his 20s who worked for the telecommunications company Alcatel Shanghai Bell.  The newspaper attributed the information to a statement issued by the company.

The report said Dai’s body was covered with bruises and cuts, and that the cause of his death had not yet been confirmed by Maldives Police Service.

Dai’s parents arrived in the Maldives after being informed of their son’s death and were initially told he had drowned, the newspaper reported.

Police confirmed to Minivan News today that they received a report at 12:45pm on 14 March that a Chinese national, Rui Dai, died while snorkelling at Holiday Inn Kandooma Resort, South Malé Atoll.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said they had found no major injuries on his body and police suspected he had drowned. He said a post-mortem examination was not performed on the body, and there were no reports of Dai’s wife being injured.

A source at Kandooma Resort confirmed a guest by the name of Dai and his wife were honeymooning at the resort, and that Dai had died the day after arriving on the island.

“He drowned while swimming in 5-10 feet of water,” the source said, adding that the body was found in the morning between 10:30am and 12pm by housekeeping staff and a French guest.

There was no bruising on the body, the source noted, adding that Dai’s family had arrived to pick up his body and were staying at the Holiday Inn in Malé.

Management at Kandooma had ordered staff not to divulge any information about the case, the source noted.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said they had no information on a foreigner being robbed and killed, but said they had received a police report on Sunday about a man who died in a snorkelling accident. The President’s Office did not know about the murder claims, either.

Minivan News is seeking clarification of the reports from the Shanghai Daily and Dai’s employer, Alcatel Shanghai Bell, who released the report in China.

Dai is the second Chinese national to die in the Maldives this month.

Another Chinese tourist, Yeh Shihwei, drowned while snorkelling, also on his honeymoon, at Chaaya Lagoon Hakurahura Island Resort on 1 March 2010.

The resort manager for Chaaya Lagoon confirmed Shihwei died accidentally while snorkelling.


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  1. “He drowned while swimming in 5-10 feet of water,” the source said, adding that the body was found in the morning between 10:30pm and 12pm by housekeeping staff and a French guest.
    in the morning, but PM...
    AM or PM?
    what's the truth???

    Corrected to am. Well spotted.

  2. Question to MinivanNews,

    Last Chinese tourist died while snorkelling on Mar,1st and news releasd on next day (Mar,2nd)
    But why this time so late?
    10 days delay...It's your work efficiency?

  3. They arrived in Male airport on 21:10 PM on Mar.13th, late time in Kandooma Resort;
    The body was found in Kandooma Resort on 10:30 AM on Mar.14th;
    What's happened in 12hours?

  4. Chinese Tourists are very ignorant. They do not care if they can swim or not. Most of them do not know how to swim and has in the past ended up in deaths by drowning. Most of them can be seen wearing life jackets all the time, even in the restaurants.

    The chinese Traverl Agents need to train the Chinese guests in the marine field.

    Why would some one rob and kill a Chinese guest who carries just a few hundres dollars with him while there are Russinags, Germans, Italians who carry thousands in their pockets???

    Doesnt make sense at all.

    Definitely, this is a game played by tourist nations fighting with Maldives for their share of Chinese market.



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