Sheikh Fareed set to retire with farewell sermon on Friday

The Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM) has announced that famous religious scholar Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed will deliver his ‘Farewell Sermon‘ this Friday night at the artificial beach.

”This may be his last sermon,” said President of Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM) Ibrahim Fauzy.

”On Friday night he will announce whether he is retiring or not,” he said. ”As everyone know very well, Sheikh Fareed has a pending case in court, which could make him stay in prison for more than 10 years, if found guilty.”

Fauzy said that in the recent years as well as today religious scholars faced many obstacles to their work.

”Today also we do not have the real freedom – the culture of obstructing religious scholars is still alive,” he said.

On Friday night, Fauzy said Shaeikh Fareed will say his “last will and testament” to the people.

”He will refer to the Khuthbathul-Wadhaau (Last Sermon of Prophet Mohamed PBUH) and will also preach about the current situation,” said Fauzy.

Likewise, Sheikh Ilyas Hussein in his sermon told the attendees that it might be his last sermon he will deliver to the people.

Recently, in an interview with an Indian magazine ‘The Week’, unnamed government officials described Sheikh Illyas and Sheikh Fareed as “hate preachers”.

Sheikh Fareed will have been active in the religious field for more than 10 years, said Fauzy.


26 thoughts on “Sheikh Fareed set to retire with farewell sermon on Friday”

  1. Why should Sjeikh Fareed stay in prison while the notorious Maumoon & Yameen stay at home with respect???

    If we look at our Audit Reports revealed by the Auditor General appointed by the then President Maumoon clearly says about the CORRUPTION of Maumoon & his cronies but look at them! they are coooooooool relaxing at home..

    So, Sheikh Fareed must also be given same rights to remain calm at home...where are the blind Human Rights guys? Getting ready to stand up in favor of the Murderers & Notorious Criminals???

    So sad! this beautiful country is really heading towards a real BLOODBATH...May Allah SWT saves us all from the dirty minds of the dirty politicians and the Peoples' Blood hungry MPs & the crooks in the Judicary, Ameen

  2. My first thought when i was saw the headlines was, Thank God!! seriously!
    finally!, i d hope this indeed would be his last sermon.

  3. Naju - If someone commits a crime he should do the time.. no question about that. But in a democracy everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and not audit reports. If we are to go by audit reports we also have to go by the decisions of the anti corruption commission. Most of the recent cases investigated by ACC accuse senior officials of President Nasheed's government of being involved in corruption. But they are free just like Gayoom and "his cronies".

  4. Fareed is trying to make another stunt - he is trying to generate sympathy ahead of his trial. If he wins the case, no wonder he will go back to his hate-preaching. One can never trust these Hypocrites in Islamic clothing.

  5. Is Fauzy really daring to draw parallels between Sheikh Fareed's last sermon and the Prophet's last sermon?
    Seriously these guys are not only insulting Islam over and over again, they seriously have some huge ego issues they need to deal with.

  6. Best news in town, if only it would half convince anybody.

    This sounds exactly like a stunt to generate a large crowd. What else explains the mystery? Why the suspense?

    And for the Islamic Foundation guy to imply a parallel between Fareed's "maybe" departure with the Prophet's last sermon is just plain ridiculous.

    In any civilized country, this man would have been stripped of his preaching license long ago.

    While there are plenty of hate-mongers preaching regularly in the Maldives, Fareed is probably the biggest draw of them all.

    So if he does indeed, for some unknown reason, decide to go into self-imposed retirement then it will indeed be a relief for those concerned about the rising hatred and intolerance.

  7. I like how it says this "maybe" his last speech - well that means its not his last speech.

    Like everything in show business (and this is nothing but show business) - he will give a 'farewell concert' and then 'return' concert soon.

    Fundamental Islam, my friend, is the new Rock&Roll of the Maldives!! Sell-out concerts, adoring fans, and a harem of women afterwards for the performers!

  8. Could you also report on when Fareedh will have his last cup of tea.

  9. I will miss his sermons and so will the rest. The idea of his retirement maybe linked to the fact he has run out what to say. He has covered subjects such as hell, heaven, day of judgement ect..

  10. So it's true? Really and truly accurate information?

    Thank you god. Please punish and get rid of pests in our society. Shall we arrange a prayer for god, on his blessings in getting this idiot out of streets?

    It's gods will that he is punished. Put him into jail. 10years minimum. Iraadhakuraigen fareed jalah laane mifaharu.
    My only concern is what will happen to his jail mates? I know they are drug addicts, but really, is that reason for them to accommodate the worst kind of curse on earth? for 10 years no less? Please, lord I ask you not let those in jail suffer by this idiot fareed.

  11. It is not only something politicians are saying. In fact both Mr. Fareed and Mr. Ilyas are “hate preachers”. Thank God he decided to stop preaching. Both these Mullahs must be locked up.

  12. you fools. sheikh fareed is not going to retire. he will perform and insha allah will convert this country in to a 100 percent muslim community.

  13. i always thought that an islamic scholar was in it for life yeah.But hey if fareed says its ok it should be ok yeah.After all the true believer fauzy just compared him to prophet mohamed so who are we mere mortals to say otherwise.

  14. That news just made my day!! Good bye and good riddance, Fareed. My prayers are with you, stay well in jail.

  15. What we give is what we get. Lets hope he ponders over his past actions and comes out as a reformed person.

  16. so many obstacles has been put up on Sheikh Fareed's way compared to any other scholar in this country. Despite that, I don't think Sheikh Fareed will give up preaching even if Saudi government or MDP government offers him a considerable amount of bribe money.

  17. Fareed is just playing with the minds of Maldivians. He isn't going to retire. And plus, Fauzy's decision to compare him to the Prophet in term's of the speeches they are going to give is just ridiculous. Especially coming from an NGO calling itself the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives.

    On the side note, Fareed shouldn't be locked up in a Maldivian jail. He should be sent over to Guantanamo Bay.

  18. Those who did all the negative comments, fear your lord, Allah. He is the one who created you and Sheikh Fareed. The best is always known by Him. He sent prophets to guide the people to the right path. What do you think of Islam. It is not a game you could play with. Before saying anything bad about someone think about it. It is not Fareed that you are commenting but you are commenting on Islam. If you are commenting on Islam that means you are commenting Allah. You think that there are errors in Islam, then you think that your lord, Allah, is mistaken. Do you? Then think twice. Who is greater than you. Who has all the powers It is your Lord, Allah. Fear him and repent before you were summoned to him. May Allah guide us to the right path.

  19. @ Heelath

    "Hypocrites in Islamic clothing."

    I heard that someone is going to pass a law in the Parliament saying that less than 2grams of narcotics is not going to be a crime in Maldives?

    Tell me again - what were you doing in that island with drugs?


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