Five men arrested with weapons cache set free

Five out of six men who were arrested with a variety of weapons, including knives, swords and bats, have been released due to lack of evidence.

The head of the Serious and Organised Crime unit, Inspector Ahmed Saudhy, said the six men were arrested on 4 February when they were discovered in possession of the weapons and other items believed stolen.

The sixth man had been previously convicted and sentenced, but had escaped from prison. He is still in custody.

Saudhy alleged the six men were hiding with the stored weapons in G. Masodi, a house closely linked to the gang known by the same name.

The weapons were allegedly used to carry out assaults and robberies, while the items were mainly motorcycle parts and tools. Police Inspector Ahmed Jamsheed said that the police had recently received reports about missing motorcycle parts, much like the ones found in Masodi, which are believed to be stolen.

”We believe these people are involved in gang fights and other serious crimes,” Saudhy said.

Furthermore, police said that while they try their best to arrest criminals, they “regret” that some people help to save them from prison.

Jamsheed said the stolen items will be returned to their rightful owner when the person contacts the police.


12 thoughts on “Five men arrested with weapons cache set free”

  1. It is completely unacceptable that not enough evidence was found or sought before charging these individuals. The police services need to change the way they operate so that they could be more effective against the current status quo.

    Stolen Property, hidden weaponry. Is this really not enough to hold and try them?! This is ridiculous.

  2. why would you guys only blame the judges for all these? how about the members of parliament? are there any laws to protect these judges from violent gangs? have you guys heard any MP condemning these violent acts form either party? no.. so what's the reason? will this country get any better for ordinary citizens like us or is these powers, executive, legislative and judiciary will wait till this country becomes another Columbia .. it's better to leave this country now, so that way current president and dictator maumoon and speaker of majlis shahid will enjoy this hellhole ..

  3. Most of our judges are a disgrace. Half of them are corrupt and the other half don't have a clue what judging is all about. Judges do not need a written law for everything. They need to excercise their judgement to decide whether or not someone is dangerous to society. Sadly, so many of the "new expert" judges read through text and decide we do not have a law or we do not have enough evidence under this law.

  4. Why didn't police take finger prints on these weapons?

    In my humble opinion, someone HAS to be responsible for this.

    If the arrested people are not responsible for the hidden weaponry, to who ever belongs the room in which the weapons were found should be responsible. If there is not one who has rented out that room, the owner of the house should be accountable.

    There is no way weapons or anything else could be found in a room without humans putting them there.

    Why is our police force so weak? I think we need to strengthen our police force if we are to reduce crime in Maldives.

  5. Now you all know why President Nasheed and the current government constantly reminds the people of the need to strengthen our Judiciary!

    We have seen evidence that the current Judicial system is in favour of the ex-president and the ex-regime (like DhiTV / FM.

    Their aim is to bring down the MDP government by hook or crook. Onething these judges fail to understand is that they are doing so at the expense of the Nation.

    Yaa Allah... save us from these IDIOTS.

    Mohamed Hilmy

  6. Get rid of the Golha Regime crooks, then all will be calm.

    This looks like our judges are calling for PEOPLE'S POWER and are drifting towards anarchy!

    If government can't, we certainly can!

  7. It is a mess isnt it! While applauding the work done by the Police I would advice even greater proffessionalism. Have sufficint and conclusive evidence to charge any jugde who releases any criminals citing lack of evidence.

  8. This system is called Democracy based on a system implemented by worshippers of Satan

  9. its the dam system....we should go back to the old system...who cares about there human rights when the rest of the people have to live in fear for the rest of the life or leave the country for the criminals and go....

    Maldives being such a small place these people very comfortably escape from the jails..and are living among the public...parents and family of these people should be charged if they taken them in after escape...


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