Specially-trained officers patrolling the streets during Ramadan to reduce crime

Police Chief Inspector Ahmed Abdul Rahman has announced that specially trained police officers will be patrolling the streets of Male’ during Ramadan, in a bid to counteract a spike in crime observed during the Holy month.

Speaking to the press, Rahman said that every year during Ramadan assault and robbery cases have been observed to increase than compared to other months of the year.

Police have noted that thieves become more active between sunset and sunrise, with records showing that most of the theft and robbery cases have occurred during this time.

The specially-trained police officers will patrol the streets and keep an eye on crime hotspots, he said.

He called on everyone to be more cautious during the month of Ramadan and to upgrade the security of offices and homes.

President Mohamed Nasheed last week announced that almost 400 convicted criminals will be released from prison to offer them a second chance to enter society as a reformed person.

Although the public has raised concern over the issue of  impending release of close to 400 convicted criminals, Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair has said it will not result in a spike in crime rates in Male’.

““Out of the 119 people released on a previous occasion only two people have had to be taken back to prison for committing an offence,” Zuhair said.

He added that the inmates will be released on the understanding that they would be returned to prison to complete the rest of their sentences if they committed any sort of offence in the next three years.


7 thoughts on “Specially-trained officers patrolling the streets during Ramadan to reduce crime”

  1. Why only now. We need specially trained officers to protect the public all year round.

  2. They are specially trained to recognize humans who have consumed food? You get arrested for eating - we're a democracy?

  3. I take it the robbers.........in your 100% muslim society......... are also muslims? You need Saudi style religious police to beat people into submission. Thank you Jesus for making me an infidel.

  4. Why is the Government only concentrating on safety in Ramadan. If this was done all year round like how RZ has commented, than the streets should be safe every month of the year. Is the Govt not giving the police enough money or resources to do this?

    I find it astonishing that the Govt and Parliament cannot curb violence in a small country like ours the past few years. All talk and no action from any of them. Maybe I and every other Maldivian should run for Presidency? Couldn't be as bad as now.

  5. What we need is a speailly trained commissioner of police, and trained senior officers.. Not bunch of thugs leading Maldivian police force, same guys with are still ruining this tiny nation

  6. @Reeko Moosa

    "Amazing assessment Ben Nevis. You are one smart christian."

    He would be even smarter if he was Atheist!


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