Significant increase in drug charges against juveniles last year, says Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Court has observed a “significant increase” in the number of juveniles charged with drug offences last year.

”In 2009 there were 22 drug-related charges in the court concerning juveniles, while 34 such cases were presented to the court last year,” said the Juvenile Court in a statement.

The court said it had also observed a rising number of charges of drug dealing against minors, with nine cases sent to the court in 2010, an increase of three on 2009. Of the nine cases, three youths were found guilty.

‘The court added that 10 juveniles were brought to the court for extension of detention on charges of possessing illegal drugs for dealing, suggesting that this was “very concerning ” as it was “a sinister crime in nature that serves high penalties.

Juvenile Court said that it was very important for parents to prevent their kids from committing such crimes and urged everyone to pay more attention to juveniles.

Furthermore, the Juvenile Court said, that there were people in society “who are behind the crimes committed by juveniles.”

Police statistics for 2010 showed that most arrests made across the Maldives in 2010 were for drug offences (1153), assault (941) and theft (773), and that most of these were first time offenders.

While the bulk of those arrested were young men aged between 17-23, key crimes committed by minors (aged under 18) were assault, theft and drug offences – albeit with an overall decline in 2010 on 2009.


3 thoughts on “Significant increase in drug charges against juveniles last year, says Juvenile Court”

  1. Oh please! let's stop this drama about being "concerned", since we all know that even the previous government and the current government are not at all bothered about putting a stop to juvenile crime and drugs! How can they, when both parties are victimizing our young children to further their own political agendas! And parents alone cannot stop their children from going into crime, when the whole country is full of thugs and there is no law enforcement whatsoever!! All the judges in these Courts need a dose of reality, and their fat pay cheques and benefits are not helping the victims of juvenile crime!

  2. It is not a suprise !if unofficial almost 50%of young generation using and selling drugs soon will be a big hallucination but no a Maldives/
    only 300.000 maldivians- half of them soon will be drug addict because no body take care about that problem/only nice meetings and tea party about how we protect our new generation but where is new rehab centers and teachers and social workers lectures in school and homes and locals tv and radio to explain how is dangerous drugs is? in every attols?Carbon free Maldives it is very good idea but who will breath fresh air if soon after 5-10 years many maldivians people will be heavy drugs users and gangs members? Maldives must be free from drugs it is number one mission!


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