Five men arrested with weapons cache set free

Five out of six men who were arrested with a variety of weapons, including knives, swords and bats, have been released due to lack of evidence.

The head of the Serious and Organised Crime unit, Inspector Ahmed Saudhy, said the six men were arrested on 4 February when they were discovered in possession of the weapons and other items believed stolen.

The sixth man had been previously convicted and sentenced, but had escaped from prison. He is still in custody.

Saudhy alleged the six men were hiding with the stored weapons in G. Masodi, a house closely linked to the gang known by the same name.

The weapons were allegedly used to carry out assaults and robberies, while the items were mainly motorcycle parts and tools. Police Inspector Ahmed Jamsheed said that the police had recently received reports about missing motorcycle parts, much like the ones found in Masodi, which are believed to be stolen.

”We believe these people are involved in gang fights and other serious crimes,” Saudhy said.

Furthermore, police said that while they try their best to arrest criminals, they “regret” that some people help to save them from prison.

Jamsheed said the stolen items will be returned to their rightful owner when the person contacts the police.